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Wax for beard and mustache

If you want your mustache to be beautiful and well-groomed, you need to make some efforts. If the mustache is long, then they will not be able to keep their shape on their own. But with the help of special care products, this task becomes quite feasible. It is with such funds that wax for beards and mustaches applies.

This product contains natural ingredients. The product is packaged in jars of different sizes with a volume of 13 ml or more.

A small package, if used correctly, is usually enough for a sufficiently long period.

Particular attention should be paid to modern stylish haircut formats. But there is nothing complicated in such care, so any man can cope with the task. He just needs to get special styling tools and scissors for this.

If you are able to show patience and make little effort, you will succeed and then you will not have to desperately shave off the naughty facial hair completely.

If you are going to join the ranks of barbel and bearded man, you should understand that the most difficult period is the first few weeks, when the hair grows according to the principle "who is in the forest, who is by firewood". But this is all a natural process, and over time the hair will become more docile, and the beard will take on a neat appearance.

Such changes are easily explained - after all, a regrown beard becomes heavier and under this weight the hair is slightly stretched, making the haircut much more accurate. Patience will be rewarded.

In the case when the form does not suit you anyway, care products will help. The best of them is special wax for styling.

Some use air conditioning and praise its “pulling” properties, thanks to which the beard becomes smooth and it is pleasant to touch it. If you do this regularly, then over time the facial hair becomes the desired shape and no longer puffs.

However, you do not need to look for some special conditioner only for the beard - this is not found in the production of any company, so buy a tool for styling hair on your head and safely use it.

Care Rules

Do not compare care for curls on your head with care for a beard. You can wash your hair every day, depending on the type of hair, but if you do this with facial hair, then all the fat and oils secreted by the hair will be washed off, which makes the beard sloppy and completely ugly. But this does not mean that it is better not to wash the beard at all - the effect will be the same, even worse.

It is best to act prudently and carry out such a procedure a couple of times a week.

Ordinary laundry soap is not suitable for this, because it is stronger than all other means to make it fat, and nothing good will come of it. In addition, using soap it is easy to confuse the hairs, but combing them later will be very problematic.

According to stylists, as a comb for a growing beard, it is best to purchase a regular plastic accessory. It is necessary to use it daily, so the hair will quickly get used to the position to which they are trying to accustom them. In addition, such a comb can make a haircut more magnificent.

If you are a brave enough man and always confident in yourself, then choose the original styling.

Such styling options include, for example, pigtails neatly woven into the beard. Such a hairstyle can happen if the vegetation has grown to at least five centimeters - this makes it possible to weave artificial strands, the length of which can reach 20 cm.

Perfect styling

Only wax specially designed for this will perfectly lay an overgrown mustache and long beard. This is a solid cosmetic product that is applied to the hairs with your fingers. You can lay them and a comb.

For the correct application of the fixing composition, wax is applied to the center of the beard and from there it is distributed to its edge.

This tool can be different not only in the shape of the jar, but also in shade, as well as how strong the fixation will turn out to be.

Most often, men cut their mustache length, preferring shorter and more stylish options. And this is understandable - after all, care is not so troublesome for them, but if the mustache is lush, then their shape will keep excellent thanks to special cosmetic wax, which can be seen by reading the reviews of men. Locked in this way will never end up in your mouth or nose.

Trying to apply wax in a thick layer does not make sense, this will not affect the strength of fixation, and will be washed off as usual. Excess consumption is useless. As a rule, this product is applied precisely from the middle to the ends, but there are fans to do this along the entire length.

There are no problems with flushing, because the most ordinary shampoo can easily cope with this.

Some manufacturers produce special wax for mustaches and beards not in jars, but in tubes. Such packaging requires prior preparation before use. Mash the tube lightly with your hands, after which you can proceed to application.

Such products are sold in a huge assortment, therefore, in order to make the right choice It is necessary to remember some features:

  • Wax can be produced in different packages: in the form of a pencil or a hard tube, but their contents are the same.
  • Choose the color of the product based on the color of your own beard - they should be squeezed in tone.
  • If you don’t like the smell very much, then it’s better to refuse the purchase, because being constantly under your nose, it will begin to irritate you very much. Choose an option with a pleasant smell for you.
  • The cost of such a product is quite loyal and amounts to about 150 Russian rubles.

Some beard owners claim that special oils can also smooth naughty hair, but they will not give such an effect as wax.

The main thing when choosing a wax for a mustache and beard is to find a tool that would suit you perfectly. If you just need to pacify the splendor of the mustache a little, then it’s quite possible to get by with a light fixative, and in order to get the perfect shape, it’s better, of course, to choose extra-strong fixation

We do at home

You don’t have to do anything complicated with your own hands. You just need to cook:

  • some natural beeswax;
  • Coconut oil;
  • a small jar or tube (you can take it from under the lipstick).

You will get a mild remedy if you mix oil with wax in a small container (oil - 1 part, wax - 2 parts). You need to get used to coconut oil, otherwise you risk daily inhaling an annoying unpleasant odor.

It is necessary to melt the ingredients over low heat. The result should be a homogeneous consistency. In hot form, we send the mixture to a tube or to a jar and allow the medium to cool completely. Now you can see what happened.

For this:

  1. take a plastic comb and comb it with a mustache and beard;
  2. take a small amount of wax and hold it in your palms so that it is slightly softened and warmed up;
  3. apply the product on the ends of the beard, twisting them a little and bending in the direction that you have chosen and carefully try to give it a shape.

In conclusion, once again I would like to pay special attention to the amount of wax applied - it should not be much. Instead of a beautiful well-groomed beard that you have grown for so long and want to be proud of it, you can get a miserable sight that resembles unwashed hair. And this is completely ugly, and even not economical.

Read more about wax for mustache and beard in the video below.

Watch the video: How to Apply Mustache Wax Like a Boss (February 2020).


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