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Anti-cellulite cream Bielita-Vitex

Many girls are familiar with the problem of cellulite. At the same time, the general condition of the skin on the hips, buttocks and abdomen worsens, bumps, bumps and depressions appear, which create an unaesthetic appearance. This occurs from a violation of microcirculation and lymphatic outflows, which lead to skin changes.

Cellulite is not considered a disease, but causes a lot of trouble to its owners. If it is clearly visible on the legs and buttocks, then women feel discomfort and try less to expose problem areas.

There are many ways to solve this problem. For example, the anti-cellulite cream from Bielita-Vitex copes well with orange peel.


Bielita-Vitex - This is cosmetics from a Belarusian manufacturer. The company produces various lines of cosmetics that are developed using innovative technologies. The composition of the product includes highly effective components that positively affect the epidermis, protecting it from premature aging.

Anti-cellulite cream has a warming effect, in contact with clean and moist skin. With regular use, the effect is not long in coming: signs of cellulite are reduced, the skin becomes more even and elastic to the touch.

The composition of the funds Bielita-Vitex includes active substances that positively affect the condition of the skin. They become smooth, and the tubercles disappear.

The product is able to heal the bodywhile accelerating blood circulation in the tissues and splitting fat deposits. The walls of blood vessels become stronger, swelling disappears, metabolism is accelerated. In this case, the body relaxes and becomes gentle and pleasant to the touch.

It is especially important that the tool relaxes problem areas and gets into the deep layers of the epidermis. Warming components contribute to the destruction of excess fat.

An anti-cellulite cream can really help if cellulite is not in an advanced stage. But for an effective result, you need to combine massage, sports and proper nutrition. Without additional measures, the product will not save the girl from the problem.

Main advantage Bielita-Vitex - the ability to maintain the tone of problem areas. In addition, the product has a reasonable price and economical packaging, which makes it even more attractive among buyers.


The effect of the use of Bielita-Vitex is that it contains active components, plant extracts and natural oils, which lead to the absorption of fat cells and remove excess fluid from the body:

  • Iodized Zein - It is a plant component that breaks down fatty tissue, destroys the signs of cellulite and smoothes the skin.
  • Lemon - A fruit with a tonic and refreshing effect.
  • Guarana - a substance that accelerates metabolic processes and effectively burns subcutaneous fat.
  • L-picture - An amino acid that is produced in the human body, providing a stable metabolism and controlling the activity of coenzyme A. It breaks down fat folds, helping to lose extra pounds.
  • Theophylline - a substance that accelerates blood circulation and activates metabolic processes in cells.
  • Caffeine - a component that helps break down fat cells, smoothes and strengthens the skin. It helps accelerate blood circulation and controls cellular metabolism.
  • Red pepper - a plant that stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolic processes in tissues. It breaks down excess fat and removes toxins from the body.
  • Wild yams - a grassy vine containing substances that can prevent premature aging of the skin. Yam regulates hormonal balance in a woman’s body and boosts immunity.
  • Ginkgo biloba - a plant with a therapeutic effect. It speeds up cellular metabolism and protects collagen from damage.
  • Arnica Oil - It has antibacterial and sedative effects and activates cell regeneration.
  • Sunflower oil - a natural component that holds the necessary amount of moisture inside the tissues, softens and smoothes skin irregularities.


The company produces an anti-cellulite line, which includes products that are actively struggling with the orange peel, both outside and inside. Their combined use will help to enhance the effect.

Anti-cellulite drugs:

  • Body gel cream "Calorie burner"- its purpose is to effectively care for the skin that suffers from orange peel. It is best used in the summer. It burns subcutaneous fat well and prevents its further accumulation. All this helps to reduce the volume.

The gel contains a highly effective complex: highlander, heather, juniper, menthol and apricot oil. These components have a disinfecting, healing and soothing property. In addition, it removes unnecessary moisture and toxic substances.

The cost is 150 rubles.

  • Modeling cream "Slender body"adjusts the silhouette, creating a chic figure and improving the quality of the body. It quickly removes toxic substances and wastes from the body, contributing to the disappearance of cellulite. It is convenient to use and suitable for both hot and cold seasons.

The product includes beneficial components that strengthen collagen fibers, soothe and stimulate the metabolism in cells. These are sodium alginate, chestnut, elastin, apricot oil and juniper. Due to this composition, the work of the sebaceous glands and microcirculation of the skin improves.

Cost - 180 rubles.

  • Anti-cellulite cream "Intensive"warms up moist skin, reduces cellulite, makes the body supple and smooth. Ideal for winter care.

It contains active components: lemon, guarana, caffeine, red pepper, sunflower oil and wild yams. This allows you to lose extra pounds due to intense fat burning. In this case, blood circulation is activated and the aging process of tissues is slowed down. As a result, the figure acquires a beautiful silhouette and the skin is tightened.

The cost is 150 rubles.

  • Massage anti-cellulite cream - a product from the Bath, Sauna, Massage line. It consists of caffeine, red pepper, peppermint and lemon oil, seaweed and grapefruit extract. These components contribute to the acceleration of blood circulation due to intense massage actions. Excess water leaves the problem areas and the appearance of excess subcutaneous fat decreases. how The result is an elastic and smooth skin surface.

The cost is 170 rubles.

