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Avon Eyebrow Shadow

Eyebrows are a coat of hair that is located above the eye area and protects them from dust, sweat and dirt. In addition, they help with non-verbal communication (participate in the transmission of facial messages) and create the correct oval of the face and the image as a whole.

The beauty and attractiveness of the face largely depends on the shape, color and grooming of the eyebrows. At the moment, there are many diverse techniques and methods for caring for them, including staining with various means. And if a special eyebrow paint or permanent makeup (tattoo) is responsible for a long-term color change, then you can correct their color instantly and at home with a cosmetic pencil or eye shadow.

Eyebrow shadows have become quite popular over the last decade. The consumer market offers a wide range of this cosmetic product that can satisfy the needs of the most avid fashionistas. This article is about Avon Perfection Eyebrow Shadow.

A little bit about the brand

Avon - A world famous brand that has become famous for its variety of cosmetics and their quality. Over its 120-year history, the company has grown from a small office to one of the largest cosmetic concerns, which distributes its products around the world and conducts trade operations in six dozen countries.

Decorative cosmetics Avon presented to consumers by a variety of species and includes mascaras, nail polishes, lipsticks, creams, etc. But one of the main discoveries in recent years in the fashion industry has been the creation of eyebrows. "Perfection"who immediately won the love and trust of women all over the world.

Based on the monitoring of positive feedback from grateful users, this type of cosmetics (from the entire spectrum of eyebrow products) is one of the most common in Russia and the CIS countries.

True perfection"

Eyebrow shadow is a rather convenient tool that helps to visually adjust the shape and color independently at home. Shadows have fashionable shades and are easy to apply. The composition is absolutely safe for health, does not cause allergic reactions and lasts quite a long time.

The composition of the set "Perfection" from Avon It includes a stylish case with a mirror, powder shadows, wax and a double-sided brush that dyes hair, not the skin under them. Non-sticky wax lies evenly on the hair, without creating lumps and not spreading over the skin. Representatives can offer two options for this cosmetics, different shades of shadows. For blondes, a lighter option is suitable, for brunettes or brown-haired women it is better to choose dark shadows.

How to use

Like any cosmetic product, shadows must be applied to clean eyebrows without signs of irritation and various inflammations.

  • The first step is to remove unwanted hairs with tweezers on the nose and lower part of the eyebrows to give an optimal shape to the face.
  • Then you should comb the eyebrows with a special brush.
  • Apply a thin layer of wax along the entire length of the eyebrows using the brush included in the kit. When applying, you need to give the hairs the right direction.
  • With a quick confident motion, apply shades with coloring pigment over the waxusing a hard brush for this purpose. If necessary, the shadows can be shaded with the fingertips.
  • Remove excess and fix bumps using a cotton swab.


Despite its positive properties, this cosmetic set has several disadvantages:

  • the set offers only two shades;
  • shadows are easily washed off with plain watertherefore, when visiting the pool or sauna eyebrows pretty quickly find their original color;
  • many users note too hard brushwhich is not very convenient to use.

Some useful tips

Each woman of fashion can use the Perfection kit without having special skills in using this cosmetic product. But to achieve the best result, you can use a few tips.

  • To make the eyebrows even more expressive, you can emphasize the contour with a cosmetic pencil, and shade the tinted hair inside the outlined contour.
  • Transformation lovers can purchase both color options.to apply dark shadows when creating evening looks and use light shades for everyday office dress code.
  • If desired, you can combine and mix these optionsachieving the most suitable color.
  • To fix color and give the eyebrows a natural shine You can apply another layer of wax on top of the applied shadows.
  • When applying color pigment, do not too "lengthen" the contour of the eyebrows, since such images age and give the image an absurd and untidy appearance.
  • For convenience, a brush from a set You can replace it with your usual accessory.

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