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Black cardigan: what can I wear?

Cardigan is a traditional addition to a basic wardrobe. It is a soft elongated jacket without a collar. He gained popularity thanks to Coco Chanel, who wore a loose-fit model with large pockets. Since then, the popularity of a black cardigan has not faded. Models are often decorated with functional elements such as extra pockets or a hood, and decorations.

Popular models

Each cardigan model is good in its own way. Let's look at a few options that have gained the most popularity.

Boxing Cardigans

Laconic and simple, this type of cardigan has a rectangular silhouette and length to the middle of the thigh or even to the knee. They look a bit oversized, so they can be recommended even to girls with figure flaws.


A convenient and functional option is a cardigan with a hood. A model of this type should be elongated. If you buy such a cardigan, you will feel very comfortable in it even in cold weather.


Such models look elegant and original. It is asymmetric cardigans that best fit the feminine image. You can wear them with skirts, dresses of a simple cut and high-heeled boots.


Warm cardigans are a good alternative to sweaters and jumpers. Knitted braids forming interesting patterns look very original. The knit can be either large or less bulky.

Remember that cardigans with volumetric braids can visually fill up, so if your figure is far from perfect, it is better to abandon this option.


Unlike the previous version, summer cardigans are by no means designed to warm and save from bad weather. Cardigans of this type are very lightweight and are designed to protect your skin from the sun. Among summer cardigans, one can also find stylish guipure, lace and other translucent models that look very gentle and romantic.

Among summer cardigans, one can also find stylish guipure, lace and other translucent models that look very gentle and romantic.

Black and white

The combination of black and white also looks very good.. A striped cardigan is a trendy thing, but it requires a careful approach to the selection of things that complement the bow. Striped cardigans are best complemented with plain plain things. Also remember that vertical stripes are more suitable for full girls, which stretches the silhouette and makes it slimmer.

What to wear

Cardigan is a universal outerwear that can complement your look regardless of the season.

So, in the summer, a thin transparent cardigan can be thrown over a swimsuit, a light knitted dress or a T-shirt with shorts. The base top can be plain or decorated with an interesting print.

With jeans, cardigans also always look good. For skinny or juggins, a voluminous top, for example, with a large viscous, is suitable. A short cardigan is also a good option. For everyday wear under a cardigan, you can choose a simple plain top. Black color always goes well with a bright bottom that will dilute the severity of the onion and make it more laid back.

A romantic dress can also be complemented with such a calm top. You can choose a strict office dress with a straight cut, and a light, devoid of strapless with a full skirt. To emphasize the waistline, add a thin belt to the cardigan.

Beautiful images

A black cardigan will seamlessly fit into a business look, replacing a classic formal blazer. In this case, it is recommended to combine it with a strict fitting dark-colored skirt and a light blouse. Heeled shoes will make your bow more feminine and elegant. If you intend to go to work in this form, try to avoid voluminous jewelry and other decor that does not fit into the dress code of the company.

A good basic look can be made on the basis of narrow dark skinny, complemented by a voluminous blouse of light fabric. This look goes well with a medium-length black knit cardigan. The image will look more original if you add it with rough boots of dark color. A bulk bag and beautiful jewelry will look appropriate.

These two basic images are far from the limit. Black is always in fashion, so a dark cardigan will never be redundant in your wardrobe. It looks equally good with things from different styles, so you can safely complement any outfit with it.

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