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Gel Polish PNB

PNB gel polish is an innovative nail coating combining the best characteristics of a modeling gel and professional varnish. Despite the fact that the brand was founded recently, today its products are recognizable and in demand.

Features and Benefits

The features of this type of coating include the use of a special lamp. The manufacturer recommends two types of lamps: LED and UV. Each of them has its own nuances. The first dries nails very quickly (10-30 seconds), it is often used in salons, the second is more accessible and polymerizes absolutely all types of coatings within 2 minutes. Its optimal power is 36 watts.

Gel Polish of this brand is a professional tool for performing flawless manicure.

The coating texture is dense, for a smooth and rich tone, just two layers of the product are enough. It lays down easily, is evenly distributed on the surface of the nail plate, does not flow over the cuticle and the side rollers of the nail. A convenient brush makes the application even without streaks and unpainted areas.

Due to the ease of use, this coating can be used at home, making a quality manicure on your own. The whole procedure does not take much time, and the view will be like after a salon. This approach allows you to save a budget and give your nails a beautiful and well-groomed look for a long time.

One of the advantages of PNB gel polish is its high resistance. The coating is held on the nails for more than three weeks. And for all this time, the appearance of chips, scratches and cracks is excluded, the varnish protects the nails from brittleness and delamination. Usually it grows together with the nail plate, so it has to be removed.

A distinctive feature of brand products include its availability. At the same time, the quality and characteristics of coatings compete with the well-known Shellac from CND. This is a professional cosmetics industry, which is already appreciated by experienced masters working in salons. The varnish is applied in a thin layer, does not burden nails and is suitable even for thin and brittle plates.

In addition to high resistance characteristics, it is worth noting the easy removal of the coating.

It is removed by soaking with special fluids, and then removed with an orange stick. At the same time, the surface of the nail plates does not change color, does not acquire a yellowish tint, as when using conventional pigmented varnishes.

One of the features of this coating is the need for polishing a natural nail. Though slightly, but it harms the structure of the nail plates, depriving them of their natural protective layer. And due to the strong adhesion of the coating to the surface of the nail, oxygen is not supplied to it in the proper amount, which leads to a slowdown in growth and weakening. Therefore, from time to time, nails need rest in order to restore their natural structure.


The gel polish of the brand is safe for health, as it does not contain harmful substances and toxins. It does not harm the nail plates, does not cause allergies and irritation of the skin around the nail.

The composition of gel polish includes several components:

  1. photo initiator (substance due to which gel polish hardens under the influence of ultraviolet rays);
  2. film former (the component responsible for the formation of an elastic, durable, hard film, increasing the resistance of the coating to mechanical damage and household chemicals);
  3. pigment (more often a combination of natural and artificial dyes, which allows you to get any shade, with a larger amount of which the coating density is higher);
  4. solvent (volatile liquid that determines the thickness of the varnish and the quality of its adhesion to a natural nail);
  5. additives and fillers (substances that make the texture viscous, shiny and plastic, and also give the varnish a different effect: shimmer, glitter, thermo, matte, Cat's eye, etc.).

Shelf life

In order for gel polish to become a decoration and a favorite in the work, you must consider its expiration date when buying. Usually this indicator is indicated on the package and is 2 years from the date of manufacture. During this time, the components that make up the product do not change their properties, so the texture of the varnish remains unchanged and it does not complicate the manicure procedure.

As soon as the bottle is opened, the properties of gel polish begin to change. This is due to the fact that the heavy substances and pigments that make up the product begin to push the volatile liquid (solvent) to the surface. With each application, the texture will gradually change, become thicker. The time during which the gel polish will serve after opening depends on the master who works with him and how to handle him.

To extend the shelf life of the product, you need to store it correctly. When using, do not keep the bottle open for a long time. It is better to periodically close it. Do not store gel polish in the sun: this leads to a change in shade and the appearance of yellowness in the light shades of the coatings.

Masters do not recommend the use of the product after the expiration date: this can cause irritation and allergies.

Company funds

The assortment necessary for applying gel polish includes several lines: base and top coatings, pigmented varnishes, related devices and liquids (for soaking and removing the coating).

The base and fixer group includes a base and a top with a UV filter of 8 and 17 ml, a bio base, a two-in-one ultraviolet titanium coating, which is a universal tool and is suitable as a base and fixative. Thanks to its special combined formula, surface protection against chips and damage is created, and glossy gloss is ensured. The titanium coating has excellent adhesive properties, prevents the shade from changing under the influence of UV rays and evens the surface of the nail plate.

