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Foundation L'Oreal

Perfect tone of the face is the main nuance of perfect makeup. L'Oreal foundation creates a perfect matte finish without the effect of a mask. With it, your skin will be hydrated and velvety, and your complexion will be even and beautiful.

Features and Benefits

The task of any tonal remedy is to even out skin color, remaining as invisible as possible on the face. Products from the well-known brand L'Oreal Paris meet these characteristics. The company produces several lines of tinting products. All of them provide an even natural tone, hide imperfections, mask pigmentation and redness. The products have a light consistency, do not impede the respiration of cells, do not clog pores. At the same time, each type of L'Oreal foundation creams has individual properties, allowing customers to find a suitable remedy. You can purchase brand products at any cosmetics store. Let's take a closer look at the most popular foundation creams from a French company.

"Alliance Perfect"

The most popular tonal brand name is Alliance perfect. The name of the product is not accidental. The cream forms a weightless delicate coating with a perfect tone. Ten shades allow you to choose the option suitable for any type of appearance. And the innovative formula allows the tool to adapt to the natural shade of the face. The cream perfectly conceals skin imperfections, evens out its structure. The pores are narrowed, the production of sebum is normalized. Makeup looks fresh and natural. The face acquires a healthy color and gloss. Moreover, the light formula is not felt at all on it.

In addition to color pigments, the composition of the cream includes essential oils, vitamins E and B5. The product not only visually transforms the skin, but also nourishes it, gives hydration and care. And special filters protect against ultraviolet radiation and other negative environmental influences. Despite the ease of application and the airiness of the texture, the cream forms a very resistant coating (up to 8 hours). Neither the scorching sun, nor drizzle do not affect the quality of makeup.

Even greater durability can be achieved by combining the product with powder of the same brand. Alliance perfect is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Most customers are delighted with this tool. The cream really gives the face a delightful even tone, well hides redness. Owners of the normal skin type, along with the coating, receive a delicate radiance and a flawless appearance. But the cream does not suit girls with dry skin. Despite the caring components in the product, in the presence of peeling on the face, he emphasizes them. Girls with a fatty type of epidermis like cream. The coating gives a dull and well-groomed appearance. But after a couple of hours, the skin still begins to shine. To solve this problem, the powder applied on top of the foundation helps.

The following video is an overview of foundation from L'oreal Alliance Perfect.

"Lumi Magique"

The Lumi Magique series is distinguished by the content of reflective particles in the composition. Due to this, the skin acquires not only an impeccable tone, but also a delightful radiance. The foundation "Magic of Light" is easily distributed on the surface of the face, evening out the color and hiding the redness. Moisturizing components maintain an optimal level of moisture, give a feeling of tenderness and velvety. Buyers consider the name of the series quite justified. The cream really gives the face an even tone with a noble radiance. The skin seems to be highlighted from the inside. Many girls claim that with such a tonal coating, not even a highlighter is needed.

but this tool is more suitable for owners of a normal and dry type of epidermis. The cream does not emphasize peeling, perfectly shows itself in the cold season. But on a hot day, the coating slightly “flows”. Girls with oily skin also after a couple of hours see a greasy shine on their face instead of shining. In addition, the product cannot mask strong redness. To do this, you need a special corrector and an additional coating in the form of powder, which neutralizes the entire "magic" effect of the cream.


Cream "Matte coating for 24 hours" is ideal for owners of oily skin. The product is non-comedogenic, does not clog pores and does not interfere with cell respiration. At the same time, it perfectly conceals imperfections, giving the face a natural and beautiful tone. The product is suitable for creating super-resistant makeup, because it sticks to the skin for a day, without slipping and without creating discomfort.

Judging by the reviews, the cream easily lays on the skin, hiding even severe redness.

The coating is almost not felt on the face, gives a dull and well-groomed appearance. The foundation is highly resistant. On combination skin, the coating lasts all day. Owners of a fatty type of epidermis after 5-6 hours begin to notice the appearance of a slight shine, which is easily cleaned with a matting napkin or applying powder.

