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What is a highlighter and how to use it?

What is a highlighter and how to use it - every woman knows that she is not used to showing others bruises under her eyes and other signs of fatigue. This cosmetic product is capable of performing miracles in skillful hands, like a magic wand, turning the sleepy Cinderella into a beautiful princess. To do this, it is enough to know what, where and how to apply.

Why is it needed?

The answer lies in the name of the cosmetic product. "To highlit" from English it is translated as “highlight, emphasize”, and the purpose of the cosmetic product is to set up light accents in makeup.

Highlighter is simply necessary after using foundation or powder, because they conceal the natural relief of the face. After applying the tone, it looks flat and a bit theatrical, and the radiance helps to redefine the features that form the volume.

Using the properties of a highlighter, you can not only adjust features like a nose too wide or a forehead too low, but also distract attention from dark circles under the eyes, redness of the mucous membrane and dull skin color. A few touches in certain places will make her relaxed and create the illusion of a healthy radiance from within.

In addition to playing the chiaroscuro, transforming the oval of the face and masking defects, the highlighter hides the first age-related changes. With the help of neat natural highlights, it is easy to hide the problem of fine wrinkles.


A highlighter, a luminizer, an illuminator - this is all about him, a little assistant in the arsenal of every self-respecting makeup artist. And not only professional. This tool will not be amiss in the makeup bag for lovers to independently apply make-up. And for those who adhere to the makeup technique "without makeup" - this is the first number among mastheads.

It differs from other means:

  • Composition. It is based on reflective and photochromatic particles, due to which the skin looks naturally radiant, and not shiny;
  • The uniqueness of the properties. Whatever lifehacks in women's magazines say, no other cosmetic product has such properties, so it is difficult to fully replace a highlighter with pearlescent shadows, pale blush, and lip gloss. Moreover - not to achieve a similar effect with the reuse of a primer or moisturizer;
  • Special application technology. The illuminator requires strict observance of the rules of use, otherwise there is a risk of making the wide nose even wider, and the bruises are even more noticeable;
  • Variety of species. Few remedies are available in all possible consistencies and formats: in stick, in balls, in pencil, in liquid, cream and friable form. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, is combined in different ways with other products of decorative cosmetics and is designed for different skin types;
  • Contraindications Of course, we are not talking about the composition of a substance that can cause an allergic reaction. Highlighter is contraindicated to owners of problematic skin, which should not be attracted attention. For problems with acne, peeling and redness, it is better to limit the use of the product in the eye area.

It is also worthwhile to use the agent on the T-zone with caution for girls with oily and combination skin.


The number of highlighter varieties multiplied by the number of cosmetic brands can take by surprise any newcomer to the make-up industry. It is easiest to navigate in the assortment if you divide all the funds into groups: solid, cream, liquid, powder.


  • Pencil. In this format, the tool is suitable for the study of small details: a water line on the lower eyelid, corners of the eyes, areas under the eyebrows. With a pencil, it is convenient to place accents quickly and accurately, but it is difficult for them to work out more extensive areas.

Also, a highlighter in a pencil is not suitable for use on dry and sensitive skin, as it can damage it;

  • Stick The tool in the tube a la lipstick is convenient in that you can take it with you everywhere and adjust your makeup throughout the day. The stick itself is semi-solid, easily twisted, and the highlighter fits nicely on the skin. It can be applied with a slight movement on the face, followed by shading, and by typing the product on the fingertips.


They are placed in tubes of small volume. The thick, creamy consistency is convenient for applying to both large and small areas. Thanks to its light texture, highlighter cream gives a natural and delicate shine. May be with a wet effect and with sparkles.

Creamy highlighter does not mix well with powder. When it is applied again, it will become invisible, and the powder may roll in the places where the product was placed.


They have a less dense consistency, similar to lotion or fluid, and greater resistance. Available in the format of tubes with an applicator, markers with a small brush on the end and in the form of bottles with a dispenser. The latter are applied using a sponge or a beauty blender.

It is convenient to apply liquid highlighters to any part of the face, shade it with brushes or fingers, and adjust their makeup throughout the day. They do not require a base in the form of a primer or foundation. In the absence of problems with the skin, with a light touch, apply a little funds to the desired areas.

Like creamy textures, the liquid highlighter is not intended to be applied over compact powder. It can form a stain that will be difficult to blend into a beautiful natural flare, and under powder it will lose its luster.


There are two types - friable and compact. Compact are convenient to take with you, they are suitable for beginners and are easy to apply with a wide brush at the end of makeup. Crumbly are a more professional tool that requires skill from a makeup artist. They can be mixed and applied to different parts of the face, creating interesting overflows and shades on the skin.

