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Wrinkle Essential Oils

Each representative of the fair sex wants to look stylish, beautiful and elegant in any situation. To cope with age-related changes, ladies are ready to go to a variety of tricks and use any means. This article will focus on essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on the dermis of the face, eliminating hated wrinkles.

What it is

Natural essential oil is obtained from plants that are used in cosmetology. It is this substance that will help prevent premature appearance of wrinkles, aging of the dermis. The composition of the product includes all important trace elements that allow you to actively nourish the skin, moisturize it, cleanse the pores, and stimulate metabolic processes. Moreover, the effect of oils is quite versatile.

Get essential oils by a special technology - steam distillation. Thanks to this process, ether escapes, mixing with water molecules in a gaseous state. Such substances have a pronounced smell, and also have a special composition:

  • Terpenes. This chemical group is in all ethers. It helps to provide an antiseptic, analgesic, restorative and relaxing effect.

  • Alcohols. These elements can have an antibacterial, warming, anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Aldehydes. In addition to anti-inflammatory effects, they effectively reduce pressure.

  • Furocoumarins. This element has a pronounced antitumor, sedative, mucolytic effect.

  • Phenol esters. They have a general strengthening effect. Helps prevent cramping.

  • Ketones They have a healing, analgesic effect.

  • Phenols. These elements are antidepressants, have immunomodulating, diuretic effects.

Many customers appreciate the positive impact of these products. This cosmetic product effectively cleanses the body, neutralizes poisons, has a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system, has anti-inflammatory and other properties:

  • Antiseptic effect on the human body. These properties are, for example, tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot, lemon.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect can be felt using oil of geranium, anise, citrus.

  • It also has a mild cumulative effect.

  • Positive reviews are also associated with the high penetration of the substance.

  • Beneficial effect on the nervous system. Substances have a good effect on the treatment of headaches.

  • Means will help in restoring the emotional background, mental state. Many have long been using aromatherapy. This will effectively relieve you of stress and help you set up in a positive way. For example, valerian oil.

  • Helps in the restoration of self-regulation processes in the body.

  • Can be used to eliminate a variety of skin defects., for example, scars, scars.

  • It is actively used in the cosmetic field. Substances have a beneficial effect on the dermis of the face and body. For example, chamomile, rose, jasmine is often used in cosmetology.

  • A great option for weight loss. There are some oils that contribute to an active metabolism, for example, cypress, bergamot, cinnamon and others.

  • Beneficial effect on the respiratory system. It is good to use substances for colds. This will help alleviate the course of the disease.

  • Essential oils will also help in the fight against cellulite. They help to effectively remove decay products from the body. It is good to apply substances during massage and wrapping.

Thus, the products contain many nutrients that have a comprehensive effect on our body.

We use in cosmetology

Actively apply oils in cosmetology. It is important to choose the option that will be optimal for you, help to cope with the right problem, to have the desired effect. Each substance has its own composition and its own characteristics. Before you buy such a cosmetic product, you should study its effect.

If your skin needs rejuvenation and the effective removal of wrinkles, you can use lemon essential oil. He will help to cope with the task perfectly. Its properties include: strengthening muscles, ligaments, restoration of the digestive system, lowering blood pressure, eliminating stress, improving appetite and mood.

This tool will also help in the fight against cellulite, smooth out wrinkles, and remove warts. Lemon can be used against age spots, freckles. It will help to carry out their whitening, lightening. Help and cure herpes. It is worth remembering that before you are going to take sun baths, you should not use this drug.

Helps soften dry sandalwood dermis. It can be added to a moisturizer to reduce facial and shallow wrinkles. Also, this substance stimulates the regeneration of cells, improves blood circulation, smoothes the skin. Your dermis will become elastic and resilient, as well as thicker. Thick skin is known to be less prone to wrinkles.

To smooth wrinkles will be effective and myrrh. Its composition includes antibacterial components, which become excellent antioxidants. They help repair and renew dermal cells damaged by free radicals that destroy collagen.

To prevent aging of the dermis, neroli oil is used. It will help eliminate wrinkles, moisturize the dermis, increase its elasticity. You can add a few drops to the facial spray and refresh your skin several times a day.

Sage coupled with moisturizer helps regulate sebum productionhelps tighten pores. The skin will become smoother, its tone will increase, wrinkles will become invisible.

