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Israeli face cream

You can hardly meet at least one woman in the world who does not use various face creams in her daily beauty ritual. And this is not surprising, because we can hardly do without such a multifunctional tool. Bad ecology, stress, hormonal changes, these and many other factors very often negatively affect the delicate skin of the face, which is why it is so important for us to use nourishing, moisturizing and protecting creams.

Further, you will learn about various face creams from Israel, because such makeup products are appreciated not only among the female population, but also among professional cosmetologists around the world.

Features of Israeli cosmetics

The best funds, of course, can be bought while traveling around the country, but, nevertheless, the domestic shelves of cosmetic chain stores are constantly replenished with care and decorative products of this country.

I would like to start with the fact that Israel is very appreciated for its renowned medicine and clinics that help people from all over the world get rid of the most serious ailments. And also the country is popular for its healing and natural cosmetics and professional laboratories that are engaged in the development and production of cosmetics.

Israeli care creams are developed by many scientists and specialists for a single year, so that women get the desired effect and can for many years maintain youth and beauty of the skin.

Most often, Israeli face care products are exclusively organic, it contains only natural ingredients and extracts of plant origin, there are no parabens and various kinds of synthetic additives.

In addition, laboratories are very serious about creating cosmetics, using the latest innovative technologies and modern equipment.

Professional cosmetologists around the world note that Israeli face care products are absolutely safe to use, they undergo many clinical tests and comply with international standards. In addition, all products are hypoallergenic, suitable for different skin types, even for the most sensitive. Most companies do not test their products on animals, which will be a big plus for nature lovers and vegetarians.


As mentioned above, almost all products from Israel are organic, containing only natural ingredients. Most decorative and care cosmetics contain useful minerals, trace elements and other ingredients from the Dead Sea.

In addition, vitamins and vitamin complexes, amino acids, proteins, extracts of plant origin, for example, chamomile, pomegranate, almond and many others, are also added to cosmetics.

The composition can also be enriched with various kinds of algae, which are very appreciated for their beneficial properties, marine collagen and many others, which positively affects the condition of the skin.

Also a very important point is the use of not only local ingredients, but also various foreign ones. For example, as part of creams, you can see ingredients from China or Japan, moss from the Alps and much more, which for some reason is not grown in this country, but exported to it and widely used in the beauty and medicine industry.


A fairly wide range of Israeli cosmetics will help to make a choice even for the most fastidious customers who are looking for that very unique face care product.

Next, we will consider various brands and brands from Israel, their types and names, in which you can choose the cream you need according to your age and preferences.

Medical cosmetics Ahava manufactures its care products using gifts from the Dead Sea, which is rightfully considered one of the most valuable sources of life on the planet. Laboratories of this brand produce a variety of lines of skin care products:

  • Cleansing. Here you can find a face cleansing cream that will help protect your face from damage and the negative effects of the environment, as well as gently soothe and refresh. The composition is enriched with minerals and aloe extract. This cream is applied to the skin of the face with smooth movements, after which it is washed off.
  • Moisturizing. Here you will find basic day and night creams, eye cream and a cream mask. The composition is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
  • Smoothing. In this "anti-age" line you can find a day moisturizing and anti-aging cream with SPF 15 protection, a night-time nourishing cream and an agent for the area around the eyes. The composition contains algae, rose petals and vitamins.
  • Recovery. This line offers creams for global skin repair and anti-aging. Here you will find day and night face creams that will help restore your skin to its former elasticity and smoothness.

You will learn more about the Ahava brand from the next video.

We also recommend a closer look at cosmetic products. Sea of ​​SPA, which will help protect the skin of the face from the negative effects of the environment, UV radiation, will prevent the destruction of collagen and saturate the epidermal cells with oxygen, help to retain moisture in them. In this brand you will find day and night creams, as well as creams for the area around the eyes, which will help nourish the skin with everything necessary, restore the natural balance of hydration and give the face its former beauty and radiance.

Israeli cosmetics Premierusing exclusive formulas for face and body care, it offers various lines of products adapted for different types of facial skin and needs at a particular age, here you can find products from 25 to 55 years old, designed to combat the signs of aging and maintain beauty and youthful skin.

Read more about Premier cosmetics in the next video.

Beauty products Dr. Fischer from Israel is also in great demand among the female population, made for a wide variety of skin types. At this brand you can find face creams made using unique complexes. Anti-aging whitening series of products will help to fight against the signs of aging and severe pigmentation. The prices are quite high, but the quality justifies itself.

Israeli company Health & beauty offers high-quality professional facial skin care products. In them you can find anti-age creams with SPF protection from the negative effects of sunlight and rapid photoaging. Funds from this company will help smooth even the deepest wrinkles, restore skin to its former firmness, elasticity and radiance.

Also do not forget to look at other professional cosmetics. Gigi, in which you will find a wide variety of lines with creams, made specifically for different types of skin and its needs at a particular age.

We recommend paying attention to such cosmetic Israeli brands as Arad, Beauty Life and Amour, which offer products using minerals and mud from the waters of the Dead Sea.

A brand may be an equally interesting choice. Naomiwhere there are excellent creams using natural ingredients. The composition of the products also includes Dead Sea minerals and plant components that comprehensively affect the skin, maintaining and restoring its former beauty.


Most of the fair sex leaves only positive and even admired reviews from the use of Israeli cosmetics. Not only high quality, but also affordability is noted. Prices are relatively low, although on average the cream costs from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. But this does not frighten women, especially when it comes to anti-aging products that will help restore skin to its former state.

Younger women also choose such natural cosmetics from the Dead Sea, because it helps to restore their natural moisture balance and restore skin to its former radiance.

But not only ordinary women choose makeup products from Israel, many professional cosmetologists recommend it to their clients, and also use it in beauty salons, since it is natural and organic products that give the results that we need so much. Therefore, if you decide to purchase an Israeli cream, you are unlikely to lose.

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