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Editor'S Choice - 2020


Universal eyeliner is familiar to every girl. Known since the time of Ancient Egypt, this part of decorative cosmetics has not lost popularity in our time.


It’s hard to find something more comfortable to quickly and easily make your eyes more expressive. Representatives of many nations used this technique. Moreover, even men used eyeliner (remember the same Tutankhamun). The thickly blackened eyes were a special privilege of the pharaohs and their close ones. At the same time, lead, which was part of the eyeliner, made it possible to use it not only for decorative purposes, but also as a prophylaxis and treatment of eye diseases - a fairly common occurrence in a desert climate with sandstorms and floods. In addition, the arrows in the eyes, which sometimes went from nose to temple, also had a religious connotation: they repeated the shape of the eyes of cats - the sacred animals of Egypt.

In the modern world, eyeliner (or “liner”, as it is commonly called now) is used exclusively for decorative purposes. She became the right tool for those who like to experiment, creating an unlimited number of images that can be changed depending on the mood. The main thing is to get a certain knack, skillfully emphasizing advantages and hiding flaws.


If it’s easy to learn how to draw arrows beautifully and accurately thanks to the numerous videos and master classes, then understanding the abundance of types of eyeliner is not too easy. The choice of airliners today is so great that the question of what is the best way to take your eyes off is sometimes confusing. Let's try to determine which species will be the easiest to cope with, and which will require skill and patience.

Contour pencil

The simplest and most practical option, since even without special experience, drawing a clear and even line will not be difficult. Depending on the sharpening of the stylus, you can draw both a thin and a wide arrow. Moreover, even if the line is not very smooth, you can always shade it, getting the trendy blurry effect "smoky eyes". You can draw a sketch with a pencil, apply the final arrow on top of it with liquid eyeliner.

A less traditional version of the pencil is a contour marker. Unlike his brother, he does not need to be sharpened constantly, he easily glides over the eyelid, which means that it is impossible for them to scratch delicate skin. It is ideal for creating wide and thick arrows. But its main drawback, like with a pencil, is the lack of resistance in comparison with other types of eyeliner. In addition, capricious felt-tip pens require careful storage - strictly tip-down in an upright position.

It is worth mentioning about the know-how in the modern market - automatic eyeliner. Its main advantage is that thanks to special technology, the brush is automatically replenished with the necessary amount of paint, which greatly simplifies the application process. No need to twist or dunk anything to quickly draw an arrow, this handy liner will do everything for you. An additional plus will be a deep saturated color and stunning durability up to the moment of makeup removal.

Liquid eyeliner

Some skill is already needed here, so many people avoid using it. But with the help of liquid eyeliner, the lines are brighter, juicier and more expressive. Soft and thin brush allows you to draw elegant, resistant and clear lines. True, since such an eyeliner dries very quickly, you need to use it quickly enough, so it’s worth to fill your hand a little before using it to go out.

A simpler option will be a gel eyeliner. Possessing a pleasant creamy and thick texture, it will easily hide small irregularities and errors, therefore, it is ideal for beginners. Before you make up your eyes with a gel liner, it is advisable to degrease the skin of the eyelids for better makeup resistance. Otherwise, after a couple of hours, the hands will begin to wipe noticeably. Although, of course, in contrast to liquid, it does not spread so much and it is easier to draw wide lines with it (liquid in large areas can crack). True, gel eyeliner is inferior to others in durability, and since it is usually sold in jars, you will have to buy a brush separately.

Dry eyeliner

This type is a compressed pigmented powder resembling powder or loose shadows. Using a damp brush, this eyeliner creates dull and slightly blurry arrows. It requires some dexterity, so professional makeup artists adore it, but rarely use it at home. In addition, due to its structure, it is easily smeared, spreads from moisture and tends to crumble a couple of hours after application.

Which is better?

When choosing an eyeliner, a lot will depend on your experience with drawing arrows and the desire to learn. In order not to get confused in the huge assortment and choose the appropriate eyeliner option, it is worth using several tips.

