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Mascara Relouis

Beautiful and thick eyelashes are an indispensable complement to the image, as they make the look charming and attractive. Unfortunately, nature does not give chic eyelashes to everyone, so in order to highlight eyes in a special way and give them expressiveness, many resort to using various cosmetics. Today, mascara is considered the most popular and sought-after product of decorative cosmetics. Of particular interest among a wide selection of brands is Relouis mascara. Manufacturers presented it with the release of entire series, which differ in unique characteristics and composition.

This product has received many positive reviews, because it is great for both natural and false eyelashes. The main components of Relouis carcasses are natural trace elements and additives, fats, waxy substances, various pigments, soap, soot, water, mastic and hardening resin. In addition, in separate series of products there are also additional components that not only make the eyelashes voluminous, but also improve their appearance.

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Among the huge list of carcasses of a trading manufacturer Relouis Special attention deserves the series "Lush cilia". Its distinguishing feature is not a silicone brush, which is not only convenient to use, but also does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes. Due to the presence of unique components in its composition, the eyelashes really become longer and more magnificent, have a beautiful natural look.

As for lovers of bright colors and unusual images, "Gold" mascara is perfect for them. Unlike other coloring agents that look unnatural and dull, this product pleases with juicy shades. The series is presented in blue, violet and brown tones. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd in a special way, it is recommended that stylists choose this option for makeup.

In the case when the eyelashes from nature have a stunning look and their beauty needs only to be emphasized, it will come to the rescue:

  • Mascara "Extra Lash". It slightly lengthens the eyelashes and gives it a little volume, but thanks to the thick brush it effectively raises them. Well suited for creating a classic make-up in which redundancy of colors and cosmetics is unacceptable.
  • Mascara "XXXL Extreme Exciting Exclusive Luxury" The series is presented in three forms. Choosing a purple package, you can give your eyelashes length, curvature and volume in a matter of minutes. Products in a pink box are designed for shape, volume and separation, but the red mascara design promises the effect of false eyelashes. With this cosmetic product you need to be extremely careful in use, since when applying several layers of paint, the effect of thick even sticks can be obtained. Therefore, when applying it, it is very important to observe the dosage.
  • The same goes for mascara "Elite Triple Effect "and" Alta Moda ". In order to favorably emphasize the eyes and not harm the image by excess, these products should be applied in one or two layers.
  • Mascara is very popular among the fair sex. "Professional", "Complimenti" and "Dolly". Their brush has a modern convenient shape, which makes it easy to give the cilia a triple effect, while not creating the impression of gluing, significantly increasing the volume.
  • For special occasions and unusual occasions, you can also find on sale Mascara of this brand in the form of a transparent base with sparkles. To achieve maximum radiance and better fix glitter, it is recommended to apply the base immediately after using traditional mascara.
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How to choose?

Before you go shopping for Relouise mascara, you need to decide what it will be used for - for volume, lengthening or scrolling eyelashes. In addition, the color of the product plays an important role. To date, depending on the functionality, a well-known manufacturer has presented a choice:

  • twisting;
  • separating;
  • giving volume and length of funds.


The endurance indicator also plays a huge role. Therefore, it is advisable to determine in advance which particular option is more suitable - waterproof or normal. If a girl cannot imagine her life without makeup even on the beach or in the pool, then waterproof mascara will be the right choice, her only drawback is the difficulty in removal, but there are special tools for removing makeup.

Color palette

Relouise mascara is easy to choose in color terms, manufacturers did not spare their imagination and presented it in a chic color scheme. At the same time, stylists recommend combining the color of eyelash dye with hair color. Brown-haired beauties are suitable for a brown shade, but for representatives of dark hair it is best to apply black color.

In addition, the black Relouise is an indispensable option in a strict business style, and for entertainment parties you can easily choose any color, taking into account the rule of harmony of clothes, hair, eye color and skin.


Recently, many girls wear contact lenses, so for applying makeup in this case, you need high-quality and reliable Relouise mascara. It not only does not crumble, but also does not cause allergic reactions of the eyes. The only thing when choosing a similar product, you need to pay attention to the presence on the packaging of a special mark, which indicates that the mascara is intended for girls wearing lenses.

After the type and color of the carcass is correctly selected, to avoid falsification, it remains to do quality control of products. On all original packages of Relouise mascara there is a mark about the absence of hypoallergen components in its composition and that the product has successfully passed ophthalmic and dermatological control. In addition to various chemical elements, the mascara of a well-known manufacturer also includes such useful substances as vitamins and oils. Brushes in all series of products are convenient and ideal, thanks to their unique shapes, they allow you to create a stunning cosmetic effect. It is also important to pay attention not only to information about the manufacturers, but also to the date of manufacture, the acceptable period of use.

Finally, it is worth noting that the constant use of such mascara activates the growth of eyelashes, lengthens them, protects against the negative effects of the external environment (frost, high temperatures, wind, dry air).

For a review of Relouise mascara, see the next video.

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