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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Venus Face Cream

Every woman wants to look young and well-groomed. At first glance, a woman can be estimated by the condition of the skin of her face and hair. It is believed that only problematic skin needs care, but this is not at all the case. All types of epidermis need daily care, only you need to know the properties of your skin.

Cosmetic company Venus was formed in Turin in 1895. The prototype of the name was the name of the Roman goddess Venus, symbolizing love and beauty. The company entered the export level in the fifties of the last century and until now is the leading manufacturer of cosmetics for the mass consumer at the best prices. Its high quality products are sold at specialized points of sale. Its basis is the natural components of plant origin. On the cosmetic market in Italy, it is the second largest producer of facial skin care products.

Venus products offer a wide range of products for all skin types. Creams that contribute to the rejuvenation of the epidermis are in great demand among the female population, they were given a positive assessment by dermatologists.

Lifting - care

Over the years, the skin of the face undergoes changes - its structure changes. Financial opportunities may not always allow you to do cosmetic anti-aging surgeries. Venus face cream can stop the skin aging, which fills the skin with collagen and hyaluronic acid, removes wrinkles.

When the first wrinkles appear, the "Life Energy" cream is recommended. It can be used by women after 30 years, having a different structure of the skin of the face. This cosmetic product contains vitamins A, C, E. For optimal exposure to vitamins, it must be applied under makeup, after cleansing the face. This tool due to the composition has an instant smoothing result, removing shallow wrinkles. The skin is moisturized and becomes healthy.

Respond about this tool very well. Many people like packaging, a pleasant cosmetic smell, soft structure. The face after application becomes moisturized, acquires a velvety hue. Some do not like the smell, the feeling of oily face. After application, there are no visible changes. Its use is recommended for non-oily skin.

3D Anti-Wrinkle Cream Filler with Omega 3 intensely smoothes age wrinkles thanks to hyaluronic filler, which improves the structure of adult skin, increasing the elasticity of the skin, smoothes it. It has a thick structure, but is easy to apply. Used twice a day, protects against UV rays. The tightening effect can be seen after several weeks of use, and after a few days of use, you can notice the disappearance of superficial wrinkles. 30% effectiveness of this product increases its use in combination with omega 3 filler serum with a revitalizing effect. Women (30-45 years old) are very pleased with the effect of this cosmetics and are advised to purchase it.

Vitamin E Anti-Aging Cream intensely moisturizes the skin and has a double effect. Vitamin E protects, moisturizes, has a restorative and firming effect, gives a healthy appearance, stops the appearance of age-related wrinkles. According to the girls, it is better to use it at night because of its fat content. For some girls, the cream is pleasant with a delicate texture and works well on combination skin. Recommendations are given for use in the winter and for non-greasy skin types. Many women are happy to note the disappearance of wrinkles.

For daytime use, Venus suggests paying attention to rejuvenating face cream. It is universal in that it gives the skin a toned, healthy, youthful appearance, reduces the number of wrinkles on the face, and does not give side effects. In action Vitamin A cells are restored to the dermis, Vitamin E, Coconut and Argan Oil have a therapeutic effect. Gently applied and absorbed without a trace. With daily use, a rejuvenating result can be observed after several days of use. The effect of the lifting cream increases if it is applied in combination with an anti-aging regenerating mask for wrinkles for face care at home.

For positive reviews, it has a tightening effect, for negative reviews it is oily cream, it is recommended to use it only for dry skin types.

With night care, a cream with a lifting effect has a strengthening effect, smoothes wrinkles, because it contains plant-based antioxidants, Phyto Lift Complex, amino acids and essential vitaminseffective at the cellular level. With daily use of a daily cream in the corresponding direction, its effect only intensifies. The result is a youthful radiant, youthful, toned and supple face without visible wrinkles. Mature women speak positively of him.

Creams provide 24-hour nutrition on the dermis with "Jelly Royal" from Venus. They are suitable for sensitive, dry and oily mature skin. The main component that has a regenerating and restorative effect is breast milk that slows down the aging of the epidermis. These cosmetics have active moisturizing, tightening effect, complex nutrition to the cells of the skin of the face.

Day care

Venus pays particular attention to day care. A daytime remedy should provide protection from the rays of the sun in warm weather and from cold and winds in the winter. Everyone knows that if the epidermis receives little moisture, then it will quickly become flabby and wrinkled. Therefore, to return radiance, health and smoothing the face tone will help Aqua24 face cream "Deep hydration 24 hours", which has no analogue in the production of cosmetic care products. It restores moisture, keeps it for a long time. If used twice a day, it stimulates aquaporins that lose their vital activity over the years. Used as an ideal makeup base.

Recommended for dry, oily, problem skin. Most positive reviews on the composition, structure, smell.

According to reviews, it really removes the swelling in the morning. Users recommend using it in the summer. The disadvantage is the packaging. In a tube, the cream would be more economically consumed. There are also negative reviews that the cream does not moisturize, but tightens the skin, has a heavy texture, an unpleasant odor. If the skin is not cleaned for a long time with a scrub, then when applied to the face, the cream may roll off. One of the components is silicone, so women are not advised to use it daily, but as a basis for makeup, he gets 10 points out of 10.

Super moisturizing gives a cream with vitamin C, which stops the aging of the epidermis, protecting the skin from temperature extremes, from strong winds. Moisturization lasts a long time. Cream with antioxidants and vitamin C has a non-greasy structure, which should be applied to pre-cleansed skin as a basic makeup. Women, according to reviews, recommend this tool, because it has good hydration on older skin and retains it, improving the appearance and structure.


Micro-gel for the skin around the eyes with the effect of micro-drainage women like it very much, it removes signs of fatigue, gives hydration and protection throughout the day. Trace elements of plant origin nourish the skin, brighten blue circles and relieve swelling under the eyes. The cream is very economical because the single dose is very small. It has a good smell and delicate texture.

According to reviews, for oily skin is not suitable "Multivitamin Moisturizer Against First Wrinkles". The presence of a shimmer is felt in warm weather. Therefore, it is better to use it, having a non-greasy skin structure and in the cold season. I like it with its smell, texture. Moisturizer against the first wrinkles with multivitamins gives 100% hydration, is instantly absorbed. Users are advised to purchase it.

Women of Balzac age are extremely pleased with this remedy, since it helps with facial skin care and perfectly tones the epidermis.

This cream has an excellent and light texture, as evidenced by the small video below.

Vitamin C in Venus Face Cream nourishes the face well, moisturizes. The cream is liked for its absorbency and texture. The only drawback is the smell. There are unflattering reviews of women with oily skin, which he did not fit. Really like a set consisting of day cream with lifting, eye cream and micellar waterhaving an excellent effect on the care of the skin of the face.

For all types of creams, Venus brand has more positive reviews than negative ones. Women who once bought a care product for this unadvertised cosmetics advise everyone to buy high-quality products that are comparable to its price. The choice is yours.

Watch the video: Venus Skin Toning Cream. A mild toning cream (February 2020).


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