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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Lip Gloss Lancome

In any woman’s cosmetic bag there is at least one lip remedy. It not only gives our lips a wonderful shade and hydration, but also protects them from the negative effects of the environment, UV radiation and premature aging. Luxury lip gloss from the French brand Lancome will definitely become your favorites. Huge color palettes of brilliance, delicate aromas and a pleasant consistency always attract women from all over the world.

In this video, a blogger will express his opinion on Shine Lover lipstick.

About Brand

The French brand Lancome today belongs to the world famous company L'Oreal. Nevertheless, he still retained the tradition of producing perfumes and cosmetics, which originate from the first days of its foundation.

  • All decorative products from the brand developed and produced by real professionals in their field, they are absolutely safe to use and meet all international quality criteria.
  • The brand assortment is regularly updated.new and improved decorative products and limited products are being produced.
  • Brand products can be found in almost every country. We also draw attention to the fact that Lancome prices are high, since the brand belongs to the luxury category.

The brand has a multi-million army of female fans. Among them are young girls and older ladies, all those who want to be the owners of high-quality French cosmetics. Therefore, if you are still hesitant to purchase funds from Lancome or not, then the choice should be obvious.

Decorative tools will help transform women's beauty, emphasize the advantages of the face and hide the flaws.

Product Overview

Today, among the assortment of Lancome lip glosses, you can find the juiciest options in cute bottles that will not tire of pleasing you. It’s one pleasure to paint your lips when the product has a pleasant consistency, and doubly pleasure when the bottle is just nice to hold in your hands.

  • "Juicy Shaker" It is a two-phase lip gloss. This tool will completely change your idea of ​​ordinary lipstick and lipstick-shine. And what a fashionable and unusual bottle he has with a convenient applicator! Lancome’s new two-phase lip gloss will give you the most amazing and unusual shades you could ever dream of. The pleasant but unobtrusive aroma of chewing gum will allow you to feel like you are in a carefree childhood.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the liquid matte lipstick with lip gloss effect. "Matte Shaker".
  • We also recommend looking at the gloss for the most perfect lips with a piquant name. "Lip Lover". This tool will easily give your lips a seductive shade and will illuminate them with the most incredible radiance in a matter of seconds. The gloss palette offers 15 delicate shades, among which there is your ideal. The finely balanced lip gloss formula provides not only excellent color and radiance, but also long-lasting hydration. If you are still looking for the perfect lip care, then Lip Lover is a great solution.
  • For lovers of moisturizing and nourishing lip products, we recommend paying attention to moisturizing shine. "Juicy Tubes". It has a pleasant "delicious" aroma and a luxurious glossy finish that is absolutely not felt on the lips. This tool will provide you with a translucent coating with a delicate undertone of the selected shade. This shine can be used as an independent tool or applied on top of lipstick.
  • Shine with shine and added moisture "Gloss In Love" gives lips not only a delicious shade, but also deeply nourishes them and cares for them throughout the day. This tool is absolutely not felt, and thanks to the convenient double-sided applicator, you will most accurately distribute the gloss on the lips with a thin layer, while emphasizing their natural shape.
  • A great option for purchase can be lipstick lip gloss "Shine Lover". A juicy palette of shades of this tool will help envelop lips with a seductive gloss and delicate overflows. This lipstick-shine is an ideal purchase if you want to get a natural shade of lips.

Hue palette

The brand has quite extensive palettes of gloss, monophonic options, transparent or with a small shimmer.

  • If you are looking pink and cream colors, we recommend paying attention to the following shines "Gloss In Love": 341 "Pink Pampille", 146 "Peach Show" and 312 "Blink Pink"translucent option 200 "Just Strass".
  • Translucent red and red options can be found among the sparkles "Juicy Tubes" in shades 022 Melon, 142 Rouge Neo Neon, 140 Corail Neo Neon.
  • Luxury pink, wine and nude shades are waiting for you among the assortment "Lip Lover"
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Where to get?

To buy luxury cosmetic products is best only in trusted chain stores that have a special license for the sale of branded cosmetics. As for online stores, it is best to choose the official websites of the brand.

Lancome cosmetics cannot be cheap, so don’t be fooled at very low prices, because you may face a fake that will definitely not please you. If prices can be lower than usual, then only at seasonal sales in official cosmetics stores.


Shines from the brand are chosen by girls and women of all ages. Some just moisturize their lips, others apply them on top of lipstick, and still others use them as independent means. So, about the brilliance of the brand you can hear and read the following reviews:

  • They do not stick. For many, this is a decisive criterion in choosing lip products, since many refuse these products because of their unpleasant consistency. Lancome is a real find in this regard.
  • Pleasant aromas simply cannot but rejoice. A huge range of shades allows you to choose the right option for a given season.
  • Shine from the brand, in addition to its main tasks, perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin of the lips.
  • They very persistent.
  • Great packaging always attract a lot of attention.
  • Also pleases and natural composition, which includes not only special pigments for radiance, but also plant extracts and vitamins.

Ladies most often attribute negative reviews to high product prices. Also, some consider the gloss to be moderately sticky. Even if you apply them on lipstick, they still behave "average." But, of course, how many women - so many opinions.

Watch the video: NEW! LANCOME L'ABSOLU GLOSS REVIEW + DEMO. Sarah Brithinee (February 2020).


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