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How to apply blush?

In Russia, the best brides were considered ruddy girls, so young beauties took beets and carefully rubbed their cheeks. Times have changed, but the requirements for beauty have remained. Now, young brides are much easier: no beets are needed, because the stores offer a wide selection of blush.

Types and features of application

With this decorative tool it is very easy to hide skin imperfections on the cheeks. In addition, blush has no analogues in the correction of the shape of the face. With their help, every girl can easily effectively emphasize her cheekbones, you just need to apply them correctly.

For the first time turning to this decorative tool, you can easily get confused, because on the counter in the store there are a great many blush.

You can choose them according to different parameters: by consistency, by color, by manufacturer. So, there are blush:

  • Dry. This type of blush is suitable for those girls whose skin is normal or oily. With the help of this tool, pores are well hidden, it gives a matting effect. They are not suitable for dry skin. They must be used on top of a greasy foundation in combination with regular dry powder. If the girl decided to just add a blush to herself, then they can be applied simply to the skin without applying a basic corrective agent to it. Dry blush is divided into hard and crumbly. The second should be applied with a special wide brush.
  • In the balls. This is a special kind of dry blush that is neither solid nor crumbly. The jar contains balls of different colors, which in combination give an amazing effect, hiding skin imperfections and giving it a pleasant glow. It is thanks to this effect that the face looks embossed. They should also be applied with a wide brush.
  • Cream blush apply only on top of foundation. They are suitable for girls with dry and combination skin. To those who have it oily, cream blush can do much harm, as they will clog pores. They moisturize dry skin due to special components. Cream blush is just a godsend for girls with dry skin, because they can be used as a three in one tool: blush, moisturizer and ... lipstick! In makeup, it looks very natural when the cheeks and lips are covered with a tool of the same shade. Naturally, the intensity of the application should be different, but the effect will be delightful, and the image gentle.
  • Gel or otherwise liquid blush it is necessary to put on top of the foundation, but if you want, then just on the skin. Most often they are used by adult women, as it is for mature skin that they are best suited. They are suitable for any type, as they do not clog pores and do not dry out the skin. After application, they must be thoroughly shaded, because their shades are very bright.

How to choose according to skin color?

It is not enough to choose a blush by consistency, you need to determine the color of the product. The correct determination of your color type will help in this. If you choose the wrong blush for it, then you can easily spoil your appearance. When selecting, the principle of similarity of colors, as always, applies. Sometimes colors are suitable not only for the color type, but also for the character.

  • Burning brunettes should opt for terracotta blush. It is this color that emphasizes their dark beauty.
  • Redheads and brown-haired women they can focus on their bright eyes if they take peach, gold and orange blush. In addition, these shades will help to hide imperfections on the skin.
  • Blonde girls must be wary of dark blush. If they take a blush that is too contrasting with the hair color, then they risk looking much older than their years. That is why blondes are suitable apricot, coral and peach blush.
  • Slender girls should choose cool shades. It is best to stay on the flowers of pink and purple.
  • To those whose skin is dark copper and chocolate shades are ideal. Smuglyanki can take copper, dark coral and berry blush without fear. Especially good for them are raspberry and cherry. Do not ignore the pink and beige shade.

It will be a mistake to consider that blush is applied only on the cheeks and is suitable only to give the person a healthy glow.

Modern girls know that the variety of shades of this decorative product in a cosmetic bag allows you to adjust the shape of the face, as well as create makeup for various day and evening events. That is why in the arsenal of every beauty should be more than one jar of blush.

Application brushes

Having decided on the color and texture of the blush, you need to choose with what to apply them. Of the variety of brushes, you should choose only two. Large round will be convenient to apply blush on the cheeks. The second brush should be flat. It is convenient to highlight cheekbones. In this case, it does not play a big role whether it has a beveled edge or not, since it is convenient to paint with both. Using the brush that is attached to the blush immediately is not always convenient, it is only suitable for correcting makeup during the day. But if the blush is liquid, then a sponge will be required.

These are general rules, but it’s still better to have a certain brush for each kind of blush. So, for example, friable powder blush fits best if you use a brush with a beveled edge. It allows you to carefully shade them. Excesses during application can be easily discarded by tapping the edge of the jar with a brush.

Hard dry blush is also possible to apply with such a brush.

The perfect tool should be very soft. It does not matter whether the pile of the brush is natural or artificial. Blush in balls like a round volumetric wide brush. It will allow not only to apply makeup, but also to sculpt the face, applying the product lightly on the chin and forehead.