Both products fit well both on tonal foundations and on powder, while in the first case a more brilliant and expressive effect is obtained, and in the second - a softer and more casual one.

As a loose highlighter, you can use the so-called dry pigment.

This product is pollen containing any color. With the help of pigments, a transparent eyebrow gel is transformed into green, pink, blue mascara or eyeliner. By themselves, they are used as shadows or the most natural “shine” for the face, applied with a small flat brush.

Translucent natural shades are best suited ... With them, the face will not look too powdered or flat, and the makeup will turn out to be as invisible as possible.

How to choose?

Highlighter, like the tonal foundation, is selected in accordance with the skin tone. It can be tested in the same areas as other cosmetics: the wrist, the back of the hand, directly on the face. An ideal product should imperceptibly lie on the skin after shading, giving it only a slight glow.

For those who find it difficult to independently choose the right shade, makeup artists have developed a number of recommendations:

  • Light porcelain skin is suitable for warm silver shades. You can experiment with cold pinks, but apply them in very small quantities so that your face does not look puppet;
  • With visible redness, products in lilac, pink and purple colors are suitable. You need to be very careful with them so as not to get the opposite effect, focusing on unwanted redness;
  • Pure young skin can afford colors deliberately different from the natural shade: violet, blue, pink, lavender;
  • A beautiful tan will best emphasize the golden color. and tones in bronze;
  • For Asian skin honey shades are intended;
  • Olive shade It is also better to shade with warm colors, for example, peach.

Popular brands

The top of the best in texture, durability and color palette of products consists, for the most part, of products of famous brands for professional make-up.

In fifth place in the top five favorites are products from Sleek Makeup. All pallets contain several types of highlighters for different makeup, each of which gives a delicate glow for the whole day. In addition to natural and familiar shades, Sleek Makeup produces highlighters of blue, purple, lavender shades, with which you can recreate the image of the model from the catwalk. For everyday use, they are not suitable, but for holiday makeup will come in handy.

Fourth place is occupied by cosmetics manufactured by NYX. This is the most affordable option among professional cosmetics, while in its properties it is not inferior to more expensive ones. Highlighters can be used without a tonal base, on top of it and adding a drop when applying tone to give a light shine to the whole face.

You can also "lift" the eyelid with a thin line not under the eyebrow, but above it.

In the third position, the favorite of the public from the South Korean brand Berrisom settled. Like all cosmetics for Asian skin types, it has a strong brightening effect and can be used as a full-fledged moisturizer.

The second place belongs to The Balm brand, whose credo is Beauty in 5 Minutes. In addition to being high-quality and functional assistants for creating makeup, they are also packed in original tubes and jars in the rockabilly style.

The first place is shared by two giants in the beauty industry - the Bobby Brown and MAC brands, and Make Up For Ever competes with them. These products adhere perfectly to the skin, behave impeccably throughout the day, are packaged in convenient bottles and are presented in the widest color palette.


Highlighter is an irreplaceable thing, and therefore it is not worth saving on it. Few mass market products can compete in properties with the high-quality highlighter of a reputable brand. And if he can, then the same amount will go in search of him, for which you can immediately buy a good tool.

Professional, but affordable, includes the Berrisom brand. The average price for a bottle is 900 rubles.

Sleek Makeup will cost a little more. You can buy a palette of a magic illuminator within 1125 rubles.

The Bulm products will fall into a cosmetic bag for 2000 rubles; the average price tag for MAC, Make Up For Ever and Bobby Brown is between 1,500 and 3,500.

For those who buy a highlighter for the first time, and are not ready to invest heavily, there is a budget, but high-quality product from L'oreal. Its price is within 699 rubles.

It is also worth taking a look at NYX cosmetics, which can also be purchased for a relatively low cost - from 400 rubles.

How to use?

Using a highlighter correctly is a prerequisite for high-quality makeup. This is the final touch, so they accentuate themselves last, after moisturizing and equalizing the tone. It is important to remember that:

  • The product is applied in the manner recommended for a particular texture. So, it is good to type in the creamy substance with your fingers, the liquid substance with a sponge, and the friable product requires the use of a brush;
  • More doesn't mean better when it comes to makeup. The economical use of a radiant product in the right places will make the face fresher, younger and more beautiful, and the excess will make it completely shiny, like a pancake pancake;
  • You need to apply glare in strictly defined places.

Application areas


Ladies who do not wear bangs can use the radiance effect to make their forehead wider or taller. In the first case, you need to put a little funds on the lateral parts and the temporal zone and shade thoroughly. In the second, the product should be placed on the border of the forehead in the center, at the roots of the hair.