The series includes top powder with a cashmere effect. The American manufacturer has developed a coating with a pleasant to the touch velvety effect of cashmere dullness, which remains during the entire period while the coating is on the nails.

Interesting news include nail art base "Melting effect" giving a ton of design possibilities. It involves various experiments, including the technique of drawing on wet gel polish. This coating is designed for watercolors and melting drawings, oil paintings and other techniques.

For those who want to learn how to do a professional manicure at home, the brand offers starter kits.

These are compact kits that consist of a 9-watt LED lamp, primer, base, finish, one pigmented gel polish, buff, orange stick and liquid to remove the coating. The composition of the starter kit may vary depending on the model.

The universal line is represented by modeling camouflage products that have natural shades and a viscous texture of medium density. They well hide imperfections in the surface of the nail plate, so its filings can be minimal.

The line of pigmented varnishes has more than a hundred saturated colors, characterized by purity and depth of tone. These are noble and magnificent paints which will not leave indifferent any modern woman. In addition to conventional coatings, it included thick pigmented gel paints that are economical.

Color palette

When choosing a shade, it is necessary to take into account that the sample from the palette is applied to a transparent base in two layers. Live on the nails, it may be slightly different.

Natural tones from beige to nude look incredibly gentle and premium. They are combined with any clothes and in various ways chosen, whether it is a classic formal suit or evening outfit. This trend has not been losing ground for several consecutive seasons, becoming a classic manicure.

In addition to the classic and pastel shades that are at the height of fashion today, coatings with a new formula and microgloss are especially popular. The color of the shades has become more deep and ripe.

The spring collection reflects new fashion trends, this is the awakening of nature. Particularly distinguished in the line are sky blue ("Bluebarry") enamel tone, pale purple ("Iris") and pink ("Phlox") with a shimmering shimmer and flesh-pink ("Magnolia").

No less popular shades of "Milky Haze" (cream), "Juicy Raspberry" ("juicy raspberries"). Pink shades are in demand no less than natural tones. They are incredibly juicy and feminine.

In addition, the brand offers unusual and effective coatings with micro-spangles, holographic spangles of different sizes on a transparent basis ("Space Glamor" line). Applied in three layers, they look bright and fashionable. Shades with bright multi-colored confetti and additives in the form of shavings resemble the Japanese drawing technique, especially if applied to a beige background. Choosing what such coatings are combined with, you can choose saturated or dark colors to them. Dark tones of the base create the effect of stones ("Skyflare", "Gold Shards").

The Happy Birthday collection consists of bright and neon shades without nacre. For fans of Gothic brand offers dark and black shades. A black background with a golden microglitter resembles a night sky. Thanks to the micro-sparkles of a contrasting tone, the overall background has become deep and unique ("Mystic Love", "Passion Night").

Usage Tips

The application of gel polish from the described brand does not differ from its analogues. In order for the coating to be durable, it is important to comply with the technology of such a manicure. It consists of several stages:

  1. training nail plate, free edge processing, sanding;
  2. removing keratin layer with a degreaser;
  3. applying base coverage;
  4. applying pigmented gel polish;
  5. coverings finish layer;
  6. removal residual stickiness.

It is important to carry out all the steps carefully. After grinding, you need to remove the residual sawdust and a layer of keratin, removing only the gloss. This will increase adhesion to gel polish. The base is a kind of primer, it has a sticky layer, thanks to which the pigment is firmly attached to the surface of the nail.

After applying each layer, whether it is a base, pigment or top, it must be dried under a special lamp for the specified time.

It is necessary to apply a coating with a very thin layer, otherwise it will quickly slip off the surface of the nail, deteriorate during the drying process and crack in a couple of days.

When performing drawings, they are applied to the pigment layer, and then fixed with a sticky layer finish (for better adhesion). If desired, you can choose the sliders that will be combined with the tone of the base.

You will learn more about PNB gel polish application technology from the following video.


PNB gel polish has a lot of enthusiastic reviews from both professional masters and lovers of home manicure. Fans of the brand call it material that easily and evenly lays down, does not flow beyond the borders of the nail, does not leave streaks and does not delaminate during idle time. It retains its consistency, even if it is not used for two to three months.

The durability of the coating corresponds to the declared and sometimes reaches 28 days.

This coating, which differs from its analogues by the nobility of shades, their immense color scheme and juiciness. The base and top brands that make manicure persistent and beautiful are worthy of a separate topic. The components necessary for adhesion and fixing of the pigment are marked as the best components of a highly professional manicure.

Watch the video: Обзор гель лаков PNB. PNB gel polish (February 2020).


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