Cream blush is easiest to apply with your fingers. To do this, you need to take very little funds and shade with your fingertips so that the transition from rouge to normal skin is not noticeable. If the quantity was not enough, then you can add. In this case, it is better to take less and take it later than to wash off the excess every time. On top of it should be applied a transparent powder. This makeup is perfect for an evening event.

Particular skill will require the application of liquid blush. They dry out very quickly, so you can not hesitate. As soon as they get on the skin, you should immediately begin shading. This should be done with intense movements, rubbing over the required area. If you slow down, your cheeks will look like toys. Do not be afraid to flush the make-up if there is excess.

Application technique for different face shapes step by step

Each face shape requires compliance with the rules of applying blush. Each form has its own scheme, following which it is easy to color the face correctly. If you neglect these rules, you can get an unpleasant result: the face will change beyond recognition, it is very easy to mutilate yourself with the wrong makeup. To avoid this, you need to clearly follow the tips and choose the right color for blush. We must not forget that you can use more than one shade of blush. Moreover, you can combine in one make-up blush of different consistencies, for example, ball and powder. The main thing is that both those and others ideally match the color type and the shape of the face.

For round

This type of face is contraindicated in means that promise radiance, since it emphasizes the shape of the face, and it needs to be adjusted on the contrary. In general, work on a round face takes, as a rule, a little more time than on other forms, but having adapted, any girl will do this in two ways.

A round face needs to be visually extended, since the length and width of such a face are approximately the same. The main feature of makeup for this type of face is that the blush in this case is applied at an acute angle to the cheekbones. The triangle must be drawn from the temples to the lips. Usually, with other forms of the face, blush is imposed on the cheekbones.

For chubby girls, dark and natural blush will be ideal.

Before starting their application, you need to apply foundation and powder, and after applying the base, go to blush. This requires a broad smile. Apples will appear - as the most convex sections are called. On them you need to walk with a wide brush. Movements should be diagonal towards the temples.

Next you need to highlight the sunken places on the cheeks. This will allow you to visually make the face narrower. To do this, you need to take dark tones and blend the blush in the hollows. In addition, you need to add pigment to the nose and blend on the tip.

For square

Correction of the square shape of the face is a bit like working on a round face. The peculiarity of this form is that the length and width are also equal, but the forehead is more angular. Dark blush will help smooth heavy and protruding parts of the face. The main goal is to narrow the lower part of the face, so with this form you always need to apply the product in an ascending line, that is, from bottom to top. In this case, the chin itself does not need to be touched.

Girls with this face shape have very sharp chin lines, as well as wide cheekbones. To hide them, move the brush very smoothly. The jaw is also very prominent on the face. With this feature, dark blush will also help to cope. All you need to do is apply dark pigment to the widest areas with a soft brush. So the emphasis from the jaws will move to the cheeks, and this is exactly what was required.

For oval or elongated

This is the simplest form from the point of view of makeup artists. There is no need to adjust anything, blush is applied easily. To do this, you need to smile broadly and begin applying down the cheekbone from the temples. In this case, the smile should be as natural as possible, since with a tight smile the skin on the cheekbones shifts a little.

If, nevertheless, a slight adjustment of a too elongated face is required, then you should take a blush from one gamut, but two shades: dark and light.

A light tone is applied to the cheeks. It must be shaded to the temples. Dark must be applied to the forehead and chin. Finally, add a couple of dark strokes to the apples of the cheeks.

Daytime and evening makeup should be different. In the first case, for girls with a regular oval face, pinkish or peach blush will do. For the evening, it is better to choose brighter ones. And they should be applied not to the apples - the most convex part of the cheek, but directly under the cheekbone. To find this area, you need to draw in your cheeks and stretch your lips as if you were pronouncing the letter “y”. It is in this dimple that blush should be applied. Then they should be shaded to the middle of the ears.

For triangular

If the girl has a sharp chin, then the shape of the face refers to a triangular. To remove the emphasis from such a geometric shape of the face, blush should be applied to the widest place on the cheekbone, and then blend in the direction of the temple. In addition, it is necessary to add pigment to the forehead and work through the hairline. This will make the forehead visually narrower.

It is important to ensure that the line of transition from the wider part of the face to the narrower does not stand out and is as invisible as possible. To achieve this, you need to apply blush from the middle of the face towards the ears. To achieve mitigation will allow blush of natural shades, for example, flesh-brown. To smooth the corners on top of the cheekbones, pinkish-peach blush should be added.

Another way to visually expand the face is to apply dark blush on a particular point on the cheekbone.

