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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Leather jackets

A stylish thing that should be in the wardrobe of every brave girl is a leather jacket. It is again at the peak of popularity due to its practicality and versatility. Stylists offer not to limit their imagination, acquiring models of different cuts, colors and directions. Texture can be combined with lace, original fittings, contrasting details.

The trend is a wide variety of models, among which it is not easy to choose the most interesting. They are sewn from thin nubuck, suede, smooth python or calf skin.

There are several options, among which:

  • Shortened jackets that can add classic or bold notes to the look. They strongly resemble men's jackets, but have delicate feminine accents in the form of a fitted cut, skin that is pleasant to the touch. Such things are concise and not overloaded with pockets, zippers. This is a great option for a figure with flaws that are adjusted due to the length.
  • Jackets with sleeve ¾, which are relevant in the warm season. Such products are simple in appearance. Reminiscent of a rough leather jacket, they are more elegant in appearance, neat and can be combined with delicate dresses, long skirts. The asymmetric zipper and metal rivets remain unchanged, the number of which is minimized. These details can visually reduce the fullness of the girl, giving her harmony.
  • Jackets with leather sleeves are quite popular and affordable because of their low cost. The combination of rough skin texture and pleasant fabric is universal, acceptable for cool seasons. Designed in the form of a male coat, fashionable jackets are devoid of bright details, have simple fittings. But this makes them comfortable in casual style, allowing you to combine with jeans, straight trousers and non-standard platform shoes.

In the fashion a strict black skin color without shine and splashes, a complete lack of varnish. Designers dilute its versatility with chocolate, brown and deep red. In addition to simple monophonic things, fashionistas can choose spectacular red, white or marine shades. A new trend is the use of contrasting color inserts, which gives jackets a slight symmetry.

For youth, fashion houses develop stylish jackets made of thin leather or leatherette with non-standard sleeves, fringe or ruffles. The idea with epaulettes and buttons, the addition of rhinestones or metal jewelry looks fresh. A peplum or a waistline looks feminine, emphasizing graceful hips.

What to wear?

A leather jacket has ceased to be an attribute of the urban style, confidently moving to other directions. Designers offer to boldly combine it with things of different styles, complemented with bright accessories and fashionable shoes:

  • On a typical day, it is appropriate to combine a jacket with jeans, tight skinny, a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Small details in the form of a clutch bag and a backpack will complete the image of a city girl.
  • Cropped jackets are good with a tight dress, maxi skirt or pencil. Having a beautiful figure, a girl can afford bold combinations with blouses, shirts or lace shirts. The main emphasis is on the simplicity of the cut, which is combined with any bottom.
  • Models with leather sleeves are spectacular with high boots, pulling leggings and slip-ons. Rough ankle boots will add autumn notes perfectly, and leather gloves will serve as a feminine highlight of the image. These are warmer options that create the style of a metropolis.

Beautiful images

For fashionistas who want to stand out and be in trend, you can create an easy look with stylish prints on pants, skirts, combining leather and textiles. Skinny bright colors perfectly dilute the monochromatic top, creating a classic look of a city fashionista. The combination of print with ethnic or floral notes on a skirt or capri with matte calf or suede leather jacket looks beautiful.

For the evening, a spicy combination of a strict jacket and airy transparent maxi skirt, revealing slender legs, can become a stunning bow. Bold girls should beat the contrast of black and cool, combining a simple jacket without decor and elegant dresses of different lengths. Shy women may like airy chiffon dresses in shades of powder, which add softness and soften the effect of the leather upper.

Among the variety of models proposed by designers, any woman will choose the most desirable option that will emphasize her style and beauty, make it irresistible.

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