  • Cream contour "Cold formula" - a coolant that helps fight cellulite. It makes the body smooth and fit, nourishing skin cells in its deepest layers. It consists of an active formula that includes collagen, brown algae, menthol, ginger and apricot kernel oil. All this helps to model the silhouette and reduce the volume.

The cost is 230 rubles.

  • Cream-lifting "Hot formula" tightens the body, normalizes cell metabolism and eliminates the symptoms of cellulite. It consists of highly effective components: caffeine, green coffee, red pepper and brown algae, which even out the relief and model the silhouette.

The cost is 230 rubles.

  • Anti-cellulite cream "Multi-active" easily copes with cellulite even in an advanced stage. The problem goes away due to the active components that ensure the high performance of the drug. The multi-active concentrate helps break down fat, slow down the appearance of new deposits and block the filling of tissues with fat.

The composition of the product includes caffeine, wakame and fucus extract, which nourish the skin cells with the necessary minerals and remove unnecessary fluid and toxic substances from the body.

The cost is 200 rubles.

  • The transforming cream-active for weight loss with black cumin oil helps break down excess fats and removes excess water from tissues. At the same time, detoxification processes are activated, the signs of the orange peel are reduced and skin elasticity is improved.

Black cumin oil, caffeine and moringa extract prevent the formation of excess fat in tissues, break down fats and slow down their further accumulation. The visible effect is noticeable after a month of regular use.

The cost is 130 rubles.

  • Anti-cellulite cream with grapefruit and rosemary essential oils - a drug that you need to use after visiting the bath. Under this condition, fat is burned better and overall tone increases.

The composition of the product includes caffeine, theophylline, grapefruit, rosemary and orange blossom oils. They make the metabolism in tissues faster, eliminate toxins and toxic substances, break down fats and tighten the body.

The cost is 150 rubles.

  • Mask wrap - a warming agent that enhances the elimination of fat deposits and slows down the process of the appearance of other fat accumulations. Blood circulation improves and metabolic processes accelerate. The mask is able to quickly remove excess water along with toxic substances from the layers of the epidermis.

Cost - 280 rubles.

Instructions for use

Bielita-Vitex produces several types of funds that fight the signs of cellulite. Each of them will help to achieve the desired result when applied correctly. It is also important to know how to apply drugs to certain problem areas. After all Each part of the body has its own characteristics.

Drainage cream should be applied to the hips with massage movements., while palms cover the hips from two sides and begin to rub the ointment from the bottom up - from the knees to the top of the hips. First you need to do it gently, gradually increasing the pace and pressure. After you need to develop the front side of the hips: from the fingers press down on the skin. In this way, the entire surface of the legs is massaged.

The product is applied to the stomach and massaged from the bottom up and back., then go on a circular massage. The abdominal muscles must be tensed to stimulate the breakdown of body fat.

The buttocks must be massaged in the same way as the abdomen.. In this case, you need to press on the skin, gently pinching it. Massaging the buttocks, the muscles should tighten and relax. The main thing is that the burning mixture does not get on the mucous membrane of intimate places, otherwise it can lead to pain and a small burn.

In order to make the process of combating cellulite easier and more enjoyable, you can use special devices. For example, a massage roller or a vacuum jar.

Effectively and wrapping anti-cellulite creams from Bielita-Vitex. To do this, problem areas are lubricated with the drug, and overwrap with cling film. For best results, you can work out a bit to warm up your muscles.

Sometimes a cream is not enough to fix the problem.. To solve this nuisance as efficiently as possible, first you need to prepare the skin for anti-cellulite procedures. To do this, it must be treated with a scrub or brush to remove dead cells. And only after that process the problem areas with brand-name slimming products Bielita-Vitex.

After the drug is completely absorbed, you need to rinse the problem areas with cool water. Hands should also be washed thoroughly to avoid burning, if you suddenly want to scratch your eyes.

To prevent the appearance of bumps and bumps in the legs, stomach and buttocks, you also need to give up smoking and excessive drinking. This negatively affects the general condition of the body and contributes to the appearance of an orange peel.


Not all owners of the fair sex can use massage anti-cellulite products from Bielita-Vitex. Women who have pronounced vascular asterisks and there is a problem of varicose veins, in no case should not resort to this help. Also, you can not use drugs from cellulite if a woman has heart disease, low blood clotting, wounds and ulcers on her legs and buttocks. And, of course, when signs of an allergic reaction appear, continue to use anti-cellulite cream Bielita-Vitex dangerous for health.

It is undesirable to use anti-cellulite cream and pregnant girls. It will not bring much harm, but it is believed that during pregnancy the body intentionally accumulates additional fats. The hormonal background at this time changes greatly and it is better to start getting rid of cellulite after the birth of a child. If, nevertheless, the girl wants to remove irregularities and tubercles, then it is better to consult a doctor before use.


Anti-cellulite body creams from Bielita-Vitex There are lots of good reviews. Girls note that after regular use, the volumes really go away, cellulite decreases and the general condition of the skin improves. Most effective means work after visiting a bath, sauna or a small jog.

Reviews on various forums indicate that without proper nutrition, sports and getting rid of bad habits, it will not be possible to completely get rid of cellulite. Only a comprehensive solution can lead to a successful completion of the case.

Very happy customers and a wide range of anti-cellulite products for the body. They are inexpensive and have economical packaging, which may well be enough for a month of use.

In the next video, tips for using anti-cellulite cream Bielita-Vitex.

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