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Black makeup

Makeup with black shadows - an option that is worthy of the eyes of a fatal seducer. He continues to be popular, despite the wave of natural makeup, because his power and open sexuality does not cease to drive crazy the strong half of humanity.


Make-up with the participation of black eyeshadows is quite an unusual variety, it is not suitable for every girl. If the complexion has a pronounced pallor, and the wardrobe lacks bright things, it is better to refuse such makeup, preferring more calm pastel tones.

In addition, even if the skin tone is suitable for black eyeshadow, if applied incorrectly instead of the eyes of a languid cat, you can get small panda eyes. The nuance here lies in highlighting the inner corner of the eyes with a light tone and applying several shades of shadows - from gray to black.

And this image requires good makeup. The best solution here may be to purchase a professional series. Such products will be well applied and shaded. For the last procedure, you should stock up with brushes of various widths with a beveled edge.

Of course, it’s important to understand what type of makeup is right for you. Perhaps it will be a classic smoky eyes or an evening version with sparkles complemented by a rich color scheme. There can be many options here, which means that a lot of pleasant and stylish experiments with black shadows are already awaiting modern fashionistas.

For women of advanced age, with all the desire, it is better to limit the use of dark shades for the eyes.

The fact is that in most cases, ladies who overcome the age threshold for 40 years have facial wrinkles on their faces. Goose paws and fine wrinkles tend to be located around the eyes. The black color in this case will only highlight such age-related changes, clogging and rolling in them. The only possible option here may be to highlight the outer corner of the eyelid with a dark palette.

What cosmetics to choose?

Black makeup can be turned into reality in any beauty salon, however, the opportunity to visit it does not always appear. If you want to make this stylish make-up at home, it is important to arm yourself with the right makeup.

So, for a fashionable image you will need a small set of cosmetics, such as:

  • black outline pencil;
  • friable black shadows;
  • shadows of lighter tones (depending on eye color and type of makeup);
  • shiny light shimmer with shimmer;
  • ink.

As tools, you need a set of brushes.

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It is worth remembering that each element of the set must have high resistance characteristics.

The crumbling shadows and mascara will quickly find themselves under the eyes, creating an inaccurate image of a tired woman. Use and acquire eye shadow with sparkles must be very carefully, because the sparkles show off much more often and more than matte shadows.

Brown shades are good for smoothing black and smooth transitions. Their shade can go to a sandy tone or play on orange notes. For the inner corner of the eye, light tones of beige and brown are suitable.

How to make up your eyes beautifully?

To highlight the eyes with the help of black shadows, it is important not to ignore their shade and color, because the choice of shades of “thinners” of black is diverse. So, blue eyes look great in pure black, and also in combination with shades of gray, purple, blue and brown. The beauty of green eyes will become even brighter against the background of graphite, plum and dark green tones. Gray eyes will be filled with magnetism with a combination of smoky and dark blue shades. For brown eyes, liquid shades in a chocolate palette are suitable, shading the special depth of dark "soul lakes", as well as black and white solutions for the image of a fatal seducer.

One of the key links in the whole makeup algorithm is the shape of the eye.. The eyelid may hang over the eye or have the correct shape. It is much easier to color the eyes of the correct form, because applying and blending the shadows is to be done on the existing fold. The application technique for the impending century is to artificially create folds above the moving eyelid. The hollow between the impending eyelid is darkened in stages (using brown shades or a sculptor for the face), more and more deepening when using shades from dark to light tones.

An easy way to enlarge your eyes is to draw arrows. A soft and somewhat blurry effect will turn out if you put a black pencil and blend it. "Cat" eyes will become more accurate with a black eyeliner, which is applied to the movable eyelid and slightly led beyond the boundaries of the eye area. An “oriental” make-up with arrows drawn not only on the moving, but also on the lower eyelid may be an interesting option.

Whatever method is chosen, the key to preparing your face for makeup remains. The foundation, eyelid primer or loose powder will allow shadows to lie down better and look presentable for a long time. The area under the eyes should be densely covered with powder, because when shedding dark shadows it will be easy to remove particles of a black palette from such a surface.


Makeup with black shadows is not as simple as it seems, because if you exclude any stage, you can irreparably ruin yourself with small eyes. When applying shadows at home, it is important to be patient and have enough time, following each further step.

So, it is very important to prepare your face for cosmetic procedures. Cleansing and moisturizing cream mask all the peeling that is available, creating an ideal foundation for applying foundation. Most makeup artists advise using matte tonal products and powder in tandem with black make-up, however, for the evening, interspersing with small shiny particles of the base is suitable. After the foundation, which matches the tone of the face, the procedure is continued by the corrector, hiding the dark circles under the eyes. If such a feature is not observed, the item can be skipped. This stage is considered important, because against the background of the black tone, the darkening will play even brighter.

The upper eyelid can be supplemented with a primer or light matte shadows. The following is the step of highlighting the eyes with a black pencil. He brings both the upper and lower eyelids. It must be applied as close to the eyelashes as possible. An alternative to a soft black pencil can be dark shadows in tandem with a flat brush. External corners when connected by any of the above methods rise slightly up.

The next step is to thoroughly blend the borders. On the upper eyelid, smears are carried out in the direction of the eyebrows. The moving eyelid is then completely covered with dark shadows if we are talking about classic smoky eyes. The cavity is carefully distinguished (or drawn, in the case of an impending eyelid). Slightly above the mobile eyelid, an intermediate shade is applied under the cavity - for example, brown or gray. Light or pearlescent tones cover the eyelids from the eyebrow to the hollow.

The final and most important step is shading all the tones at the joints. Each transition should be smooth. After achieving the result, further attention is paid to the eyelashes and their thorough mascara coating in several layers. For celebrations, it is advisable to use false eyelashes.

See the video below for an example of beautiful black smoky eyes.

Makeup examples

Modern makeup artists create many makeup options with black shadows, however, smoky eyes is still considered the most popular. Its classic version can be done only with a pencil and black shadows, complemented by an intermediate shade. It does not suit every eye shape, but conquers with its unconditional depth and contrasts.

Black makeup that challenges everyone is called avant-garde. Its peculiarity lies in the dense application of black shadows on the eyelids, sometimes reaching the eyebrow line. The skin should look like matte white porcelain. Makeup with this name can be the highlight of the thematic image.

Arrow Evening Makeup - Oriental. The distinctive black here are the arrows on the upper and lower eyelids, extending beyond the boundaries of the eyeballs. Black shadows in such makeup occupy only the outer corner of the eye, giving the laurels of primacy to gold, lilac or pink tones.

Today you can see everyday smoky eyes. Black shadows or pencils undergo maximum shading here. The inner corner and the area under the eyebrow are worked out in neutral light tones with a light note of mother of pearl. To create a daytime look, the “Frost” shade can be used, having only natural radiance underneath.

If the maximally shaded make-up is akin to natural, then glitter makeup is beautiful in its brightness. He is chosen only for special occasions. A combination of white and black shades covered with large sequins can be a powerful performance here. The arrows give the look a special languor.

Makeup in dark colors requires a special shade of lips. Nude tones are suitable for this best of all. Matte lipstick or translucent shine - these are the components of a successful image. However, some representatives of the fair sex vividly declare themselves, covering their lips with lipstick shade of dark chocolate. It looks particularly catchy with white porcelain skin and avant-garde eye makeup. Gothic notes will give originality to a thematic or solemn image.

Watch the video: Step-by-Step Beginner Makeup Tutorial. Makeup for Black Women. Lovevinni (February 2020).


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