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Tar soap for dandruff

In today's world, the harmful effects of the environment are increasingly affecting people. Poor ecology, the use of household chemicals, preservatives and GMOs in food leave an imprint, so more and more people are switching to a healthy lifestyle and trying to buy natural products for personal hygiene. Such funds include tar soap for dandruff, about the beneficial properties of which we will discuss below. The product is made on a natural basis, perfectly fights the problem of dandruff and does not cause allergic reactions.

Natural way

Tar soap can be bought at almost any store or pharmacy, at a fairly affordable price. It has been known about its beneficial properties since ancient times; our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers also used this tool. The composition includes:

  • Birch tar;
  • water;
  • sodium salt, based on fatty acids;
  • Palm oil.

In addition, the tar also contains essential oil, which makes it so soft. The composition is completely natural, does not cause irritation, allergies or itching. This soap has a rather specific smell, but with proper washing off with water you can get rid of this trouble, and its properties and benefits make it possible to overlook this small drawback.

Properties of tar soap

  1. Disinfecting property. Alkali and components contained in tar soap help in the fight against fungus that causes dandruff. And birch tar itself is an excellent antimicrobial agent.
  2. Against an itch. Often dandruff is accompanied by itching, reviews say that when using this remedy, itching completely stops.
  3. Cosmetic effect. With this tool, you can get rid of problems with the skin of the face: acne, acne, enlarged pores. Suitable for all skin types.
  4. Washes grease and dirt well. The product fights against scalp problems, but it also very cleanly washes hair, effectively washing off dirt. Therefore, for those who suffer from oily hair, the product can be recommended to get rid of this problem.
  5. Effect on hair growth. It is noted that when using tar soap, hair growth is accelerated, because it contains special substances that help strengthen and nourish the hairline.

Mode of application

The influence of such a soap is positive, but before use, you need to carefully study the methods and frequency of use. There are contraindications: this soap is not recommended for women at any stage of pregnancy and nursing mothers, people suffering from allergies. To determine if you can use it, you need to apply a small amount of foam on the elbow for 5 minutes. If after the indicated time no redness is found, you can safely use it.

The most common usage errors are:

  • Soaping hair with a bar of soap.
  • Use hot water to flush foam.
  • They washed their heads poorly and not very thoroughly.

Here are three things you should never repeat when washing your hair with this product. Otherwise, the effect can be quite unpleasant, after which the desire to wash with this soap will disappear forever.

Here is the right way to use tar soap. Everything is very simple:

  1. We lather our hands with soap, and apply the resulting foam evenly on previously wetted hair.
  2. The entire process of soaping and washing the hair should not last more than 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm, but not hot water.
  4. Rinse off better with water in which citric or acetic acid is dissolved. You can use air conditioning. This is necessary to eliminate such a specific smell of tar, in addition, acidified water will retain the shine and elasticity of the hair.
  5. It can not be used often, it is necessary to take breaks between courses.

Tar soap against dandruff

Trichologists recommend treating with such a drug no more than 1 time in two weeks, you need to add oil. To do this, you just need to add any natural oil to the soap solution, and then apply it to the hair roots. You can rinse off after five minutes. Such use will protect the scalp, which is already suffering from dryness, from possible drying out.

Hair loss

Tar soap perfectly strengthens and nourishes the hair along the entire length, creating a noticeable volume. Thus, it helps a lot with solving the problem of hair loss. A similar effect is felt already in the third week of use. However, from the moment the changes become noticeable, you need to take a break using the usual shampoo.

Prescription mask against hair loss:

  1. We rub the soap on a grater, and from the resulting chips we make a soap solution.
  2. Add a tablespoon of honey.
  3. We apply the product for the entire length of the hair for seven minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm, but not hot water.

Speeding up hair growth

It can significantly accelerate hair growth. However, do not wait for a quick effect - it is necessary that the scalp can get used to the actions of such active substances. Usually the period is a little over two weeks.

An excellent solution to accelerate growth is a mask with henna, which can be done once a week. To do this, buy colorless henna, brew it with boiling water. Add soapy crumbs or shavings of tar soap and mix everything thoroughly. We distribute the mask from the roots to the ends of the hair and leave it on the head for no more than 10 minutes, seven is enough. Then rinse the hair, observing the already specified temperature.

For oily hair

If you suffer from the problem of sebaceous hair, then using tar soap twice a week is great for this. If two times is not enough, and you wash your hair, for example, every day, then the rest of the time it is better to use ordinary shampoo. After a month and a half of use, a break is taken. It is necessary to apply a soap solution to the scalp, as the sebaceous glands are located there. Tar soap affects their work, leading to normal.

Cosmetic effect

Those who suffer from frequent rashes, acne and oily skin will benefit from tar masks. It is enough to apply the resulting foam on the face for about fifteen minutes, then rinse with water. After use, it is better to apply a nourishing cream and do not use this mask more than twice a week, otherwise you can dry the skin.

Those who suffer from the constant appearance of acne on their faces can be washed with this soap. With oily skin, you can safely do this twice a day, with evening and morning care. For those who have dry - no more than three or four times a week, and for owners of normal skin it is enough and once.

You can apply soap crumbs on acne pointwise, holding for several minutes, rinse with warm water. But do not think that tar soap will solve the problem of acne forever. It only removes the pimple itself, but does not eliminate the cause of the appearance. Most often, the occurrence of acne is associated with an intestinal problem, so you need to review your diet, and best of all, consult a doctor.

What else is the use?

This soap is not only an excellent remedy for dandruff, oily hair and rashes, it helps with diseases such as psoriasis and seborrhea. In the first case, it is necessary to apply a soap solution to the affected areas for fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water. With seborrhea, it is enough to apply a soap solution only five times a week.

Due to its disinfecting and antiseptic properties, soap is used for burns, wounds and cuts. It copes with getting rid of head lice, mainly in young children. Suffering nail fungus need to soap the nails, sprinkle with salt and on top of this whole thing to seal with a plaster, leave it overnight. In the morning, peel off the patch, wash your hands. Do for a few days. Soap also helps in the treatment and disposal of pressure sores.

You can read quite a lot of positive reviews. People write that they got rid of dandruff, which even expensive shampoos could not remove, and significantly improved the condition of their hair.

Which is better to use: tar soap or shampoo? Learn the answer from the video.

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