With the help of glare, the eyebrow line is visually lifted, along the entire length or only at the corners. It is most convenient to do this with a pencil, and shade it with a cotton swab or brush.


In eye makeup, highlighter is especially important. It can perform several functions at once: visually enlarge them, make the look wide and fresh, mask bruises and circles under the eyes, give eyelids shine in a festive make-up.

To enlarge the eyes, the emulsion is applied along the hairline along the center of the eyebrow. Do not do this to the owners of the impending centuries, since the highlighter will only draw attention to this feature. Deeply located eyes will make more a small drop of funds in the center of the eyelid, neatly shaded with a brush. The clarifier for this should be compact, like shadows.

You can also "lift" the eyelid with a thin line not under the eyebrow, but above it.

Close-set eyes are “set apart” by two points set in the corners of the eyes. You can make them less sharp with a brush for blending shadows or finger pads. The same technique is used to create the effect of an "open" look.

A highlighter of flesh and light pink shades is used on the lower eyelid water line to eliminate redness. Also, this method will come to the rescue of those who overslept for work or study, but want to look rested and collected.


A fairly wide area, on which it is convenient to apply the highlighter pointwise or to powder with a fan brush. The most successful places are the highest points of the cheekbones. If you put a little money on them and blend it, they will become more noticeable, tall and clear, and also distract attention from small wrinkles and signs of fatigue.


The effect of radiance shortens a nose that is too long, lengthens the snub-nosed, narrows it wide, makes it more graceful. Depending on the desired effect, the product is applied to the back of the nose, tip or wings. If there is a hump that you want to disguise, the line along the back of the nose should be made intermittent without affecting the protruding part itself.


Light shine is usually used for visual lip augmentation. Add a volume to them will help a light tick over the upper lip and a point in the center of the lower. A particularly successful effect is obtained when using lip gloss or hygienic colorless lipstick. They look well-groomed, voluminous and beautiful.

Also, the highlighter is able to hide wrinkles in the corners of the lips. It is only necessary to put points in these places and shade well.

All listed points are basic. If possible, a highlighter should be applied only to problem areas, and not to the entire face at once, so that there is not too much shine.

How to apply?

It is easy for a modern girl to paint herself without the help of a makeup artist. There are a large number of makeup lessons and recommendations on how to do it step by step on your own.

To complete the makeup with correctly placed accents, you should use the scheme for a specific type of face. It shows where to apply glare in a triangular, square, round or oval shape to hide flaws. Do not ignore the proportions, otherwise there is a risk of becoming disappointed in a vaunted magic tool that simply will not give the desired results if it does not lie where it is needed.

How to shade?

Feathering is an important step in using a highlighter, which you should not forget about. If you do not make the borders of the lines soft and blurry, it will lay a noticeable unnatural spot, focusing on the defect that they tried to hide.

The most suitable tools are brushes. It is convenient to fan the product while distributing it with a thin layer.With a wide powder brush, you can blend it when contouring or strobing over large areas. Thin elastic brushes made of natural pile are suitable for small areas that require accuracy: eyebrow line, eyelids, corners of the eyes.

In some cases, fingertips are sufficient for a natural effect.

An important point: when applying a highlighter on the skin, it must be borne in mind that after shading, the borders of the glare will become wider, so initially the drop should be very small. In order not to overdo it, it is better to apply it to different zones in stages.

Feathering is the final touch. Before embarking on it, you need to completely make up.

Strobe technique

Face correction and contouring methods have been widely used for a long time, but continue to improve. To replace the complex, time-consuming and difficult making, contouring and toning strobing came. It is convenient in that it does not require careful toning of the face and drawing new lines that form more regular features and an oval.

His secret is in the play of light and the use of highlighter with reflective elements.

Unlike the dark-colored sculptor, which is applied to the hollows, products with a flicker effect are superimposed on the protruding points, reducing and hiding all that is unnecessary.

It is carried out in stages:

  1. Facial skin preparation. Highlighter is not a corrective or masking agent, it is applied as a finishing touch, therefore, to begin with, the face tone is evened out using the usual foundation, cushion or foundation, but with the addition of a highlighter. It’s not scary if the tone was originally matting, it will still lie well on the skin, giving it the effect of radiance from the inside out.

