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Tents "Altai": description and model range

When going to nature or a picnic, the question of a tent usually does not arise. People take what they have with them, although they often do without a tent. But if the event promises to be delayed, the creation of relatively comfortable conditions becomes a real urgent problem. It is necessary to protect yourself and other inhabitants of the "portable house" from the surprises of the weather, and from insects, and from prying eyes. In this case, it is necessary to ensure a good rest, especially in the cold season.

How to choose?

It should be clear what the tent should be. The following parameters should be considered: its capacity, moisture resistance, speed of installation, the ability to install heating equipment.

For example, for a simple hike, a tracking or camping tent is suitable. For a hike coupled with difficult conditions and a long stay, you will need an expeditionary tent, which is quite heavy, but spacious and comfortable.

We must not forget that for the winter hike or mountain climbing, the summer option will be unacceptable.


According to the numerous reviews of the owners and sales statistics, currently domestic products are becoming increasingly popular domestic products maximally adapted to the various conditions of their native nature and the requirements of the domestic consumer.

Altai Camp manufacturing company offers a range of products of its own production, characterized by the highest quality of performance and materials. The company's developments have allowed the creation of almost universal systems, the various configurations of which can be successfully used in a variety of conditions.

Thus, acquiring such a tent with a complete set, you can become the owner of a "portable house" for almost all occasions. The whole set fits into a convenient backpack bag, the quality of which is consistent with the quality of its contents.

The Altai product can be successfully used in a winter hike. The two-layer design also suggests the possibility of using it in a lightweight summer version. Having a large number of windows, it can be well ventilated, while the design of the windows helps to regulate the intensity of ventilation.

All windows are equipped with a convenient mosquito net. In addition to it, a transparent plastic layer is provided that allows you to use the window, including for viewing, even in conditions of heavy precipitation. Also, the windows are equipped with waterproof valves - shutters.

Tents "Altai" with arched windows are very comfortable for camping kitchen or dining room in the conditions of expeditions or multi-day trips. In the case of a residential building, this design can be equipped with a special PVC window, which gives a wide overview and can be useful for long-term autonomous living. In summer, such a camping house easily turns into a tent.

When installing hard horizontal floors in a tent, you can set a table and chairs, comfortably arrange sleeping places. The existing hole for the chimney allows you to place a special camp stove in the tent. The Altai Camp's own stove is ideal. Two-layer tent "Altai" with a stove is an excellent option for a winter hike. It will be warm in the tent even at air temperatures up to -50 ° C, and the stove will make it possible to dry shoes and clothes.

The ventilation system allows you to use the oven for cooking or heating food, and the hatch in the waterproof floor allows you to set up a tent directly above the hole during winter fishing.

The cases of using the Altai tents as a camping bath are also described. The Altai stove can perfectly warm the interior of a two-layer tent perfectly holding heat. Stones can be placed on the hob surface, and protective shields will not allow them to fall.

The creation of a universal camp house, as you can see, is not without foundation. Altai Camp products are a prime example.

In addition, the development of the company is distinguished by ease of installation of the product. Users indicate that even the first attempt to set up a completely new tent, the device of which is not yet familiar, took them no more than 3 minutes. Having familiarized with the device, it can be easily installed in half a minute.

Of course, if you need a tent for a difficult mountain climb, then this option may seem difficult and overall. It is also worth considering that to install an octagonal tent you will need a flat horizontal surface area of ​​at least 2 square meters. However, for hiking trips, expeditions, including winter, multi-day road trips, these tents can show themselves from the best side.


All tents "Altai" according to size are divided into three groups. The least capacious options of Altai 1 allow 1-2 people to comfortably accommodate. Larger tents have a corresponding index, for example, Altai 2. This option is suitable for 2, maximum 3 people. The most comfortable can be considered tents "Altai 3".

The company has also developed options for combining individual tents with the help of vestibules into complexes for long stays, which allows you to create structures that meet the most diverse requirements.

See how to set up the Altai tent in the next video.

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