  • You should not buy liquid eyeliner if you are a beginner and begin to draw arrows for the first time. It will be easier to get hold of the solid contours of a pencil or felt-tip pen.
  • Also, a contour pencil (also called “kayal”) should be used by all fans of the shooter on the lower eyelid. Liquid or gel eyeliner in this case will look vulgar and cheap, and neat arrows here are unlikely to work.
  • Gel eyeliner is very economically consumed, so be sure to look at the expiration date so that the purchase does not become a waste of money and does not harm the delicate skin of the eyelids.
  • You need to be careful with black eyeliner - it visually reduces the section of the eyes, so if you do not naturally have large expressive eyes. It’s better to buy a colored eyeliner - good, today the choice of color palette is huge.
  • Glossy arrows work well with liquid eyeliners or felt-tip pens. If you need a matte finish, you should pay attention to the gel option or pencil.

How to choose?

The difficulty of choosing a liner lies, first of all, in the ability to use it. Indeed, beautiful even arrows can become both the main element of all makeup, and part of a multi-stage combination of shades of shadows and other decorative aids.


For holiday makeup, color eyeliner is perfect. A light shimmer and pearly particles included in their composition will help create a rich and vibrant look for the evening. Blue and emerald green, silver and gilding - the modern industry does not limit the choice of shades.

White arrows look very original. Applied with a dry eyeliner, they are perfect for courageous and creative girls. Another option - double black and white arrows, no less stylish and graphic. Well, the most extravagant personages will certainly appreciate red or all shades of purple.

Still a smoky eyes hit in gray and black. To achieve this smoky look effect, it is enough, without waiting for complete drying, to shade the drawn arrow with a brush or a cotton swab and apply dark shades over a dense layer.

Also for special occasions, eyeliners with sparkles are the best suited. Due to the transparent structure, it is best applied over shadows or a pencil. As an independent option, it is perfect even for everyday looks. With a shiny liner, you can draw a classic arrow, or shade it in the center of the upper eyelid. This will make the look more sparkling.

A more casual option is the choice of a light gray or brown eyeliner. Such arrows will visibly highlight your eyes, but will not look defiant in an office setting or on a walk in the park.

Is black eyeliner suitable for blue eyes?

Undoubtedly, the choice of eyeliner color plays an important role if you want to emphasize eye color. Therefore, it is worth considering several recommendations in order not to get the opposite effect from the expected.

For owners of green and blue eyes, arrows of dark brown color are ideal. This shade will make your eyes brighter and will not distract from the native eye color. Black eyeliner will seem too sharp for such delicate shades of eyes. For special occasions, you should still use bronze or gold eyeliner.

If you want to draw arrows of the same color as the eyes, you should choose a shade by a tone darker than the color of the eyes. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite effect by making your eyes paler.

But the brown-eyed representatives to choose the color of the liner is much easier. Bright, rich tones, as well as bold shades of pink, will easily emphasize the beauty of brown eyes. A traditional black eyeliner will make the look more expressive and alluring.

How to fail?

The basic classic rule for a neat arrow is to apply eyeliner, as if continuing the line of eyelash growth and going a little up. In this case, the hand should stably rest with the elbow on the table or any other horizontal surface. If there is not much experience yet, you can first draw the arrows with a small dashed line. In addition, before using eyeliner directly for the eyes, try practicing on the outside of your hand. It is important to color the area between the eyelashes so that the line looks harmonious, and not as an extra element. Ideally, you need to fill the entire eyelash line with eyeliner. If shadowing is intended, arrows are applied last. If, in addition to eyeliner, nothing is used, it makes sense to slightly powder the area of ​​the eyelid - so the makeup will last longer.

For beginners, popular stencils will be an excellent help. This will be a convenient solution for those who want to save time for applying makeup. Such a workpiece is suitable for any type of arrow. It is enough to attach it to the eyelid, holding it with your hand or, if necessary, securing it, for example, with adhesive tape, and you can begin to draw the desired arrow or apply a unique drawing. Everything that goes beyond the outline of the stencil will remain not on the eyelid, but on paper. A liquid eyeliner or soft pencil is best suited for using a stencil.

Makeup Secrets

With skillful handling with eyeliner, you can draw on your eyes not just an elegant and neat arrow, but also whole masterpieces that can advantageously emphasize your taste and make your eyes brighter and more expressive. But it is worth noting that each type of eye needs different arrows.

