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Denim cardigans

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a woman who at least once in her life did not make the purchase of such a popular thing as a jacket. The scope of its application is so wide that it even covers a variety of weather conditions, as well as life situations. Until the beginning of the 19th century, women had to make sewing jackets on their own, since tailors were engaged in the manufacture of exclusively male wardrobe attributes. But later, with the filing of the legendary Coco Chanel, the jacket gained unprecedented popularity and became the object of desire for absolutely all the ladies.

Fashion designers experimented with the creation of jackets from a variety of fabrics, and this is how the model of a jacket from jeans material was born.


Among jeans jackets there is a great variety of models, because, perhaps, this is the most popular fabric in the modern world. Jeans are elastic and tight enough, suitable for both full and thin people. It does not constrain movement and sits on the figure. We have compiled a list of the most common denim jacket models.

Short sleeve

A model with a short sleeve and a high collar can be used as an independent part of the wardrobe, without the need to put on any shirts and t-shirts under it. Such a jacket model will look like a denim shirt, but the main difference will be the density of the fabric.

V neckline

This type of neckline is most often used when tailoring jackets, so a fitted jacket with a V-neck will look like a denim jacket. The model can be on buttons, as well as on the smell with a belt. A good option for walking and other activities in an informal setting.


The model of a denim jacket without a sleeve is a variant of a denim vest. This version of a denim jacket can be slightly elongated, or vice versa, shortened, have fasteners with buttons, or have no fasteners at all. Each fashionista will be able to choose an option for her taste and figure.

With embroidery

Like a jacket made of any other fabric, a jeans model can have a decorative embroidery decorating the material. But it’s worth to be careful, because not all jeans models look beautiful and appropriate in combination with various embroideries.

Length options


Short jackets are perhaps the most common and used option, because they are combined with almost all the attributes of the wardrobe. It is only worth considering that the upper part, worn under a jacket, should be longer so as not to expose the stomach and make the image vulgar.


Medium-length models are usually made in the form of a denim jacket with a V-neck, but recently they have not had their former popularity. But pretty well combined with tight-fitting models of dresses and skirts.


Elongated models of a denim jacket are most relevant with a zipper, as fashionistas around the world very often use them as a light cloak in cool weather. Looks very stylish without a collar and with a shortened sleeve

Color schemes

For a very long time, the color of jeans is not limited to only one, standard, blue color. There are many color options for jeans jackets, consider the most popular of them.


White denim jackets will go well with any other shades of clothing, because, as everyone knows, white color is a bright representative of the classic shades, which is also universal in compatibility with other tones.


Dark shades, such as navy blue and black, are also suitable for many other tones. Dark-colored denim jackets are most often used as outerwear, as they are more appropriate and less easily soiled than light colors.

With print

Most often, the print is applied to products of light colors: white, light blue, light pink. With such light shades, the floral print, recently popular, looks best. Various kinds of patterns, ornaments and drawings, as a rule, look more interesting with denim jackets of dark colors.

What to wear

You can combine a denim jacket with almost anything, the main thing is to choose the right fabric option. A denim jacket goes well with light dresses and skirts made of airy fabric, but keep in mind that straight or tight models will look good with both an elongated and a shortened jacket, and only a shortened model of a denim jacket will suit fluffy skirts.

A jacket made of jeans does not combine with wide models of trousers, but it looks very stylish with skinny trousers or jeans, as well as with sports leggings.

Beautiful images

A shortened model of a blue denim jacket with a high collar and metal buttons is perfect for a light white skirt of a free cut, and a tight knitted cappuccino top. The image is stylish, airy and very romantic.

The combination of a lace skirt length mini and black satin top can be complemented with a classic model of a female jacket with a V-neck. The jacket has an average length and two metal buttons. Its appearance resembles a classic model of a business-style jacket, but only remotely, since denim is not appropriate in creating a business image.

As already mentioned, a denim jacket with a short sleeve can exist as a separate part of the wardrobe and will go well with tight jeans. In creating such an image, the main thing to consider is that the jacket and jeans match in tone.

For everyday use, a combination of skinny black trousers and a white print t-shirt is a great option, complemented by an elongated denim jacket model with patch pockets and a 3/4 sleeve. The image is suitable for light coolness in spring or summer, it looks very stylish, but at the same time feminine.

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