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Monograms and patterns with gel polish

Beautiful well-groomed hands are an indicator of femininity. A delicate pattern on the nails is an indispensable detail for a romantic image of any girl. The application possibilities and methods for modeling patterns are different. For example, monograms with gel polish can emphasize the color of clothes or play the role of an accent in the overall appearance.


Marigold monograms are widely used in several areas of design. This method is used in nail art, where the varnish strips are a complex combination with the formation of a composite pattern or even an anagram letter. Thanks to a wide selection of materials and additional tools, you can draw in different ways, and by connecting your imagination, you can create the most striking and unique design of monograms.

Most often, a minimalist approach is used - designing one or two nails with patterns, and the rest without an accented picture.

With apparent ease of application, monograms are a difficult technique that requires accuracy and patience. With insufficient concentration, you can easily lubricate the work or apply the pattern asymmetrically. The main feature is the drawing of all layers with the same pressure, as the adjustment of thin lines is better and faster.

It should be remembered that before applying the drawing to the nail plates, it is necessary to make a working sketch on a piece of cardboard - this will help to avoid errors in composition and other shortcomings.

There are several nuances that must be considered when applying the drawing:

  • The classic way of design involves one color for the main composition on the nails. In youth design, the use of color combinations is allowed;
  • it is better to draw subtle patterns with acrylic paints - this allows you to quickly dry and fix the picture, as well as make it clearer;
  • when crossing lines you should expect drying of each applied layer;
  • you can not use a large number of patterns - the manicure will look untidy.

Main types

Depending on the style and the chosen image, manicure can be selected for any style and event. There are several main types of design:

  • French - in this case, the pattern is located strictly along the edges of one or more nails. Thus, the pattern simply frames the manicure, without much emphasis. This design is most suitable for daily wear;
  • classical - The most common type of manicure with the use of monograms. The drawing is applied step by step and forms a complex interweaving of lines. This method is used only by experienced craftsmen, since it is necessary to apply the same patterns to each nail, and this requires some skill;
  • modern - The main difference from other styles is the application method. Patterns cover the entire surface of the nail. However, there may not be symmetry here, each monogram is unique and inimitable. This design is the most striking and catchy of all. Often, new style decisions come up with nail service masters to participate in contests.

Application Methods

Monograms on nails can be drawn in several ways:

  • stamping - application of the composition is carried out using a stencil, on which there is already a finished pattern. The disadvantages of this design include the simplification of style. Add to such a drawing will not work;
  • stickers - The easiest way to transfer patterns. You can make such a manicure very quickly - the picture is glued to the nail and pressed with a strong bonding enzyme. After that, it is fixed with colorless varnish;
  • drawing - the most difficult and time-consuming way. Beginners are encouraged to use stencils to "stuff your hands" and speed up the process.

Step-by-step instruction

In order for the manicure to last long and meet all the requirements of style and fashion, the following set of tools is needed:

  • main, additional contrasting and final gel polish;
  • UV Dryer each coat of varnish;
  • degreaser nail plates;
  • fine brush monograms (stiper);
  • tips and finished patterns for painting.

Regardless of the method of applying the decor itself, you will have to go through all the main steps step by step.

  1. Nail preparation. It is necessary to simulate the even, regular shape and length of the nail plates, and then process the cuticle. With a rough nozzle (buff), polish the surface of each nail, and only then degrease them with a special solution or alcohol.
  2. The design of the base layer. The first thing to do after treatment is to coat the nails with the main varnish layer and let it dry under a UV lamp. After that, you can use the background layer and dry again. Next, each nail should be fixed with a top coating, without forgetting to send them to thoroughly dry. Also, when applying each layer, the tips of the nail plates should be sealed.
  3. Drawing monogram patterns. Before applying the drawing, it is necessary to “buff” the last layer for good adhesion. After that, you can safely pick up a drop of colored gel polish on the tip of a thin brush, applying it to the nail and stretching in the right direction. There should not be many patterns - this is the main grace. After transferring the pattern, the nails need to be dried and a topcoat applied.

Useful recommendations:

  • You can learn how to make beautiful patterns with the help of stencils. The more pictures you transfer, the better and smoother the monograms will be each time;
  • additional materials may also be used - powder, rhinestones, silver and gold sand;
  • for a more festive manicure, complex patterns and thematic murals should be used, but for everyday life it is better to make a calm design with a pattern on one nail.

Easy manicure of a monogram on nails - in the video below.

Watch the video: Monograms Gel polish EGOISTA (February 2020).


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