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Army flasks: varieties and selection criteria

For every military, an obligatory attribute is an army flask. It can become useful to the soldier in the most unforeseen situations, and sometimes even save her from dehydration in the field.


They are army jars a simple bottle spinning with the same cap. Most often, the lid has a nipple that allows you to drink from a flask, without opening it. It is issued to soldiers along with a case, and sometimes with a special carrying strap.

In the army, such a capacity is used more for field conditions and is inserted into the bowler hat so that it is easier for soldiers to move around. The capacity of the soldier's flask at different times was different. For example, in the old days in Russia they were cans up to 40 liters. The weight of a modern military flask is 220 grams, and the volume is 1 liter.

In addition to soldiers, such an attribute is also used by those who love hiking in the mountains or ordinary travels. After all, access to drinking water may not be everywhere.

In addition to water, you can also pour hot coffee or tea into the flask. In addition, if you use a special thermal cover, you can forget about the thermos.

Advantages and disadvantages

This subject has many advantages that need to be considered in detail:

  • First of all, it is light weight, which allows you to carry it everywhere with you;
  • since a flask is a fairly simple product, it is available to any person;
  • its cost is quite small;
  • the container is made of sufficiently durable material, it is possible to boil water in it even at the stake;
  • the flask is made of environmentally friendly material, therefore, the water in it will be without harmful additives;
  • it is tight and practical, as it has a tight-fitting lid;
  • it can be used not only for carrying water, but also for other drinks, including strong drinks.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting that over time, the valve on the cover begins to let water through. Another drawback is that it is very difficult to wash it from the inside.

What are they?

Water flasks can be made of various materials. For example, the landing flask may be aluminum, plastic or combination. But the most common among them are considered Airborne flasks made of stainless steel or aluminum. In them, the water remains unchanged for a long time. In addition, they are almost all with a cover. They are not only inexpensive, but also never oxidized.

However, truly real luxury are jars made of silver. After all, many believe that this material can clean any drink. But at the same time, this is a rather heavy little thing, which, moreover, will not be too convenient to carry in your pocket.

In addition, flasks are made in different countries, for example, in France, Britain, Switzerland, America. The most popular among them are Finnish and American flasks.


This flask is very small. Its volume is not more than 0.65 liters. And this is more an advantage than a disadvantage, because it can be put either in a trouser pocket or in a travel backpack, where it does not take up much space. Her shape is flattened, which makes it possible to fit snugly enough to the body.

Most often it is made of plastic, but metal flasks can also be found. They are attached to the belt with a carbine. In order to pour water into it, you just need to unscrew the cap. The neck of such a flask is quite wide, so a watering can for water is not needed.

Since the materials used to make the Finnish flask are very high quality, water can be in it for a long time, while it does not change either taste or smell. If hot tea or coffee is poured into such a flask, then without a thermal cover it will quickly become cold.


No less popular are jars from the USA. Some of them are made of titanium. Therefore, they are distinguished by great strength as well as safety. But such jars are more an exception, since they are mainly made of plastic. They are also flat in shape, and all joints and joints are well soldered. therefore Do not worry about water leakage. They can fit in any bag, backpack or in a regular pocket.

Included with the flask is a canvas cover, which greatly facilitates its use. Besides, a sieve is also attached to the flask, which allows you to thoroughly clean the water from various debris. But along with this, the American flask has some drawbacks. Firstly, it is not too much strength. Secondly, if you put any heavy object on it, it will simply lose its shape.

Hot drinks are quickly cooled in such flasks, therefore they are used only for water.

How to choose?

Choosing a flask is a rather difficult task, because every person wants to buy it for as long as possible when buying it. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following parameters.

  • What material will the jar be made of? It’s better to buy one that is made of metal, not plastic. You also need to know that steel weigh a little more than aluminum.
  • You need to choose the shape of the flask for yourself: it will be flat, oval or round.
  • The flask mount is also important. For those who engage in too active recreation and need frequent drinking, a carabiner will be ideal. In addition, you can use a chain made of metal. This will allow you to easily fix it on the belt and use it if necessary.
  • Lid. It is best to choose a flask with a thread, because it twists well and therefore does not allow water to pass through. In addition, there are also such flasks that are closed with a cork. However, in this case, water may leak.
  • The case is also considered a very important accessory. It can be made of leather, tarpaulin or a skin substitute. But it’s best to choose one that has the function of preserving the temperature of the water. In addition, the cost of such a cover is not too large, but at the same time, if there is such a flask, then a thermos will not be needed at all.

Care Rules

When buying such an accessory for yourself, you must know how to properly care for it. After all, the flask must be washed not only from the outside, but also cleaned from the inside. It must be washed after each use. Only in this case the flask will not have an unpleasant smell.

You can not use any detergent, as completely washing all chemicals will be simply impossible.

It is best to clean with ordinary baking soda or with water and lemon vinegar. After the flask is washed, it must be allowed to dry completely so that there is no unpleasant odor.

If the usual products could not completely clean the flask, and there was an unpleasant odor, it can be removed using simple rice. It must be raw and clean. Rice should be poured into a flask and pour it with warm water, then close the lid tightly and shake it thoroughly. After a while, the rice completely absorbs the unpleasant odor and can be poured out, then thoroughly rinse the flask with clean water and dry it.

The choice of a suitable army flask is determined by the requirements that you make for this camping accessory. You can take both plastic and metal.

But the main thing is that it is hermetically sealed and convenient to use. In addition, it must be remembered that she will need regular care.

On how to modify an army flask, see further.

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