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Lace cardigan: fashion models

Practical fashionistas prefer to purchase basic things that can look harmoniously with many wardrobe items. Cardigan belongs to this category of clothing and is a universal element of the image. The styles and models of cardigans impress with their variety, however, lace cardigans remain the most feminine of them.

Fashion models

A lace cardigan is indispensable for the summer. A simple monophonic top in tandem with lace is transformed, and the image becomes finished. Despite the common name, lace cardigans can differ significantly from each other, as the techniques for creating lace patterns are unique.

Made of irish lace

One of the most amazing species is Irish lace. Patterns in this technique are created separately, and later sewn into a common motif. The beauty of such a lace wins, because the pattern is absolutely unique, it can have different colors and methods of knitting.

Irish lace cardigans may resemble jackets if the motifs are tightly sewn together. Such models are popular in cropped styles with buttons or hooks.

Lightweight summer Irish lace cardigans are fabric with patterns connected by a lace mesh or other decorative seams. It is worth saying that it is the mesh pattern that leads the pinnacle of popularity on the fashionable pedestal.

Summer cardigans with such lace are distinguished by their subtlety, so that they are not hot. At the same time, such models protect from harmful sunlight. Designers present models of such knitting in the form of elongated cardigans reaching the knee line, as well as asymmetric models with elongation along the back.

Another common form of lace cardigan is models with a partial lace pattern. So, individual elements of the pattern are sewn to a knitted cardigan, creating bright accents.

From lace fabric

Lace fabric is more affordable material for creating a cardigan. This thing has an affordable price, because specialized devices successfully cope with the manufacture of lace.

The lace fabric may have a plain or printed pattern. Among cardigans, the most popular models from such a canvas are elongated styles resembling a summer coat. A trendy solution this season was lace cardigans, complemented by fringe.

For classic looks, cardigans with partial lace, for example, with a neckline made of lace, are suitable. Models with lace sleeves also earned the love of fashionistas.

How to choose a color

Even in the most basic and calm color combinations, lace looks spectacular. Such complexity and texture of the material does not tolerate excessive colors, so stylists recommend choosing lace in restrained tones.

Favorite colors for lace cardigan:

  • the black;
  • beige;
  • pastel and muted shades of blue;
  • all shades of gray;
  • white.

Such color schemes will certainly suit most things from the wardrobe, as they are the most versatile of the existing shades. In addition, dark shades along with light ones emphasize lace patterns, especially if a light top is worn under the cardigan.

What to wear?

Modern models of lace cardigans can be worn not only as casual clothes, but also as an addition to the beach look. So, a thin elongated cardigan made of white lace can replace a beach tunic. A thin belt at the waist will reliably hide the figure from the views of others.

A white cardigan on the floor is perfect for a summer look. It matches perfectly with short denim shorts and a plain top. This option is suitable for a summer walk.

A black fringed cardigan will complement your look in light colors. A white dress or top will create the perfect base for showcasing a charming lace pattern.

Elongated cardigans that look like a summer coat will dilute the strict office style, making it softer, but without going beyond the dress code. Such models look spectacular in tandem with black skinny pants and sleeveless chiffon blouse.

Lace cardigans are combined with many things, however, there are exceptions:

  • tops and blouses from knitted textured knitwear;
  • heavy printed fabrics.

Having a stylish lace cardigan in your wardrobe, you can easily create a romantic look and feel feminine. A cardigan will become a favorite element of the wardrobe, because designers have been declaring lace cardigan a trend for several seasons in a row.

Watch the video: Reversible summer cardigandress with lace detail- Dorris (February 2020).


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