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Outdoor Camping Furniture

Surely many people like to relax in nature, away from the bustle of the city. Someone prefers fishing, and someone is ready to spend all their free time in the immediate vicinity of the river. Camping furniture becomes indispensable in such cases, with its help it is possible to relax with great comfort. The folding tables and chairs are very comfortable and light.


The range of furniture for a picnic is quite large: tables, benches, chairs, portable sun loungers and much more. Camping furniture items can be purchased either separately or as a complete set. Small sets, for example, manufactured by Actico, presented in special suitcases. A folding table can withstand a load of 25 kg. Chairs - up to 90 kg.

The ability to adjust the legs allows you to set a comfortable seat height relative to the countertop. Covers sold as a set do not allow objects to get dirty.

In the manufacture of outdoor furniture, manufacturers try to comply with a number of requirements.

  • Products should not have a large mass.
  • Lightness should not be achieved by reducing the strength of the goods. Furniture is made from a material that is durable and resistant to wear.
  • Mounts must be secure.
  • For camping furniture, the most important characteristic is the presence of a folding structure. This makes it possible to save space when moving products and to make easy manual carrying. Folding furniture is brought into working condition with a few hand movements.
  • Products are made of moisture resistant material that is easy to clean.
  • Since this type of furniture is folding, it is necessary to pay attention to the locking mechanisms. In the unfolded state, a click should sound, which means the folding and securing of the product.
  • In the manufacture of furniture, the orientation of its use is taken into account. Tourist furniture can be used not only during relaxation, but also in everyday life.

The exterior design is presented in a variety of color palettes using multi-texture fabrics. Products look good against the background of the natural landscape and allow you to have a good time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of furniture for tourism are a number of factors.

  • Transportable items are lighter than stationary household items because they are made from light materials such as plastic, thin rails, metal profiles, and fabric.
  • The furniture is folding, and when folded, it takes up a bit of space. It is convenient to carry, transport in a car.
  • Despite the simple design, camping furniture is quite comfortable.
  • Acceptable price. The use of budget materials and a fairly simple assembly makes it possible to establish a low cost on products.
  • Long life, because leisure items are very durable.

Significant disadvantages of products of this kind, users do not find. The only thing is the inability to use some models of chairs and stools for people with significant weight.


First of all types of tourist furniture include chairs, tables, sun loungers, chairs. In order not to sit directly on the ground on vacation, folding chairs are used. They come with and without armrests. Those with armrests can provide comfort and a relaxed state. You can use them for a long time. Two in one chairs, folding out, form a table and chair.

The design of the seats is represented by metal tubes with anti-slip pads. Choosing a picnic chair, you need to pay attention to the fact that the connecting elements are well fastened, and the product does not work out as a result of use.

Chairs can be placed anywhere you like. They are used during fishing, sunbathing, reading in the fresh air. In addition, folding chairs are convenient to use in the country. Another type of tourist furniture is plastic chairs. They have a small mass, but they do not add up, and this does not allow them to be transported far from home. Such products have a budget cost, but do not last long.

The properties of plastic are lost from sunlight, climatic fluctuations, and high humidity levels. If a part made of a chair made of this material breaks, it will be impossible to restore the product.

Stools occupy a minimum of space. They have a budget value, and therefore they are in demand among consumers. The average weight of one stool made of metal and textile is a little more than a kilogram. Some models are equipped with anti-slip pads, which make the legs more stable on the soil after rain. The stool can support weight up to 90 kg. Overweight people should not use these products. Products of this type can be sold separately or with a table. So that the legs are not damaged, they are covered with a layer of special polymers.

Camping cot is an indispensable thing on long trips and can provide people with sleeping places. It can even be used in a tent. Recently, products with a wooden base have become very widespread.

Tables have two types of surface: hard and soft. The first type is the one that is best transported in a car. In most cases, it is transported in a suitcase, where you can also put picnic products. Some types of tables have special shelves made of elastic materials. They allow you to store all the necessary things. If the shelves are closed with special heat-protective textiles, this makes it possible to store products for a longer period

Products with a soft surface can be folded and moved to any place. But such tables are not so popular to use.

How to choose?

In order for camping furniture to last for a long time, the load should be correctly calculated. Information on this can be found on labels and tags. When there is no necessary information, it is recommended to clarify the necessary parameters with the seller. If the body weight of the person who will use the furniture does not exceed 90 kg, then you can choose any standard model.

It is good if the pieces of furniture have a mechanism that does not allow the product to fold spontaneously. All fasteners must be securely twisted, and the product itself must be strong and reliable. To check how the design of products works, you need to fold and decompose them before purchasing. A substance should be applied to the legs and body of furniture to protect them from damage. A budget option is the use of oil paint. The presence of a protective coating increases the operating time of the products.

Particular importance must be given to the type of product.

  • For fishing, products with closed circuits are better, because ordinary legs may be stuck in the mud.
  • If furniture is necessary for use in the winter, then plastic products should not be purchased.
  • The furniture used on the verandas and balconies, on the legs should have rubberized tips.
  • When using the product in the immediate vicinity of the bonfire, it may turn out that sparks from it will get on the textile with a synthetic base, and holes will form in it. Therefore, it is preferable that the fabric was cotton-based.

Choosing a table, you need to take into account how it will be transported. When the table is supposed to be used for picnics in the garden, it is preferable that it has a whole tabletop made of wood. Cedar is more preferred here.

If the table will be transported, it is better to choose a folding model.

Operating principles

Picnic furniture is traditionally made from materials that can be used in various climatic variations. The manufacturer provides for the likelihood of frequent use of products. High-quality goods in any case have a long service life. But there are several rules that can extend the life of products for recreation and tourism.

  • When using camping furniture, the conditions for which it is designed must be observed.
  • Although the whole product is quite durable, you must take into account the maximum allowable weight. For example, on one cot it is impossible to place several people.
  • Carefully follow the leaflet, where the manufacturer gives recommendations for the care of products. When first folding out the furniture, do not use unnecessary movements.
  • If the product has an image in the form of a lightning, then all actions must be performed smoothly, without making sharp jerks.
  • If a case is included with the purchased goods in which items are stored, then it will be best to use it during transportation.
  • If objects fall into conditions of high humidity, they must be dried before storing them. Otherwise, humidity will cause musty or mold, which will spoil the appearance of the product and harm human health in the future.
  • Before packing items for storage, it must be cleaned of any contaminants.
  • Cleaning should be done with a soft cloth and soapy water. Aggressive detergents are best not to use in such cases.
  • Usually cleaning covers in the washing machine is prohibited, this is indicated in the memo.

People who use this type of furniture leave only positive reviews about it.

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