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Is it possible to take a thermos in an airplane?

Going on a trip or a business trip on an airplane, most people try to get the most out of the rules for transporting certain items on board. So, often people who are used to drinking their favorite drink at a comfortable temperature everywhere take a thermos with them. We learn from this article about whether it is possible to take a thermos in a hand luggage on an airplane.

Basic rules for all passengers

When flying with you, far from all transported items are allowed. Something needs to be checked in, and some items can be taken with you on board the aircraft, that is, in your hand luggage. Of course, each airline has the right to establish its own restrictions on the transport of certain items in the cabin. However, regarding the presence in your purse or backpack of a thermos with food or a favorite drink, there is a legislatively approved ban.

According to established standards, it is allowed to take liquids in the total amount of not more than a liter with them on board the aircraft, and it must be poured into transparent bottles with a capacity of not more than 100 ml. All bottles to facilitate the inspection process are best packed in a transparent bag with a zipper, which can be purchased at a stationery store.

All paste-like, creamy substances, canned food, preserves, honey, shampoo, aerosol cans and even red caviar also fall under such transport features. This rule does not apply to liquid products purchased from a duty free shop no more than a day ago. Such precautions have been taken to prevent terrorist attacks during flights. therefore a thermos with a drink that is not visible in this container must not be transported in this way.

In addition, the metal housing of the vessel causes increased interest among security personnel at the airport, since forbidden substances may be hidden in the walls of the vessel.

Such restrictions do not mean the inability to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or quench your thirst with cool mineral water during the flight. On board the flight attendants are always ready to help and serve the desired drink in sufficient quantity and at a certain price.

Exceptional cases for the transport of filled thermos

If, together with adult passengers, small children who need special baby food go on a trip, airline employees meet them. In a thermos can be both a prepared portion of food for the baby, and boiled water of the right temperature to prepare the mixture. Usually guards treat passengers with infants more condescendingly, however, when flying to another country, its rules should be taken into account. Also, one should not be too zealous and collect too much food for the child in his hand luggage, it is enough to take the amount from the calculation of the flight time.

In addition, an exception may be the need to take certain drugs with which a certain temperature regime is needed. However, in such a situation, only oral arguments are not enough. Security officers will ask you to provide a document with a medical certificate about such a need.

In other cases, in order to avoid conflict situations and excessive attention during the inspection before the flight, it is recommended to leave a metal vessel in the luggage compartment.

When choosing a thermos in an airplane for transporting liquids, you should responsibly approach this issue. One of the main criteria is the tightness of the lid. Otherwise, important documents and personal items from hand luggage run the risk of being damaged. Do not forget about the dimensions of the metal vessel. Even with an urgent need to bring a thermos with you on board the aircraft, you should choose a compact object that does not take up much space and will not cause curiosity among others.

Can I carry an empty thermos in my hand luggage?

Although for some it would seem impractical, many are concerned about such a question. This happens if a person is worried about the safety of a metal vessel in baggage. Although customs officers may have some questions regarding metal items in their hand luggage, the ban on an emptied item for drinks does not apply.

There are cases in practice when incompetent airport employees try to prevent the passage of steel containers even in situations permitted by the rules. Then you need to calmly pay attention to a list of prohibited items in hand luggage, because everything that is not prohibited is allowed.

Thus, the rules for air transportation of PJSC Aeroflot are publicly available on the company's website and are regularly updated. Recent changes were made in February 2016.

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