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Puppet effect of eyelash extensions

Beautiful thick eyelashes make the look of any girl more charming and mysterious. You can achieve a wonderful effect using mascara or by artificial eyelash extensions. There are many different types of extensions. Each of them is individual and suits a certain type of appearance. This article will focus on the puppet effect of eyelash extensions.

Features and Benefits

The doll-like effect of eyelash extensions is not for everyone. Using this method of eyelash extension, you can make long and beautiful, like your favorite Barbie dolls from childhood.

This type of extension got its name precisely because the eyelashes created in this way are similar to doll eyelashes. To obtain this result, long hairs are used. But with a good master, eyelashes look quite natural.

It is worth choosing hairs of suitable length - depending on the wishes of the client and the appearance. Often their length reaches twelve millimeters. In this technique, all the hairs along the eyelid are equally long (unlike many others). It looks impressive and interesting.

If desired, you can use artificial hairs not only on the upper eyelid, but also on the lower. In this case, the look turns out to be the most playful.

If you chose this method of eyelash extension, you need to think in advance how you will be painted under it. With such expressive puppet eyes, you will have to avoid too bright accents on the lips. After all, bright scarlet or pink lipstick is good only on real dolls. She will make the girl vulgar.

But this type of build-up, of course, has its drawbacks. Firstly, eyelashes do not wear as long as in all other cases. The fact is that for this procedure, the longest hairs are selected, which are then quite difficult to care for. Girls break off their ends during everyday procedures (washing) or simply brushing the bangs falling on the eyes from the forehead.

If you wear glasses, then such eyelashes will not suit you either. They are too long and will constantly touch the glass. This is typical for ordinary glasses, and for sunglasses. If you wear glasses for protection from the sun in the summer, then for this period it is worth choosing some other option for building.

Well, the last factor - this type of extension damages natural eyelashes. They become thinner and brittle. The fact is that long hairs are quite heavy, and under their weight natural eyelashes can fall out or crumble.


To make the look as open and playful as possible, this type of building-up uses different types of materials. It all depends on your wishes and on how you want to see the final result.

Most often, for this type of building use mink, coring and sable hairs. Natural eyelashes may well cause allergies, so many girls often opt for synthetics.

Artificial hairs for building in this case should be very high quality.

Who is suitable for?

Eyelashes made in this way provide a very interesting effect. Doll eyelashes make the look open and seductive. But this type of building is not suitable for everyone. Many should opt for a classic look, without particularly long eyelashes. It is worth considering who can still experiment with beautiful long hairs, and who better look at other options.

Beautiful doll eyelashes with a playful curve will definitely suit very young girls. If you want to charm a young man and look at the same time as attractive as possible, then this is the effect of the puppet look that will come to your aid.

This type of building is well suited for parties and special events when you want to look as spectacular and vibrant as possible. Doll eyelashes look no less feminine than long “cat-like” ones.

Many decide to build such eyelashes before the holidays, so that during the rest do not constantly spend time on makeup.

An open puppet look is often found among celebrities who are often in public. Actresses, dancers and other popular personalities who should always look perfect, such long eyelashes are perfect. This is especially true if you are performing or dancing on stage, and classic dyed eyelashes from afar are simply invisible.

If we talk about the features of appearance, then such eyelashes are best suited for girls who have wide-set eyes. They help make the look more “right” and classically beautiful.

Inappropriate this effect will be on convex or too small eyes. In the first case, such eyelashes will make the eyes only larger, and in the second, everything will look as unnatural as possible.


The building procedure is carried out in almost the same way in all cases. If you want to get volume, beautiful eyelashes that frame your eyes and make your eyes look as cute and open as possible, you should be guided by certain recommendations.

The very first stage is the preparation of the necessary materials. For this procedure, you need glue that will not cause you allergies, special pads, tweezers and a needle that helps to separate the hairs. Of course, you will need a means to disinfect all devices and degrease eyelashes.

The master must certainly prepare himself. Hands before the procedure should be disinfected and dried. It is also advisable to wear latex gloves - for safety and your own comfort. Eyes also need to be prepared. If the client is made up, makeup must be washed off. After this, you need to degrease the eyelashes.

Under the eyelids you need to put a silicone or regular paper lining. This will protect the skin and improve visibility. So it will be much easier to work with false eyelashes.

It is worth preparing the false eyelashes themselves. Spread the finished beams on any bright surface. So it will be easier for you to see each individual hair. Sticking eyelashes is in separate bundles. It will look more natural. Each hair is alternately dipped in glue and applied to the hairline. If the glue is good, then it will securely fix the false hairs in the right place.

When you stick the hairs, they will need to be carefully separated from natural eyelashes. Corrective work should be carried out with a sanitized needle. The amount of time it will take for the hairs to be firmly fixed is a very individual parameter. It all depends on what kind of glue you picked up, which eyelashes you or your client have.

Shelf life is also very individual. To extend it, you must follow all the recommendations of the wizard. Girls are advised to sleep on their backs so that the hairs do not break off on the pillow.

It is worth putting glasses aside and being especially careful when washing.


If you decide to build beautiful eyelashes, then it is worth considering a number of important contraindications. Eyelash extensions can not be in several cases. Firstly, it is forbidden to do this for those who have some kind of eye problems. These include conjunctivitis. You may be uncomfortable with such eyelashes if you wear lenses or glasses.

Since the long and thick eyelashes that are used in this case are quite heavy, they should not be glued to those who by nature have too brittle and weakened hairs. The same applies to girls whose hairs fall out for unknown reasons.

Building, like many other cosmetic procedures, is prohibited for young ladies during pregnancy.


Many girls like doll girls with beautiful eyelashes. And the girls themselves willingly choose this type of building. They believe that this helps to make the view more open. Thick and voluminous eyelashes, like a beautiful doll, are an excellent option for a solemn event, and for ordinary life.

The only thing that always upsets the girls is that the term for wearing such hairs is short. As a rule, they do not last longer than a couple of weeks, even if you follow all the advice of the master. In addition, this method of building is definitely impossible to perform at home (unlike others). So you definitely need to register in the salon or call the master at home.

If you are willing to spend time and money in order to get beautiful curved hairs, then you can try this type of extension. With him, your mercy will certainly not go unnoticed. This option of building is chosen by girls who like to charm. He perfectly helps them with this - puppet eyelashes attract many admiring glances.

A phased technique for eyelash extensions "doll look" - in the video.

Watch the video: How to choose the effect in eyelash extensions? Puppet effect (February 2020).


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