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Gel Polish Blise

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are the dream of every woman. And although care for hands and nails requires not only time, but money, the fair sex is required to follow all fashion trends and purchase only the highest quality coatings for nail plates. Relatively recently, Blise gel polish appeared on the cosmetic market. The product was developed in America, in a short time it gained popularity and demand among customers.


This is not to say that he has already gone on sale, in specialized stores it is still difficult to find. Meanwhile, experts in the professional cosmetics market suggest: the Blise gel polish palette is available on Internet resources. Orders are easy to make, and choosing the right shade from nearly two hundred offered is already a problem. The variety of colors and shades is bewitching, I want to buy the popular "cat's eye", and the fashionable "metallic" and neon coatings.

The peculiarity of this varnish is that it dries very quickly, without causing women problems with long drying in a specialized LED lamp.

The volumes of all bottles in which the varnish coating is sold are identical: twelve milliliters, its approximate price is up to two hundred and fifty rubles. Some distance selling stores organize promotional events, and then the price of shellac is reduced by 15-20%. Stocks need to be constantly monitored to make a bargain.

Each bottle is protected from sunlight. Some first-time shoppers may be surprised at the black color of the bottle. This fact speaks of a professional cosmetic product, since in this way the quality of the varnish is protected. There is a slight inconvenience, it lies in the fact that each bottle has only the number of tone and color, but there is no color display.


Despite the short period of stay in the market of professional cosmetics for nail care, this product has already received the most positive reviews. On a five-point scale, women who rated the quality of the varnish, its color capabilities, set Blise gel polish 4.7 points. Many speak very positively about the brush. It is soft and wide enough, it is convenient for her to evenly apply a coating on the nail plate. For the first coating, two to three applications are sufficient. Such a brush is especially convenient for owners of wide nail plates.

The consistency of the varnish is dense, it does not spread, is not collected in a single drop, evenly distributed by brush. In the lamp, it is enough to dry the nails for one minute, then you can apply the next layer.

Quick drying is one of the most numerous advantages. You do not have to wait long to continue to do their own business, and it is very convenient for those women who constantly live in an active mode and appreciate precious minutes.

High coating resistance is also noted. Gel polish holds high quality on the nail plates for almost three weeks. Owners of thin and prone to brittle nails believe that they have found the perfect product for themselves. It is not only high-quality, with a variety of shades and colors, but also perfectly preserves nails for a long time. And although the dark tones of Blise gel polish sometimes change slightly if you spend a lot of time in the sun, in general, you can remove it only after three weeks.

The procedure for cleaning the nail plates does not present any problems. Together with his native base, he is removed in ten minutes. Pre-soaking completely dissolves the gel polish, it becomes like "flake feathers". It’s a little more difficult if a primer is used to remove the coating: it will take more time and effort.

Review on Blise gel polish - in the next video.

However, some customers drew attention to some of the shortcomings. For example, some dark tones are slightly worse than light, lose saturation after two weeks. But you should trust the professionals. Masters of nail design will be able to recommend the best tones and shades, advise in which cases it is worth avoiding "capricious" colors, which are already referred to as "048". Professionals themselves are also exploring a new segment in the cosmetics market, believing that soon they will teach their customers how to choose the colors and tones of Blise gel polish.

Every customer who decides to opt for Blise must understand that she has to make a new discovery for herself. Get to know a new product, find out its quality. Be prepared for some tones to disappoint, and some to be perfect. In fact, getting to know Blise gel polish is a kind of experiment when you have to choose your colors from the variety of color palettes.

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