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Hair Wax Estel

Every day, in every situation, every woman wants to look stylish and impeccable. A very important role is played by the hairstyle. Healthy and well-groomed hair is an integral part of a successful image. In this difficult matter, the company volunteered to help women Estel.

About Brand

Before moving on to the subject of our consideration, let's get acquainted with the company itself. Estel is a leader in the Russian market among manufacturers of professional hair care products. The assortment of the company is able to satisfy the needs and wishes of the most demanding and demanding person, it produces hundreds of thousands of items daily: shampoos, masks, styling products, hairdressing accessories, cosmetics for men and for children, paint for eyelashes and eyebrows and much more.

Estel guarantees the high quality of its cosmetics and accessories. All the plants of the company are provided with laboratories where the quality of the manufactured products is checked, which meets the highest requirements and standards of Europe.


Wax for modeling and fixing hairstyles is a very useful and practical product. It makes hair obedient and pliable for styling, emphasizes layers of multi-stage haircuts, convenient for modeling and fixing of individual styling elements (twisted strands, pigtails, curls, weaving, curls).

Estel produces two types of wax: Velor liquid spray and Airex solid wax. Spray wax has a soft and light texture and does not overload the hair. The unique formula of the product is the combination of wax with a revolutionary double-acting conditioning agent, Silsoft (silicone) leaves the hair flexible and elastic and does not give it the effect of "unnaturalness". "Airex" has a strong and long-lasting fixation, gives the hair shine.

Creating creative images of any complexity no longer presents a problem with such an assistant. Turn on your imagination and act boldly - Estel takes on the realization of any of your ideas.

In any weather, wax from this brand guarantees the safety of your hairstyle in its original form thanks to a special composition that envelops your hair with a protective film.


Wax from Estel almost completely consists of natural ingredients and contains nutrients, as well as vitamin AT 5that nourish and gently care for hair, gradually changing their structure. As a result, we get a strong, shiny and healthy head of hair. When applied, the hair is covered with a thinnest film, which protects them from aggressive environmental influences. Wax simply perfectly emphasizes styling and lasts a long time, besides, importantly, it is very easily washed off.

Terms of use

Estel "Airex"

Take a small amount of styling product from a jar and rub it on the fingertips. When the wax warms, apply it on the tips or on separate locks of dry hair.

Estel Velor Liquid Spray

Shake the bottle well, spray the product onto the hair and use your fingers to give the curls the desired shape. Using liquid wax gives you the opportunity to change your hairstyle during the day as many times as you want.

It is important not to use too much product, because if you overdo it with the amount, the hair will look greasy (you must admit that the appearance of dirty, unwashed curls does not add any appeal to the image). It can not be applied to the hair roots for the same reason (gives the curls a greasy look).

By the way, one of the positive qualities of wax from Estel, noted by all users is just that it is very easy not only to use, but also to rinse.

Despite the fact that this fixation and modeling tool does not harm the hair, but even nourishes and protects it, it is not recommended to use it constantly, as well as any other styling product.


The vast majority of users note the ease of use and naturalness of the product, a pleasant light fruity smell, intense shine, economical use, convenient packaging, and, very importantly, the affordable price of the product. Deficiencies according to the results of a consumer survey were not identified.

For more information on Estel hair styling products, see below.

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