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Foundation brush

The first step towards perfect makeup is choosing the right brushes. Their quality is no less important than the decorative cosmetics used.

Features and Description

Many girls consider the foundation brush to be the prerogative of professional makeup artists and prefer to use sponge. However, the brush is more convenient to use and, in addition, consumes a tonal product much more economically, because it does not absorb it as a sponge does. In addition, when applying the sponge, problems may arise in the form of lumps and bumps if you work with a thick foundation. Makeup brushes handle similar textures with a bang.

The first type of brush for the tonal foundation that appeared on store shelves was oval. Over time, manufacturers began to produce brushes of other shapes. But, regardless of this, you need to keep in mind the general features of such tools.

In the manufacture of foundation brushes, synthetic materials are predominantly used. The reason is that natural pile excessively absorbs the product and, therefore, quickly becomes unusable.

The bristles should have medium stiffness to do their job well, but not injure the skin. The handle of a good brush is strong, holding the pile tightly.

Beauty tools must be cleaned at least once a week, and preferably after each use. Makeup remover, wet wipes, and detergents (shampoo, shower gel, or soap) come in handy.


There are many different brushes for the tonal base on the market. It is not necessary to purchase a complete set. In many respects, the choice of this or that instrument is determined by the texture of the tonal means used, as well as personal preferences and convenience.

The most common types of brushes for tonal foundation:

  • Kabuki brush It has a short fluffy pile (in the classic version, no more than 3 cm, but there are also models with bristles up to 5 cm long) cone-shaped and a short handle. In general, such brushes are intended for applying friable powder, but they cope well with light foundation creams.
  • Straight Brush has a flat edge. It is used both with liquid and with sufficiently thick and fatty agents.
  • Rounded Brush is a classic option. Its cut has an oval shape. It is with this option that you need to start acquaintance with brushes, if you have used sponge before.
  • Bevel brush suitable for all cream textures, works well on complex relief areas of the face, perfectly shades.

Popular brands

Next, consider brushes for applying the tonal basis of the most popular brands.

  • In assortment Oriflame there is a professional brush for brand foundation Giordani Gold. It allows you to apply the tone in an even smooth layer thanks to short soft bristles. A very high-quality and easy-to-use brush, which, in addition, boasts a stylish design. And the price will especially please - only 460 rubles without a discount.
  • Brush "Real Techniques 101 Triangle Foundation" Suitable not only for applying a tonal foundation, but also for contouring and highlighter. It will cost about 1300 rubles. The "chip" of this tool is in a unique triangular pile shape. The wide side is used to apply tonal products on the main part of the face (forehead, cheeks and chin), and the narrow ones - for staining more complex areas, such as the nose, the area around the lips and eyelids. The brush easily distributes the foundation without leaving spots or streaks.
  • In the arsenal Real techniques there is also a brush for the base of the beveled shape "Foundation brush", which perfectly works on problematic areas of the face near the wings of the nose and under the eyes. There is a rubberized tip to put the brush in an upright position. The bristles of both brushes are made of synthetic materials (hand-printed and clipping taclon), and the handle is made of brass, which guarantees ease of use , reliability and durability. The bristles do not cause allergies in contact with the skin, clean without difficulty and dry quickly.
  • Tailyn Introduces a foundation brush "ICone 114 Full Coverage Foundation Brush". With its help, you can create a dense coating, to provide the face with an impeccable look. The brush has a very soft, pleasant nap that will not irritate the skin. The villi are short, densely packed, made of quality synthetic materials. For such an instrument will have to pay about 2700 rubles.
  • Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush has a pile in the form of a spatula. It is ideal for working with cream products of any texture, even thick and dense. Perfectly shades foundation without leaving lumps, stains and stains. The bristles of the brush are synthetic, densely packed, have a perfectly even length.

  • Sephora pro foundation brush №47 gives a natural effect of applying a tonal liquid and cream consistency. It has a high-quality synthetic dense oval pile. The approximate price of this brush is 1500 rubles.

  • Kylie Brand It produces budget options for brushes with a rather original look.
    • Kylie Oval Brush perfectly applies funds of various densities. It is suitable not only for foundation, but also for concealers and proofreaders. A feature of the brush is its handle. Unlike others, where the holder is a continuation of the pile, in this brush the pile is perpendicular to the handle. Therefore, painting with such a brush is very simple and convenient.
    • Kylie has and professional beveled brush for foundation. The upper edge of the brush serves as the ideal shading of the cream in difficult areas: around the eyes, nose wings, transition to the neck. The lower bend works out the areas of the cheeks and chin, evens out the transitions between powder, blush and bronzer.

Both types of brushes are made of artificial soft pile, which is pleasant when in contact with the skin and does not cause irritation.

Subtleties of application

First you need to prepare the skin for applying the tone in the following sequence:

  • Thorough cleansing using a gel for washing or milk;
  • Toning;
  • Moisturizing light day cream with an SPF filter;
  • Disguise skin imperfections (rashes, redness, acne, black circles under the eyes, age spots) with concealer.

Before moving from one stage to another, you need to withstand an interval of 3-5 minutes in order to allow the tool to completely absorb before applying the next.

Now you can proceed to the direct use of foundation.

  • Best for starters squeeze the required amount of funds on the back of the hand and scoop it off with a brush. This technique allows you to achieve a more even coating, as the cream will receive a little heat from the hand.
  • Further we collect the cream on the brush and put points on the face. Then we distribute the product, moving the brush from the center of the face to the ears and chin. We especially work on relief zones (wings of the nose, eyelids, corners of the lips) with patting movements.
  • Important shade well foundation, make soft and invisible transitions to the neck and hairline.
  • In areas of active facial expressions (corners of the eyes and lips, forehead), the layer of the tonal base should be thinotherwise, it will wrinkle in the wrinkles during the day, thereby making them more visible.
  • At the final stage you need to fix the result with a light layer of powder.

After performing makeup, it is recommended to wash and dry the brush in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt and germs.

The process of applying the tonal foundation is graphically presented in the next video.


When choosing a brush for the tonal foundation, girls give preference to proven brands. High quality tools and long-term use are important for them.

In principle, each brush shape has its own loyal fans. Someone likes the classic oval, and someone complains about the difficulty in applying and shading in this form and prefers a straight pile. The main thing is that the brush copes well with its function, namely, it paints with a thin light layer, without leaving lumps and stains, especially in problem areas of the face, well and smoothly blends the borders.

Most beauties note the convenience and cost-effectiveness of using brushes compared to sponges and beauty blenders.



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