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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Foundation "Black Pearl"

Concealer is a thing that no cosmetic bag can do without. Sometimes, to bring a person in order it is enough only this means, therefore, women are treated with awe to his choice. "Black Pearl"- this is one of the few domestic manufacturers that is in high demand. Ladies of all ages trust the tonal resources of the brand and soon you will find out why.

Features and Benefits

  • The first thing worth noting is that cosmetics is positioned not as decorative, but as a care product. For women, this means more beneficial components and additional beneficial effects. At a minimum, this is hydration; at a maximum, an anti-aging effect.
  • Almost always in any product line you can find three main areas of action - hydration, lifting and extreme rejuvenation. The fact that the company is creating funds for different ages allows a very wide circle of customers to try products. In stores, it is not often possible to find products adapted specifically for age-related transformations; this brand sets itself the goal of precisely combating these tasks.
  • Hand on the pulse of innovation. Now that BB and CC creams are replacing simple tonal remedies, Black Pearl is not losing its course. The cream behaves perfectly from all sides - it has a moisturizing effect for 24 hours, fights facial wrinkles, reduces deep wrinkles, has a sunscreen factor and, of course, perfectly evens out the tone. Could the good old tonal foundation boast such a set of functions?

We pay more attention to the composition and certain types of tonal means.

Line "Self-rejuvenation"

The first product in the line is BB-Cream Self-rejuvenation 36+ moisturizing". The composition of its beneficial components includes vitamin P (rutin). It can be called the buzzword antioxidant, and more simply, it is the component responsible for slowing down the aging process in our body. It prevents free radicals from walking off, which means structurally cells and the tissues in our body are damaged less.

In addition to the anti-aging function, routine also contributes to the fight against acne, and if you suffer from excessive swelling, this component will be a real find.

The second useful substance that is part of it is natural verbena extract. He is responsible for normalizing the water balance, perfectly moisturizes the skin and does not allow such beneficial moisture to evaporate.

And the third, most valuable component is the exposure of undaria algae. Due to its presence in the composition, the production of collagen and elastin is normalized in the skin. Also, thanks to this component, hyaluronic acid begins to be produced. As a result, the number of wrinkles is noticeably reduced. Shallow and shallow become almost invisible, and visible significantly lose their relief.

Let's not forget that this is still algae, and they are rich in vitamin composition - A, B1, B2, C, E, D and even iodine, they have everything that is so necessary for healthy skin.

The second type of foundation cream is designed for the older age - BB cream Self-rejuvenation from 46 years + Lifting. In composition, its active components are similar to the previous agent. There is a cream for both day and night care, which is nice, because funds that work in pairs always provide more competent and comprehensive care.

The third type of BB line is designed for an even more mature age - BB cream Self-rejuvenation 56+ Anti-aging. In terms of application, it is suitable not only for the skin of the face, but also for the neck, and in addition to the anti-aging function, the cream sets itself the task of combating a dull complexion and giving an additional radiance.

In addition to the anti-aging line, there is the so-called "First BB Cream"It’s good that it has a variable color palette:

  1. Natural creamy - a classic color that suits a wide range of customers in our Russian realities.
  2. Vanilla pink is the lightest tone that is perfect for blue-eyed owners of aristocratic pallor and ivory skin.
  3. A delicate peach, the shades of which are more attractive to ladies with a light tan and green eyes.

As for the types that the company is ready to offer for its ladies, the classification of funds can look very simple:

  • Universal foundation "9 in 1"(a few years earlier the series was called" 7 in 1, but now the nutrients have been added to the composition). It is suitable for all skin types. Of the useful components contains pro-vitamin B5, specially developed by ProBIO-Complex, also contains silk proteins and of course pearls.
  • Different types of BB creams for women over 36 years old. The last tool in the line holds the starting bar at around 56 years old.

It is important that all products have an additional moisturizing effect, because with our climate, when the sun is shining brightly, then frost is gnawing, the skin always suffers from a lack of saving moisture.

How to apply?

If you have both a day and night product, then observe this strict separation and use the funds in pairs. The rest is simple: gently squeeze a small amount of the product from the tube so as not to overdo it, you can use the back of your hand. With dotted strokes, apply the product on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and then with light massage movements, including the area around the eyes and eyelids, blend the cream until a uniform color appears on your face. Do not forget that the neck also needs correction, otherwise the head may look separated from the body.

Regarding contraindications, there are no specific recommendations. Carefully read the composition on the package and see that it does not contain components that you personally do not tolerate. Be especially careful with algae. Due to its rich vitamin composition, they can cause irritation in the sensitive area around the eyes. Of the not very pleasant components may be Propylene Glycol, which essentially plays the role of flavoring and a component that brings viscosity to the tonal base. If its content does not exceed 50%, everything should be safe.

What can be replaced?

Surely you heard about the series Dream cream. At the moment, on the manufacturer’s website, you can find four products - night cream-elixir, light CC-cream, eyelid fluid and daytime emulsion. We will not dwell on creams and their properties, but we will consider the CC series product in more detail. Like BB products, CC is designed to create a virtually weightless coating and light tinting effect. The line is aimed not only at external correction of complexion, but also at internal transformation.

The main advantages of this product are:

  • UV filters that provide sun protection at SPF 10, so even if you go on vacation, you won’t need to buy a new foundation.
  • Macadamia magic nut oil, thanks to which dry skin is quickly saturated with essential nutrients and acquires a healthy glow.
  • The presence of microspheres - the smallest components that, when in contact with the skin, are as if embedded in microcracks and even out the common surface.
  • Camellia extract, rich in an incredible amount of fatty acids, providing extra youth to your skin. In addition, the element is an excellent antioxidant, has a slight anti-inflammatory effect and is responsible for the restoration of the epithelium, which in turn is again the prevention of premature aging of the skin.


Of course, for any product there is a person who will not like it. In the case of cosmetics of this brand, such people are truly rare. The products are really good by many factors. The company is constantly updating and improving its lineup, very carefully working with the reviews of its customers and at the same time keeps a price tag that a very wide circle of consumers can afford.

Of the pluses, women often note a very pleasant texture that is easy to apply and blends easily into a smooth coating. It is always pleasantly surprised by the light matting effect, because no one likes the oily sheen, and the fact that the product does not clog in wrinkles, but really mask them neatly - ladies appreciate it very highly. Which side do not look, and the "Black Pearl" is really worthy of attention. If you have never before dared to try this brand.

Be beautiful and don't forget to take care of your skin.

Discover the miracle of hydration and radiance of the cream Black Pearl "Dream Cream".

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