  • If you are the owner of the correct eye shape, any type of arrow will suit you. They can be safely used both with shadows and separately. Be sure to try Cleopatra-style makeup - the ends of the arrows go far beyond the edges of the eye.
  • Round convex eyes can easily be visually lengthened with eyeliner. The arrow is better to draw wide, thin lines will not work here.
  • Visually increasing eyes with eyeliner is also not difficult. It is enough to avoid thick lines, black and any other dark shades. Light and light colors will open the look and make it more radiant.
  • If you have close-set eyes, make it a rule to draw an arrow, starting from the middle of the upper eyelid. This technique will help to visually distance your eyes from each other.
  • For wide-set eyes, everything is exactly the opposite: we draw an intense line along the entire length of the eye to the bridge of the nose, thereby narrowing the distance between the eyes.

What to do if dried up?

Liquid eyeliner, like gel, has the property of drying out over time, especially if the jar is periodically poorly closed. It begins to crumble, unevenly lies on the eyelids, loses its former stamina. But do not immediately throw it away, because the eyeliner can be easily reanimated using ready-made cosmetic diluents, which can be purchased at any store. Also, eye drops or liquid for lenses can cope with this task. Their undoubted advantage is hypoallergenicity and disinfectant properties. Having insisted for a couple of hours with such drops, the eyeliner will again take on its original appearance.

If you prefer to use natural remedies, olive, almond, peach oil or even ordinary vegetable oil will help restore the former consistency of the eyeliner. The main thing here is not to overdo it - just add one drop (you can use a pipette) and mix. Aloe juice will help not only to dilute your favorite liner, but also turn it into a vitamin cocktail. The option is quite perishable, but a week or two, the tool will serve you. Vodka, alcohol or a regular facial toner are also good for dried eyeliner, however, the effect after their use is short-lived, so you will have to add them before each makeup application.

Popular brands

The choice of eyeliner should be approached responsibly if you want it to last longer and not harm the skin of the eyelids. And the company's proven quality will be a definite plus. We’ll do a short review to better understand the brands of eye liners. They can conditionally be divided into two groups: elite and budget.

Recognized brands such as Mac, Guerlain, Lancome, Nyx, Inglot, Bourjois, Pupa. With eyeliners from these manufacturers, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the shooters all day long. But naturally, their quality and product standards significantly affect their value.

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If the funds for the purchase are limited, take a look at firms that, although they cannot boast of promotion, but are not inferior in quality - for example, Essence, Golden rose, Catrice, Eveline. Their lesser known brethren - Ffleur, Liquid ink, Black brilliance, Luxvisage, Kylie - only gaining their popularity and also deserve attention. It is worth mentioning about the representatives of the network cosmetics liners - Avon, Faberlic, Oriflame. Their quality is often in doubt, but due to their low cost, they also have their admirers.

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According to customer reviews, we made a rating of eyeliners. Using it, it will be easier for you to make the final decision in this difficult choice.

  • Among the classic liquid eyeliners, the brand is leading Guerlain or cheaper Bourjois. Their soft and ultra-thin brushes allow you to draw thin and rich arrows that hold throughout the day, calmly withstanding even classes in a fitness club. These liners will be an excellent choice for your first experience using liquid eyeliners.
  • Recognized as the best gel eyeliner Bobbi brown and Maybelline. A variety of shades, durability and recognition by professional makeup artists distinguish them among other brands. They do not spread throughout the day, not only in hot weather, but even under the pressure of water, taking a shower. Such hyper-resistance will undoubtedly require special makeup removers. The gentle texture enriched with moisturizing components and vitamin E provides not only comfortable application of the product, but also gentle care even for sensitive eyes.
  • The championship among high-quality eyeliner pencils and markers is still shared by brands Loreal and Givenchy. The favorites of many stars and bloggers, these pencils of amazing quality have rightfully earned their fame.Due to their soft and creamy texture, they fit perfectly on the eyelid, easily shade and dry quickly. And saturated opaque pigments, similar in intensity to kayal, allow you to draw arrows without bald spots on the first try. The only laudatory odes about the water resistance of these eyeliners are clearly exaggerated - they are unlikely to endure even a small rain or snow.

It doesn't matter what type of eyeliner or which brand you choose. The main thing is not to despair and not give up, even if the arrows are obtained not the first time. With great desire and patience, mastering the technique of drawing arrows will not be difficult. A pleasant result of the efforts will be your expressive and alluring eyes.

How to quickly and easily draw arrows using the liner from L'Oréal Paris - in the next video.

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