    The main condition is that the two products must be thoroughly mixed. For applying, a beauty blender or a quality brush with artificial pile is suitable (natural pile "eats" liquid textures)

  2. Masking problem areas. If there is a problem of very noticeable circles and bruises under the eyes, they should be masked with a concealer, since even a good strobing will not cope with this task as well;
  3. Strengthening the radiance. This step involves re-applying the highlighter in its pure form to certain areas. Base points for strobing: bones under the eyes, vertical highlight on the forehead over the bend of the eyebrow, the area under the brow, the back of the nose, the edges of the nasolabial folds, upper lip, center of the chin, center of the forehead, corners of the eyes. To maximize the effect, you can re-highlight the zones with a dry luminizer.

If outerwear shows the neckline or exposes the shoulders, they too should be worked out with a few touches of the brush.

How to apply depending on the shape of the face?

Models in glossy magazines, stars on red carpet and popular beauties set certain parameters for an attractive appearance, and a narrow face of the right shape is one of them. In fact, chasing this incubator beauty is not necessary at all, it is enough to correctly emphasize the features of your type. Highlighter in this business is an indispensable tool.

With an oval shape of the face, it is enough to apply it in the center of the forehead and under the eyes, emphasize the upper lip and dimple on the chin.

An elongated or elongated face at the roots of the hair and along the line of the chin is shaded by a contour, and it is necessary to highlight a small area on the forehead just above the eyebrows, the back of the nose, the area under the eyes. It can be used on the lips and in the corners of the eyes, but not on the chin and not above the brow tails.

A round face involves the application of artificial shadows on the sides and highlighting with the help of highlights of the central part of the forehead, nose bridge, areas under the eyes, the center of the chin.

The square and rectangular shape are corrected according to one pattern: too prominent and wide zygomatic and temporal parts are darkened, and the entire T-zone and the area around the eyes are highlighted.

With a heart-shaped form, a highlighter is applied to the entire central part of the forehead from the nose to the hairline, the entire chin, slightly under the eyes and nose.

The shape of an inverted diamond implies highlighting the center of the face and emphasis on the eyes.

How to reduce nose?

With the help of light accents and shadows, it is possible to correct the shape of the nose in width or in length.

To narrow it, you need to draw a thin strip on the front surface of the nose bridge with a clarifier. To visually make it shorter, the strip needs to be drawn only 2 thirds of the length. Enhance the effect of using the corrector of a cold shade. They need to draw a subtle shadow to the left and right of the back of the nose and connecting them in a line between the nostrils. Shadows are good for blending with a fluffy brush.

If the nose is "potato" - the area around the nostrils is shaded.

How to cover bruises?

To completely camouflage the blue under the eyes only with the help of a radiant emulsion will not work. It is not dense and pigmented and shines too much if applied with a dense layer. Before using a highlighter to mask circles and bruises, the area under the eyes must be worked out with a good concealer with a moisturizing effect. Concealer and highlighter can be mixed together.

A drop of radiant in the inner corners of the eyes will complete the work to give the look a fresh and radiant look.

Rules for makeup using highlighter and other cosmetics:

  • Creamy textures - creamy, crumbly - to friable. With this combination of products at the finish, you will get the most resistant and natural makeup;
  • Shading, shading, and shading again. The days when there were clear lines in makeup at the peak of popularity passed a few decades ago. The main characteristic of modern make-up is smooth transitions and naturalness, so that there are no obvious spots of bronzer or shine;
  • One product is good, and two is better. Highlighter works much more effectively in combination with a corrector or concealer. It is not necessary to master the intricacies of contouring, it is enough to work out the technique of applying shadows and highlights on the most important areas;
  • There are no irreplaceable products. High-quality shimmer shadows as a highlighter? You can take a chance. Highlighter instead of shimmer shadows? Of course yes! Golden, bronze, silver shades work perfectly on top of ordinary shadows, creating a persistent festive make-up. You can also use cold pink shades on blush;
  • Combine incongruous. At first glance, it might seem that the matting tone is not intended to be combined with shiny products, but this is not so. If you mix them before applying to the skin, you will get a wonderful foundation of foundation, giving a gentle shine and a durable coating when strobe.

Comparison before and after

After applying the highlighter, the effect is obvious. Makeup becomes complete, and the face becomes embossed and radiant.


Professional makeup artists and lovers of makeup experiments unanimously recognize the highlighter as one of the most necessary products in a cosmetic bag. Among the advantages of radiant emulsions, the possibility of significantly transforming the appearance, emphasizing beautiful features and masking flaws is noted. Cream and compact products are very popular. They hold for a long time, give a beautiful radiant effect, can be used in combination with other means.

Makeup with highlighter see in the next video.

Watch the video: Highlighter Makeup Tutorial for Beginners. corallista (February 2020).


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