Those who have different skin types can use geraniums. It will help stimulate blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the dermis. You can add the ingredient to massage oil. So you can effectively tighten the oval of the face, moisturize the skin surface.

Grape seed oil actively fights free radicals. It is rich in substance and vitamin E, which will help slow down the stages of aging. Wrinkles will be smoothed both under the eyes and around the eyes.

Rejuvenate face

From the foregoing, it follows that essential oils are an excellent remedy for wrinkles. You can use one kind or several at once. In any case, it is impossible to apply ethers directly to the skin. They must be mixed with a base, for example, olive oil or added to a cream. You can do massage, as well as apply the composition as a lotion or tincture.

If you follow the recipes, then the visible result will not be long in coming. A young, toned, fresh face will be the result of the regular use of the selected product.

Mask recipes

Many women highlight the most important advantage of such a tool - the opportunity to create it with your own hands at home. Now you do not need to attend expensive cosmetic procedures. It will be enough to stock up with all the necessary ingredients and create the right product according to the recipe.

There are many recipes for wrinkle masks. Here are the most common:

  • Restorative. This mask will help your dermis become elastic, smooth wrinkles. Take two tablespoons of green clay. Add to it a couple drops of lavender, frankincense, rosemary, calendula or tea tree. Mix everything with water, apply everything on the face and neck. After thirty minutes, rinse the texture with warm water. You need to do such a mask twice a week.

  • With deep wrinkles. Combine jojoba oil, wheat germ, avocado for fifteen milliliters. Add three drops of incense and four drops of rosewood to the mixture. The mixture can be applied under the eyes. After twenty minutes, you can rinse.
  • At the first wrinkles. Take five milliliters of macadamia oil, add one drop of neroli, 3 drops of orange. Dilute with them a spoonful of honey. This light blend will help prevent the appearance of first wrinkles.
  • From wrinkles around the eyes. Lemon esters of two drops and three drops of ylang-ylang should be added to thirty milliliters of base oil. Such a tool will effectively eliminate small wrinkles in the eye area. Or is there another recipe. To one tablespoon of rosehip oil add four drops of lavender ether and primrose, eleven drops of fennel. With this mixture, you can smear the area under the eyes before bedtime. With regular use, you will notice a visible effect.

Application rules

It is worth noting that before using the selected tool, it is worth carefully studying its composition. Make sure that this substance is safe for you and does not cause an allergic reaction. Be sure to pre-test the cosmetic product.

Stick to the recipe anyway. If you violate the dosage, this may adversely affect the state of your dermis, and you may not get the desired result. When you use mixtures of oils, be sure to consider their compatibility. Do not mix more than 6 different esters.

Use each oil for no more than a month. You can repeat the course at a weekly interval. Otherwise, the dermis will get used to the tool and will no longer perceive it. It is worth remembering about contraindications. You should not use a recipe if you have an individual intolerance to some of its components. Do not use drugs during pregnancy.

If you have cardiovascular disease, it is best to consult your doctor before using the substance.. With kidney pathology, you can not use pine, thyme, juniper, sandalwood, spruce. With epilepsy and seizures, rosemary, sage, basil are contraindicated. Gently apply lemon, lavender and orange oil. If you are treated with iron, iodine, then you can not use lavender oil.

Do not forget that to effectively combat wrinkles, you need to pay attention to proper nutrition, adequate water consumption, the eradication of bad habits, as well as a good mood.


Numerous positive reviews indicate the effectiveness and efficiency of the tool. Women note the beneficial properties of essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on the dermis and on the body as a whole. You can get rid of wrinkles, improve the tone and color of the dermis, its elasticity.

In each case, it is worth carefully observing the formulation of the preparation. Be sure to test the cosmetic product for an allergic reaction. This is the first rule that will help protect you from unwanted reactions.

Girls also note the availability of funds. You can buy all the ingredients at any time and make an effective anti-wrinkle medicine at home. However, you will not spend the entire family budget, but significantly save your finances. You will not need to visit expensive beauty salons.

Thus, we examined the essential essential oils for the face from wrinkles. Now you can choose the option that suits you. Look at the expiration date of the ingredients to get the desired effect. Let your face shine only with health, vitality and positive emotions.

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