It is located approximately at the level of the pupil. After that, the same blush should be applied under the cheekbone and blend to the temple. Next you need to take a lighter shade and work out his cheekbones, chin. Do not forget about the forehead and the very tip of the nose. Care must be taken to ensure that both shades are well shaded.

Often in the makeup of a triangular face, in addition to blush, a highlighter is used to adjust the shape. After the blush has drawn a vertical line from the apples to the temples, you need to highlight the depressions, darkening them. Next, take the highlighter and apply it on the nose and under the eyes. After that, the face will visually appear oval, that is, in perfect shape.

Makeup Tips

Recently, makeup artists often talk about sculpting. This is such a way of makeup, in which with the help of decorative cosmetics you can hide the imperfections of the form. With the help of sculpting, you can completely change the face of unrecognizability. Makeup artists are well aware of how to use this powerful means of transformation, but sculpting can be done at home.

The most important rule that you need to adhere to is very simple: what you need to hide is covered with dark blush, and what you want to highlight is light.

Areas accented with a lighter tone look advantageous if they are shaded with darker ones. At the same time, makeup artists do not advise using sculpting daily, as it overloads the face. This is a kind of makeup, only in a lighter form. Sculpting is ideal for evening makeup, photo shoots and going to a disco and club.

There are a few more secrets that will complement the image. Make-up artists advise young girls to use sparkles blush. This tool should be applied to the protruding parts of the cheekbones. Such makeup will add freshness, but it is contraindicated for women of age.

To achieve a special expressiveness of the image, you need to apply a blush on the cheekbones of a natural shade. Under the cheekbone with the same flat brush, a more saturated shade should be added.

How to narrow your face?

To make your face look thinner, there are a few secrets. You can use bronzers. With a darker tool, you need to draw a spring, like smooth and accurate movements. To achieve a beautiful cheekbone, you should retract your cheeks and begin to draw it from the temple. The lower part of the face should be taken into the shade. It is important to ensure that there is no sharp border with hair and skin, and the face does not differ in color from the neck. This can be achieved if you hold the brush from face to neck.

A full face is not difficult to make oval if you train.

From the first time, it may not work out right away. You need to choose a shade two to three tones darker than the foundation. If you take it lighter, then the sculpting will be imperceptible, and the darker will seem unnatural. It should be worked out with a brush of the cavity under the cheekbones. To do this, you need to make a "fish face" - that is, to stretch your lips.

Next, you need to work out the line at the hair and neck. In addition, a dark shade needs to be applied to the wings and tip of the nose. A wide conical brush is ideal for this. Next, you can take either light blush or white shadows and draw a triangle on the forehead. Makeup should be completed with light invisible powder. But you need to apply it carefully so as not to spoil the already applied sculpting.

How to highlight cheekbones?

Slender models are always proud of their cheekbones. Girls who are far from the modeling business can also make their cheekbones amazing. If nature gave them good cheekbones, then they can emphasize the beauty with the help of natural shades of blush. You need to apply them with confident and not very fast movements right on the cheekbone. Top you need to apply a suitable powder.

If they do not really stand out on the face, then it is best to apply two shades of blush at once: darker and lighter.

Darker are applied to the line under the cheekbone. The movements should be smooth and accurate so as not to go beyond the boundaries of the zone. Otherwise, it will ruin the makeup. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of pigment.If this still happened, then you can simply brush away the dry blush with a clean brush. A blush of a different consistency will have to be washed off.

Next, take a lighter shade and apply it over the line with dark blush. Thus, thin, graceful and noble cheekbones will appear on the face.


Not all girls regularly use blush, as the creation of makeup with their use is more time-consuming. But despite this, as a rule, in the cosmetics bags of the girls taking care of themselves there are several jars with blushes of various shades and consistencies. They believe that one shade for good makeup is not enough. In addition, one kind of blush can only emphasize the cheeks, but not sculpt the face if its shape requires it.

There is no one kind of consistency of blush, which girls prefer.

It depends on the needs of each skin, because, for example, cream blush does not fit oily skin. But most say that the blush in the balls is an excellent innovative tool that allows not only to brown the cheeks, but also to correct skin imperfections, for example, to hide small pimples and pigmentation. Balls of different colors contribute to this. They intuitively choose which pigment is needed on a particular area of ​​the skin.

You can choose blush for different parameters. In stores specializing in cosmetics, the choice is really huge, so everyone can find the right tool.

You will learn more about how to properly apply blush from the next video.

Watch the video: How to Apply Blush the RIGHT Way! Lilit Caradanian (February 2020).


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