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Dry Concealers

Every woman wants to have a perfectly even face without any flaws. But unfortunately, not everyone has a perfect face by nature, so ladies regularly have to resort to using face care products and adjusting their tone. Often, tonal creams are not able to hide some imperfections, so experts in the cosmetics industry have come up with such amazing tools as proofreaders. Next, we will talk in more detail about their purpose, share information on dry proofreaders of various companies and expert advice.

What it is?

Many women often confuse the names corrector and concealer, but in fact it is almost the same thing. Their main difference is the density of the texture. For proofreaders, it is average, but concealers are like a light veil for the face. But this does not mean that the easier the better. Each corrector and concealer has its pros and cons.

Popular dry proofreaders are very similar to regular powder, but at the same time it doesn’t always hide everything “unnecessary”, and thanks to its compacted texture, the corrector performs this task with a bang, and with the help of whole palettes of correctors you can successfully correct the face, put the necessary glare and it is beneficial to highlight cheekbones.

Dry proofreaders often have a dense and velvety texture; the finish can be matte or with a slight shimmer. It is very convenient to apply them with a brush, and in addition, they are well shaded, giving a natural effect and are absolutely not felt on the face. Since most dry corrections have a matting effect, you can not be afraid for the appearance of oily shine on the face throughout the day.

In addition to dry ones, there are also liquid correctors and sticks, but it is impossible to say unequivocally that a cream corrector will be better than dry, because each of them is focused on certain skin problems

How to apply?

  • Before applying any tonal products and correctors, it is very important that the face is pre-cleaned. This important stage should not be missed, because previous makeup that has not been completely washed away or contamination can lead to clogging of pores over time.
  • After the first stage of cleansing is completed, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer and wait until it is absorbed.
  • After that, you should apply your foundation, powder or foundation.
  • And only after creating the basic tone, apply dry proofreaders, especially when it comes to such a popular area as face contouring.

As a rule, certain corrections are applied to certain areas of the face. The protruding parts should be darkened, and those areas that look the most attractive and highlight would play into your hand in your make - up to highlight.

Sculpting step by step at home

Today it is very popular and profitable to immediately purchase pallets with corrective dry products, they include the following tools:

  • Sculptors. Designed to darken certain areas of the face, create volume on the face and correct it;
  • Highlighters. Advantageously highlighting and emphasizing the protruding areas of the face, create the effect of natural radiance of the skin. You can apply them under the eyebrows, on the back of the nose and along the edge of the upper lip, as well as just above the cheekbones;
  • Bronzers. With their help, you can give the cheekbones a moderate effect of a natural tan or make a bronze blush on the cheeks.

Most often, in such pallets there are special instructions with diagrams on how to apply a particular color to the face, so do not be afraid that you will make a mistake. Importantly, do not forget about the main stages:

  • We cleanse and moisturize the face;
  • We apply a tonal remedy;
  • We sculpt with a special brush and carefully blend the means.

Quite simple, but training will still be required, because it is sometimes difficult for unprofessional makeup artists to make the perfect face sculpting the first time.

See the video tutorial on sculpting faces with dry correctors below.

Product Overview

So, we offer a review of several options for dry proofreaders from popular companies that are in greatest demand:

  • Have a professional MAC brand You will find both whole palettes with sculptors, as well as individual versions of dry proofreaders. All formulas contain special emollients for the most natural coverage, as well as vitamins and antioxidants. Original funds are expensive, but never disappoint;
  • We also recommend that you pay attention to the palette of correctors from professional Russian Manly Pro brand. An excellent purchase for home use can be a double palette of highlighter and dry corrector, which will help to emphasize favorably certain parts of the face. The brand also has more palettes, but with cream options;
  • Proofreaders and contouring tools from the famous American NYX brand For several years now, are in great demand among professional makeup artists. Be sure to take a look at "Highlight & Contour Palette", in which there are eight necessary shades to create the perfect face and relief;
  • No less interesting acquisition may be proofreaders Kylie. Dry proofreaders from this brand are very easy to use and do not require special skills in applying, most importantly, know the basic rules.


Many women are afraid to use professional correctors for sculpting and facial correction, as there is a risk of not “making friends” with them. But those who still dare to try to make a face off the cover, express the following reviews about a variety of dry proofreaders:

  • They are very convenient to apply, especially like the options Mas. They are expensive, but the face throughout the day does not "swim" and does not shine. From the first time it may not be possible to correctly place the emphasis, but you can always practice more;
  • The NYX Proofing Palette is a great start if you decide to sculpt your face at home. The textures of dry proofreaders are very pleasant, and the price of a palette does not bite. It is also very beneficial that you can buy additional refills for a palette if you have run out of one or another dry corrector;
  • Most often in pallets there is a full description of where and what color to apply, so you can easily not be afraid to perform make-up at home and experiment;
  • Today there is a huge number of fakes, many ladies complain about them, because they are very poorly applied to the face. So that you do not have such problems, give preference only to the originals and purchase them in trusted locations and reliable online stores.

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