The only disadvantage of the product is the lack of SPF protection in the product. It is also important to remember that this tool is not intended for the epidermis of the dry type. When used on normal skin, before applying the foundation, it is better to moisturize your face with day cream.

"Mat Magique"

Another matting resistant agent in a series of foundation creams of the brand. The light, airy texture fits perfectly on a clean face and day cream. The tool perfectly masks and mattifies even very oily skin, does not form a mask effect, does not emphasize wrinkles and enlarged pores. On the contrary, the coating visually smoothes the surface of the face, giving it smoothness and silkiness.

Most reviews about this tool are positive. The cream is characterized by a velvety texture resembling a soufflé, gentle application and amazing durability.

The face takes on a perfectly even tone. The effect of matting lasts at least 10-12 hours with combined and 5-6 hours with very oily skin. At the same time, light shine can be easily adjusted with a powder or a napkin. Dry type of the epidermis, this tool is not suitable.

"True Match Foundation"

The cream with an improved formula contains special micro-pigments. Thanks to these particles, the coating adapts to the complexion, adapting to it. As a result, you get a flawless and natural tone. "True Match "is a complex saturated with moisturizing components. Vitamins B, E and glycerin saturate the skin with moisture, soften, give it a healthy and well-groomed look. Light formula does not contain oils and fragrances, does not clog pores. The palette includes warm, cold and neutral shades, from which you can choose the right option for any type of appearance.

Buyers are delighted with this foundation. They believe that this is one of the best options for combination skin. The cream has a velvety texture, perfectly hides imperfections, forms a light powder coating without clogging the pores. The face acquires a perfect matte tone, looks healthy and fresh.

"Nude Magique Cushion"

The tonal base in a nice plastic package with a mirror is a novelty in the brand's assortment. The delicate texture evens out skin tone, gives it hydration, smoothness and a healthy glow. The coating is not felt and does not emphasize peeling, firmly adheres to the face throughout the day. The porous applicator captures exactly the amount of product needed for one make-up.

Judging by the reviews, the tool provides a light tonal coating without matting. When applied with the sponge included in the kit, the coating is lighter. When applied with a brush, makeup is denser. The product adapts to the tone of the face and forms a natural make-up. However, Cushon does not block severe redness and other imperfections. The product is suitable for owners of the normal type of epidermis as a light daytime make-up or foundation for powder.


Each of the listed tones is represented by the brand in several shades. The palette has pinkish, beige and even golden tones. To select the appropriate option, it is enough to put a little money on the hand and wait a couple of minutes. After adapting the cream to skin color, we can conclude how it will look in makeup. If possible, you can apply the tool on the chin. So you can more clearly assess whether the selected shade suits you. Differences in complexion and neck should not be. Choosing a tonal tool is better in daylight.


Any foundation should only be applied to a face that has been previously cleaned of impurities. Owners of dry skin types can moisturize it with day cream before applying the tonal product.

For the most even distribution of the product, you can use a special cosmetic sponge or brush. It is advisable to apply the cream along massage lines.

Girls using foundation as a base for powder can use it to adjust certain areas of the face. This can be matting of the T-zone or masking places with altered pigmentation. To correct severe redness, you can additionally use the corrector. In the presence of strong inflammatory processes on the skin, it is better to temporarily exclude the use of tonal agents.

It is allowed to apply foundation not only on the face. If desired, the product can also be used for the neck. In this case, the cream layer should be minimal. A light coating of natural tone will be almost invisible. If in summer you do not hide from the sun, then your skin becomes at least a couple of tones darker than in winter. And the cream, which was perfect for winter makeup, is no longer appropriate here. A face that is too light against a tanned body looks unnatural. It is better to have two shades of foundation for different seasons. This will allow you to be irresistible all year round.


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