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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Clarins Makeup Base Eclat Minute

The classic base for make-up solves the problem of imperfect face tone: it makes the skin surface even, smooths out irregularities, hides wrinkles, fills pores and allows the tonal base to last longer. The classic base is based on silicone, a component that perfectly fills the grooves on the skin, has a transparent gel texture and evens the surface of the epidermis, preparing it for the most important point - applying the tone.

Clarins' Eclat Minute makeup base has a gel and cream texture that doesn't resemble pure, pretty heavy silicone.


The foundation for Clarins makeup is the first step towards creating the perfect complexion and has a number of features that make this product one of the best:

  • Clarins base is a caring and decorative product in one bottle. It contains a complex of moisturizing components and synthetic particles to form an ideal coating;
  • Its texture resembles a fluid - light, airy, with a slight flesh tint;
  • It is suitable for any type and age of skin, at any time of the year or occasion (everyday, holiday makeup);
  • The base creates a light transparent coating that is not felt on the skin even during prolonged wear;
  • It extends the life of the foundation - enhances its resistance and reduces the vulnerability to spreading under the influence of external conditions (rain, snow, heat) or the natural work of the skin (increased secretion of sebum);
  • In the summer season, the Clarins makeup base can be used without foundation: it creates a foundation on which the powder coating perfectly fits;
  • In winter or at any other time of the year, this product can be used together with a foundation of any density and texture;
  • A feature of the product is that it contains reflective particles that visually make the skin healthier, smoother, give it a natural glow and give volumetric shapes.

No wonder Clarins makeup base is talked about so much and speak of it as an excellent product for creating the perfect make-up.


It is known that the cosmetic brand Clarins produces, in addition to the decorative line, a number of care products with an impressive rating. Even the brand's tinted products contain moisturizing natural ingredients, for example, in the makeup base there are plant extracts of white tea and cataphra.

  • White tea - A rather rare component of decorative cosmetics with antioxidant properties. The plant got its name due to the neutral shade of leaves and buds. It is grown from in China, and its processing is so simple that it allows you to save all the most valuable elements and let the plant be called the "source of immortality." Note that in the makeup base, white tea extract acts as an antioxidant, the component fights free radicals and prevents skin cells from aging.
  • Cataphray - a tree that grows on the lands of the island of Madagascar. The extract of this plant is known for its calming and tonic effect, which is especially necessary for a product such as a makeup base. The component in the composition reduces the skin's vulnerability to inflammation, relieves the already formed redness and effectively moisturizes the dermis, prevents the formation of dryness, peeling.


The base for makeup with the effect of radiance is presented in three shades, characterized by the saturation of the main pigment:

  • Rose 01 (pink);
  • Champagne02 (champagne);
  • Peach03 (peach).

Tone 01 is universal, suitable for fair skin with any tone. It gives the surface a pinkish tint and instantly refreshes, transforms and evens out the skin. Tone 02 is suitable for any skin tone with redness: the texture of the product neutralizes the red pigment and evens out the shade of the epidermis. The last third tone is the choice of swarthy, tanned beauties, which enhances the natural radiance of the skin. Each of the presented shades incorporates reflective particles that emphasize the volume of the face and do not allow it to be flat in pictures or in ordinary life.

Small particles reflect light and visually make the surface of the face perfectly smooth, reduce the appearance of inflammation and imperfections, including wrinkles.

How to use?

The use of a tinting matting base for makeup is reduced to applying it to a previously moistened face. After the usual cream is absorbed, it is necessary to apply a little highlighting Clarins base with light smoothing movements and wait 3-5 minutes before it is well absorbed into the epidermis. Makeup artists use a similar radiant foundation as follows: mix it in the usual foundation to reduce the density of the latter. This move allows you to get a new foundation with a lower density and more resistant to the external environment.

Learn more about creating perfect makeup with Clarins in the next video.


The base for makeup from Clarins was to the taste of most modern girls and women. They note the light texture of the product and its even distribution on the skin. Most young girls use the foundation on top of the cream and fix it with powder, they exclude the tonal solution from the daily ritual, since the base from Clarins perfectly aligns and fills the pores on their own.

Negative reviews suggest that the Clarins face base has a too dense coating that literally clogs pores and gives discomfort while wearing.

Others note that this product is light and not noticeable on the skin. It is worth noting that the perception of the base on the skin depends on the type of epidermis, the sensitivity of the girl or woman, the preferences and even the habits of “wearing” this or that texture on your face. Before buying, be sure to test the composition on your own skin to select the right shade and create your own feelings.

Watch the video: Chic & Simple 5 minute Make-up Tutorial with Clarins. ad (February 2020).


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