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Hand and Nail Cream

The desire to be beautiful has long been one of the most important places in the female soul. Today there are a large number of products for skin, hair, body care. A modern woman knows how to look young and fresh even at a fairly mature age and only her hands often give out the age of her mistress.

Bringing their face, hair and figure to perfect condition, women often forget about their hands, although it is their skin that most requires care. The state of nails depends on her health, so hand care is one of the important stages on the path to beauty and perfection. A special cream will be the first step to beauty, since its task is to nourish the skin, protect it from the external environment, strengthen nails, remove inflammatory processes, and moisturize.

Proper hand skin care

Many women mistakenly believe that to maintain the beauty of the hands it is enough to do a manicure, but this is not so. No bright varnish or a beautiful pattern on the nail plate can hide the dry skin or small age wrinkles.

The beauty of a female pen primarily depends on the health of the skin, and we ruin it with detergents, frequent contact with water and the environment, which also brings many unpleasant surprises. In order to keep your skin young, healthy, you should remember a few simple rules:

  • skin does not like cold water - wash your hands only warm;
  • frequent washing, although it is the basic rule of hygiene, but leads to dehydration of the skin, if then it’s bad to dry your hands;
  • better to use liquid soap - it is slightly softer than hard;
  • do not rub off the dirt on the hands, since friction damages the skin, if necessary, it is better to use lemon juice to remove particularly complex contaminants;
  • if the work ahead that involves contact with detergents, you can use silicone gel, creating a protective film on the hands and protects them from a harmful soap solution;
  • to maintain skin elasticity, creams should be used at least twice a day;
  • at least once a week and a half should do baths using special means or decoctions of herbs. The composition of the herbal must necessarily include chamomile, string, linden;
  • do not forget that in addition to chemical cleaners, ordinary products can harm the skin, which we use in the kitchen, among them onions, orange, young potatoes, garlic;
  • in addition to external use, do not forget that youth and beauty also depend on high-quality nutrition; you should not forget to include fruits and vegetables, as well as animal protein in the menu. As a restoring method, you can periodically use vitamin E and vitamin A, they will help restore not only the health of the skin of the whole body, but also the condition of the hair.

How to take care of nails

Beautiful well-groomed nails can be safely called the perfect complement to any stylish look. But in order to be the owner of such a natural decoration, you need to learn how to properly care for them.. A few rules will help make your nails strong and beautiful:

  • contaminations should be removed by applying lemon juice to them and leaving for three minutes, after which the hands are lowered into a warm soapy solution for two minutes and washed with warm water;
  • after deburring, cut areas should be treated with peroxide and then with olive oil;
  • when using a nail file, you should move only in one direction, preferably towards the middle, otherwise the nails will flake;
  • to prevent brittle nails, you should periodically do baths with sea salt adding lemon juice and vitamin A;
  • continuous use of varnish is not a positive phenomenon for the health of nails. Periodically, you should leave them not made up. And so that they have a beautiful shine without the use of chemicals, you can rub them with a piece of suede material.

Features of the composition of funds

If for a couple of decades to take care of yourself you had to be well versed in recipes in order to be able to independently prepare a bath, compress or firming agent. Today, there are many tools for hand and nail skin care, the main thing is to learn how to choose them correctly.

Such funds are divided into cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, protective restorative, etc.

  • moisturizing, which include oils, fats, glycerin;
  • feeding - they contain vitamins of group B, A, as well as some trace elements in the form of iodine, zinc and other substances;
  • fine hard particles are the main contents of cleansers and hand scrubs;
  • red pepper (burning) - the main ingredient of restorative agents that accelerate the growth of nails, and also have antiseptic properties;
  • protective equipment (silicone) forms a protective film on the hands, is used when working with detergents or in contact with the ground.

Types of cosmetics

Cosmetics for the care of skin of the hands and nails include those that help cleanse, nourish, restore or increase the level of elasticity. They can be divided into such types:

  • nail polish removers - This is a type of cosmetics, the main component of which is acetone. When using such funds, you should take those that have a supplement in the form of a vitamin complex;
  • cuticle preparations are softening gels before removal and creams with antiseptic effect;
  • for nail growth, which includes vitamin A, as well as red pepper. It can be in the form of a gel, mask, cream;
  • means to strengthen - a cream that contains vitamins of groups A and E, as well as vitamins of group B;
  • for polishing files with diamond microparticles should be used if the nails have a strong structure, and suede if the nails are fragile or thin. After each polishing, the nail should be covered with a special restorative vitamin;
  • soft products brittle and exfoliating nails are made in the form of creams, gels or masks, which include vitamin complexes and a large number of microelements or extracts from plants. Used for preventive purposes, as well as for the restoration of problematic nail plates.

Review of the best brands

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, there is a wide range of creams for hands and nails, which differ in price and quality, and the leading brands of cosmetics include:


A series of creams "Beloruchka" are cosmetics on a natural basis, their action is aimed at nourishing the skin of the hands, restoring the structure of the nails, softening and moisturizing the hands. The advantage of this series of cosmetics is the quickly absorbed structure of creams and their saturation with a large number of vitamins.


Hand creams Neutrogena (Norwegian formula) of the French manufacturer is one of the rather popular brands of restorative and protective products enriched with vitamins and elements, a feature of this series of hand cosmetics is the lack of smell and hypoallergenicity

Green mama

The nourishing moisturizing hand and nail cream from Green Mama, which contains calendula and currant extract, is intended for dry skin of hands and brittle nails, it will perfectly protect the skin in the winter and perfectly moisturize and soften, eliminating dryness and roughness.


Hand cream Caudalie is an excellent anti-aging agent for hand skin, as well as an excellent antioxidant that protects delicate female hands from the negative effects of external factors.


The American brand of cosmetics H2O provides several types of creams for hands and nails, among which they are especially popular with the consumer, among them the most popular moisturizers for different age categories.


The Belarusian series of creams Bielita-Biteks offers a good selection of hand and nail care products, this brand offers a series of female and male creams.


Cream "Bishungit" is an excellent tool that has a preventive and therapeutic effect in fungal diseases of the nails.


Flexitol is a therapeutic and cosmetic product for very dry problem skin of the hands, is made in the form of a cream gel.


A wonderful moisturizer that perfectly nourishes the skin, restores the structure of nails, removes peeling and does not leave greasy stains.


Vichi is a branded series of body care products, including several types of nourishing creams for hands and nails, this series is characterized by a natural base and vitamin composition.


A series of Domix creams provides consumers with high-quality products for the care of hands and nails, creams include keratin, silver and tea tree oil, which provide nutrition and rejuvenation.


The cream contains hyaluronic acid, which perfectly nourishes the skin, and also smoothes it, helping to get rid of age-related changes.

Consumer Reviews

Despite the great achievements of modern cosmetology, today home-based products for hand and nail skin care are quite popular. But the personal experience of consumers proves that even the most sophisticated personal cosmetics are not comparable in quality to professional cosmetic creams made by branded manufacturers.

Reviews about hand creams - in the next video.

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