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Highlighter Anastasia Beverly Hills

It is difficult to meet a girl who would not have a highlighter in her makeup bag. To create a truly beautiful make-up with its use, you need to purchase a quality product. One of these tools is the highlighter Anastasia beverly hills.

Features and Benefits

The description says that a highlighter is a product with which you can significantly highlight and lighten certain areas of the skin. Usually it is used when sculpting a face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills company produces and produces various high-quality cosmetic products, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that such Highlighters have the following advantages:

  • Hypoallergenic composition. This makes it possible to purchase a suitable highlighter even for girls with very sensitive skin.
  • High quality. The ingredients used by the manufacturer are completely safe for the skin.
  • A wide range of shades that will allow you to use the highlighter that is most suitable for you.
  • Ease of use.
  • Lasting effect. When compared with similar products from other manufacturers, it can be noted that the resistance of highlighters of this brand reaches 12 hours. This fact is not only the main advantage, but also the main feature of this product.

These advantages make this product very attractive to consumers.


Today, Anastasia Beverly Hills produces several types of this cosmetic product:

  • Palettes. They come in several varieties, each from four to six different shades. More details about each of them will be described below.
  • Loose highlighter bronzer. Using this cosmetic product allows you to not only highlight some areas of the skin, but also give them a beautiful dark-skinned tint.
  • Highlighter Pencil. The latest development of this brand. This pencil is compact and easy to use.

Each of these species is available for sale in one of several collections.

Brand lines

For the convenience of consumers, all highlighters that are for sale, the manufacturer has divided into several collections.

  • The Glow Kit collection includes three pallets:
    • "Sweets"consisting of golden peach tones;
    • "Gleam"consisting of a variety of pink flowers;
    • "Moonchild", which includes 6 shades of blue with different shades.
  • Collection "Illuminator"consists of single highlighters, who often perform in makeup and the role of a bronzer.
  • Highlighter Series "Highlighting duo pencil"represented by two double-sided pencils. The manufacturer himself recommends using this highlighter for the eyebrows and for the skin near them.
  • Collection "Nicole guerriero"represented by one palette.
  • Another collection called "Gleam"represented by a palette"Sun dipped".

Such a variety of collections allows each woman to choose the most suitable highlighter and always look perfect.


Each presented collection has a fairly extensive palette of colors. Therefore, it is worth considering in more detail which particular palette consists of which colors.

Palette "Sweets" is presented in the following colors:

  • "Butterscotch" is a gold color with barely noticeable particles reflecting light.
  • "Marshmallow" - a tone of ripe pear with highlights of real gold.
  • "Taffy" - peach color with an attractive shimmer.
  • "Sassy Grape" - a very delicate shade of lily with a beautiful noble radiance of a bluish tint.

This palette sculpting product is ideal for fair-skinned women.

Palette "Gleam"contains a variety of shades of pink, where" Mimosa "is the darkest color (a mixture of peach and bronze). The lightest color is" Crushed Pearl "- a silver-pink tone. There are two more intermediate shades:" Hard Candy "( nectarine color) and Starburst (cool pink).

The That Glow palette from the same Glow Kit collection consists of bronze flowers:

  • "Bubbly" - dark gold, pinkish tint.
  • Golden Bronze is a warm bronze color.
  • "Sunburst" is a yellow gold color with a warm shade.
  • "Dripping in Gold" - like the first color, only without pinkish overflows.

"Moonchild" consists of 6 highlighters:

  • "Pink Heart" - an opal shade in combination with natural pearl.
  • "Blue Ice" - a blue tint of diamond and white shades.
  • "Blue Moon" is the color of frosty blackberries.
  • "Star" is the moonstone color with a silvery sheen.
  • "Lucky Clover" - the color of ripe lime with a green glow.
  • "Purple Horseshoe" - sparkling lavender.

A series of single highlighters from the series "Illuminator"consists of shades of light pink and light brownish or peach tones:" Riviera "," So Hollywood "," Peach Nectar "and" So Hollywood ".

Double-sided highlighter pencils "Duo Pencil"are presented in two colors -" ShellLace "and" CamilleSand ". These are two shades of brown color, one of which is lighter, and the second is darker.

The palette from the Nicole Guerriero series contains the following six tones:

  • 143 - a chic shade of pink gold with a noble bronze tint.
  • "Kitty Kat" - a bright concentrated pink color, diluted with a luster of mother of pearl.
  • "Daydream" is a mixture of coral and white gold.
  • "Glo Getter" - the delicate color of champagne.
  • "Forever Young" - a shade of pink pearls with a silver tint.
  • "Forever Lit" - cold platinum lavender color.

"Sun Dipped" consists of the brightest and truly summer shades:

  • "Tourmaline" - rich dark velvet color.
  • "Bronzed" - a mixture of brown and pink colors.
  • "Moonstone" - soft pink with a peach tint.
  • "Summer" is the lightest shade of golden sand.

The color scheme of highlighters of this brand easily allows you to choose the right shade for absolutely any girl, regardless of the type and natural color of her skin.


Anastasia Beverly Hills has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and fairly expensive cosmetic products. The cost of such highlighters is often higher than the price of products from other manufacturers. It is fully explained by the high quality and safety of funds.

Typically, the cost of one highlighter is at least 600 rubles. Its final price depends on the place of purchase and on the specific product. You can buy this tool at low prices from official representatives.

How to choose?

It is necessary to select a specific highlighter, focusing on the form of release, the packaging in which the product itself is placed, on the palette of shades.

The color of the selected product is given great attention:

  • All beige colors are perfect for any skin tone.
  • On dark or tanned skin, it is better to apply golden shades of highlighter.
  • People with fair skin are suitable for pale pink and natural tones.
  • Those with reddish skin tones should use purple or lilac shades.
  • For people with a yellowish skin color, peach and coral tones are suitable.

Selecting a specific highlighter color should be based on your natural skin tone.

How to use?

Highlighter is applied in small amounts and only to certain areas of the skin. Usually it is the cheekbones, nose, middle of the forehead and chin. With this tool, certain areas of the face are isolated. In order not to overdo it and not look unnatural, you should use a little tool.

You need to choose only those shades that are suitable for the natural color of the skin. The lightest tones are applied pointwise to the middle of the forehead and chin, as well as to the highest parts of the cheekbones. They are always neatly shaded. This method allows you to hide fatigue and bags under the eyes, visually lengthen the face.

To make lips more voluminous, a drop of the lightest shade of this tool is applied to a point above the upper lip. And to enlarge the eyes, the highlighter is applied as close to their outer corners as possible.

The specific method of application depends on the goals.


Highlighters Anastasia Beverly Hills usually win only positive reviews. Consumers note a wide range, high quality, ease of use and lasting effect. As a minus, some buyers consider the high cost, but it fully pays off with the efficiency and quality of these products.

Aurora Glow Kit new highlighter palette - in the next video.


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