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High power headlamps: description, selection and operation

A flashlight is an almost indispensable thing when hiking, fishing and hunting. But since most of these activities are active, it’s not very convenient to hold a simple flashlight in your hands. Therefore, it is best to buy models that are somehow fixed on the body, for example, foreheads.


Today there are a large number of these devices, while one of the most popular models is considered a high power LED headlamp. Such flashlights are different from others. They are quite hardy, shine brightly, and their cost is not too high. The light beam of such a flashlight is powerful and directed at one point, which allows you to see everything well at a great distance.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of headlamps include the following:

  • convenience and practicality;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • high endurance, as well as strength;
  • the light of such a flashlight is quite bright and powerful;
  • hands remain free in any situation;
  • can be used in a variety of fields, for example, fishing or hunting, for convenient reading books on vacation or for repairs;
  • You can always choose the most suitable mode of operation.

Despite such a large number of advantages, many find their disadvantages in such devices. In some models, for example, the mount is not too strong, which means that the flashlight can slip. In addition, for many, the fact that the beam of light is directed at one point seems to be just an inconvenience.

Brand Overview

But most users are still quite such a device. There are a large number of different models of flashlights of this type. To make the choice a little easier, you need to consider several options for models from different manufacturers, which are considered the most popular in the world.

Bright Beam LH-170

The power of this model is 170 lm. You can use such a flashlight both on fishing and on outdoor activities. However, the duration of its operation, even in energy-saving mode, will be short-lived. All other characteristics of the headlamp are excellent.

First of all, it has saturated light. Flashlight "Bright beam" not afraid of any mechanical damage, even falling from a height of 4 meters. In addition, it is waterproof - when immersed at 1 meter, this model will still work. Its price is not too high and is approximately 650 rubles.


This model has several operating modes at once, which allows those who use such a flashlight to adjust its power. At its maximum mode, it can work no more than one hour. But its main feature is waterproof. Even when immersed to a depth of two meters, it will be able to function. Its cost is not more than 5 thousand rubles.

Cobra LH-190

This rather powerful model has 3 operating modes at once, providing various degrees of illumination. This flashlight can work for more than two days in a row. In addition, the kit includes a battery that can be easily charged via a USB port. Its price is not too high - you can buy it for an amount in the region of 1.5 thousand rubles.

Fenix ​​hl25

This model is considered one of the most modern, as well as multi-functional flashlights. Power can be adjusted independently, it ranges from 3 to 275 lm. The light is very bright due to spraying on the glass. The case is quite durable, as it is made of aluminum alloy. Its average price is up to 3 thousand rubles.

LED lenser

This is also a fairly powerful model, the brightness of which is 350 lm. This flashlight shines 250 meters ahead. It can work without interruption for up to three days. Its price is about 5 thousand rubles.

Small Sun W602-T6

This model is considered heavy duty, because it has 4 modes at once. In addition, its luminous flux is 1000 lm. The flashlight is additionally equipped with a zoom, in addition, it is resistant to moisture. The case has an aluminum coating, which makes it very durable.

Coast FL60

These models are produced in Portland. It is these flashlights that are considered one of the most powerful in the world. This latest American creation has gained popularity around the world, despite the fact that its brightness is only 300 lm. This model can only be ordered with a lifetime warranty. Accordingly, the cost of such a flashlight will be quite high.

Petzl nao

This model is also quite popular, despite the high cost. Such a flashlight has a special sensor that itself adjusts the brightness depending on the degree of illumination around. In addition, it has access to all tinctures.

SOG Dark Energy

If initially the manufacturers of this line of flashlights were engaged only in the production of military models, then at present they produce them for ordinary people. This model has a brightness of 685 lm and 5 modes of operation. Despite its high quality and functionality, it is quite affordable, and any simple lover of fishing or hunting can afford such a purchase.

How to choose?

Having decided to choose a flashlight for hunting or fishing, you need to spend time studying the features of the model so that the light source does not fail at the most inopportune moment. Be sure to make sure that he has all the qualities necessary for a certain use. Most often, all flashlight models are evaluated according to several criteria.


You need to make sure that the flashlight has the right number of modes. For example, one mode will be enough for fishing. In the case when a person goes camping, it is best to choose a model with several modes. Then the flashlight will also serve as a lamp for lighting the tent, and will help at night to find all the necessary things.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to models with a zoom, because they are considered more powerful and practical.


It is very important that the flashlight is not too heavy and large. After all, it can cause a person discomfort. therefore when buying a model you like it is best to try on, so you can verify its convenience.

In addition, if the flashlight is large, this does not mean that it is more powerful than small models.


It is worth buying flashlights from already verified manufacturers that have established themselves in the sports equipment market. In addition, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with user reviews in advance. This will help to understand which models are more successful and reliable.


Forehead models must be tight, because it is they who most often suffer from the ingress of dirt and dust. This is especially true for models made of low quality materials. At any fall, such flashlights immediately fail.

Therefore, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the letters IK and the numbers that stand next to them. The numbers indicate the height from which the flashlight can fall and not be damaged.

Water resistant

This option is very important for those people who love fishing. On the flashlight must be present the letters IP, which indicate that this model has good protection against water and any dirt. If the letter X is in this place, this, alas, means that the flashlight may fail at any time. Maybe another designation is IPX4, which shows that the flashlight is waterproof, but it will not be protected from dust.

Battery life

The time during which the flashlight will run smoothly depends entirely on the mode in which it operates. If the model is supplemented with white and red LEDs, and can work in different modes, it will be easier to save battery resources. After all, the red LED does not use too much power, therefore This mode can be used both for reading and for searching for necessary things.

In the case of switching to a white LED, the energy consumption will be much higher, but the light will become correspondingly brighter.


High-quality headlamps must have several modes for distant lighting. One of them should be flood, which is intended for scattering light. The second is narrowly targeted, with which you can well illuminate a distant object.

In addition, the luminous flux is of particular importance. If you need a flashlight for hiking, then 70 lm is enough. In the case when a flashlight is necessary for fishing, the indicator should not be lower than 180. Models that have a brightness of 1010 lm are considered one of the most powerful flashlight options.


Choosing a flashlight for yourself, you need to pay attention to its mount. It should be not only horizontal, but also vertical. In this case, the purchased model will never slip off your head.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the flashlight is with tilt adjustment.

How to use?

Use headlamps can be completely different. For example, during a small halt. After all, with its help you can:

  • quickly put up a tent;
  • to collect brushwood for a fire;
  • bring water from the river;
  • cook dinner.

In addition, in this case, too much lighting can not be used. There will be enough diffused light that will not dazzle.

In addition, unforeseen situations may arise during the campaign, and for carrying out rescue work, headlamps are best suited. They are useful in such cases:

  • search for people who are lost;
  • first aid provision;
  • analysis of possible blockages.

In addition, very often such flashlights are used to go to caves, where it is almost always dark. And also it is suitable for night movements. For example, if a person does not have time for the last bus or metro, then using a flashlight it will be possible to get to the right place without any special adventures.

To summarize, we can say that high-power headlamps are quite convenient and useful. In addition, they can be used in a variety of cases - not only on hunting or fishing, but also in emergency situations. But the main thing is not to make a wrong choice when buying, because its further operation will completely depend on it.

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