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Depilation cream

Everyone knows that for the sake of her beauty, a woman is ready to do a lot, if not all. The history of hair removal on a delicate female body is rooted in the deep past. Another Queen Cleopatra used wax for hair removal. The slaves of the pharaohs were required to clean and smooth skin. In ancient Greece, girls used devices similar to modern tweezers to remove hairs. From the berries of a plant called brionia, pharmacists prepared ointments for depilation.

Research in the field of beauty never stops. And modern ladies in the arsenal have a whole list of tools to get rid of excessive hairiness. This is a razor used by many, including men, electric epilators, wax and sugar options, laser and photoepilation, and finally, depilation creams. But they have certain disadvantages.

  • A razor is an easy way, but the result from it remains good for only a few days, then you have to repeat the shaving procedure. Frequent shaving can cause irritation, the appearance of ingrown hairs, cuts are not ruled out, and the need to clean up several times a week is not happy.
  • Laser and photoepilation are quite expensive, require several sessions for complete cleansing. They can’t cope with some types of hair, do not guarantee their removal for life, and with poor-quality procedures, they can even leave marks on the skin.
  • Waxing or shugaring - the methods are rather painful, and not every person can trust his naked body in the wrong hands.
  • Epilators cause discomfort, can cause the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Creams are the easiest and most painless way for home use. Of course, the result does not last particularly long, but new products allow the skin to be smooth for several weeks. We will analyze in more detail the features of these tools.


Creams for instant hair removal vary significantly depending on the area in which they are planned to be used. There are varieties on the market for use on the face, arms and legs, on the chest, abdomen and in the bikini area, in the armpits.

Least of all problems arise with the removal of hair on the arms, legs, chest and abdomen. The skin there is quite dense and used to the effects of external factors. The depilator for the face, bikini or armpits should be designed specifically for these areas, it should be used strictly according to the instructions and with extreme caution. It is better to choose a depilation cream for sensitive skin for these places. When using on the face, it is necessary to bypass the areas located close to the mucous membranes, these are the lips and eyelids. Neglecting this can cause irritation and a chemical burn.

Hair remover can be selected depending on the type of dermis. With various types of sebum production and hydration, the epidermis will respond to the chemical components of cosmetics completely different. In addition, the composition may contain additional care ingredients that will help restore the skin after the procedure and soften its conduct.

The product against hair growth has a different composition with different characteristics of the vegetation. Black, hard and coarse hair will require a higher concentration of active substance for successful removal. The smallest doses can cope with thin and light hairs.

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of depilatory products has its advantages over other procedures, such as wax removal or shaving.

  • Due to different concentration active substances, the effect is gently on the sensitive dermis of particular areas.
  • The process is painless and does not cause inconvenience, in contrast, for example, from shugaring and waxing.
  • Oil included, plant extracts, vitamins and nutrients can have a positive effect on the epidermis, nourish and care, leveling the harmful effects of chemicals.
  • With the right choice, the use and observance of the necessary precautions of the consequences in the form of irritation, itching and pinching is not observed.
  • Depilatory Hair Removal does not take a long time.
  • The procedure is simple and does not require special skills and any devices, it is easy to carry out independently at home.
  • Hair Growth Treatment Price may vary depending on the brand, composition and type, but you can find an acceptable product in any market segment.

Like all cosmetic preparations, the depilatory cream has certain disadvantages.

  • Use in areas close to the mucous membranes is fraught with irritation and chemical burns. These are the areas of the eyebrows, upper lip and deep bikini.
  • Use during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.
  • There is a risk of an allergic reaction.
  • The smell of the remedy is not too pleasant. But it is especially annoying that it can remain on the skin for quite some time.
  • Due to the content of strong chemical agents can highlight areas of the skin.
  • The smoothness of the body lasts quite a while, an average week.
  • Dark and coarse hair may not be completely removed.
  • Do not use more than once a weekPermanent use can trigger the appearance of ingrown hairs.

How does it work

The modern depilator works very efficiently and carefully on any part of the body. The composition of the product, as well as its cost, can be quite variable.

The hair shaft is destroyed by a special chemical substance - calcium thioglycolate. It is a calcium salt that breaks down keratin molecules. Thus, the part of the hair that is located above the skin is dissolved. The hair bulb does not experience any effect. The skin remains smooth until the hair grows through the epidermis again. Some products can affect the hair structure up to a millimeter below the surface, which makes the growing hair softer, and simply increases the period of their growth.

Also, instead of calcium salt, concentrated alkaline ingredients that act in a similar manner can be used.

One of the important components of hair removal products is a compound that allows you to apply the cream in an even layer. This prevents the hairs from breaking at the root and only partially removed. The best option is to use emulsion wax. If paraffin is used as a dispenser, it is unlikely to achieve complete skin cleansing.

Often, products for getting rid of vegetation contain calcium and sodium hydroxides, which create an environment in which the hair surface is best corroded.

Since these components are very aggressive on the skin surface, manufacturers add emollientsemollients. Some vitamins, plant extracts, and essential oils can act in this capacity. This makes the procedure soft and painless. After it, the skin does not experience a negative effect, remains smooth and healthy, without dryness and redness.

In order for the product to have a pleasant smell and color, perfume fragrances, dyes are present.

Despite all the emollient and protective components, the composition of the depilators does not imply its use by pregnant women. A cheap remedy most often cannot boast of a pleasant smell, and it does not always cope completely with the original function - removing the hairline. Also, due to poor-quality composition, ingrown hairs may appear after the procedure. This is a rather unpleasant incident, causing a lot of inconvenience. In addition, among these products a very large number of fakes. About 15% of the funds are produced in violation of the conditions, from low-quality substances and do not meet the requirements. Before buying, you must carefully study the composition and view product reviews.

Overview of Popular Tools

Let's look at some popular brands of hair removal tools.

  • Epilogue It is a cream that can be used on any type of skin and on any part of the body. Perhaps the use of both women and men. The product contains only natural ingredients. Thanks to anthracite coal, the epidermis is cleansed. Large pores also become clean, the skin will be more even and healthy. Sandalwood oil is famous for its bactericidal action, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect. Peppermint oil has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and the state of the vascular system. Menthol cools, making the procedure more pleasant, eliminates itching and discomfort. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and fights against possible inflammations. Also, the product has a pleasant effect of slowing hair growth. The paste of this brand is available in powder form and must be diluted with water before use. The depilation process with her is painless, simple. The skin is not injured, does not provoke the appearance of ingrown hair.

With subsequent regrowth, the hairs become lighter and thinner. Due to the natural composition does not cause allergic reactions.

  • Company Faberlic presents depilation cream in a series Deline. And this is a product "2 in 1"besides removing the hairline, it has a caring effect. It quickly and easily eliminates unwanted hairs. Suitable for sensitive epidermis, including the pubis. It includes papaya extracts, sage and hop extracts, due to which hair shaft growth is slowed down and the procedure does not have to be repeated often.Cucumber extract and aloe vera refresh and moisturize the epidermis.It is recommended to use with cream gel for subsequent care from the same line.
  • The brand Caramel Includes five different depilators, differing in additional active ingredients. All creams in the series contain acids that affect the hair structure, substances that slow down the further growth of hairs. The differences are in softeners and moisturizers, vitamins, herbs and oils.

The cream, suitable for the sensitive area of ​​the armpits and bikini, contains cocoa butter and shea butter. This softens the skin and gently cares for it.

Means for delicate skin, fighting hair regrowth. This effect is achieved through a combination of avocado, shea and cocoa butter. These substances have emollient and protective effects. And papain extract allows you to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Depilation in the shower is possible with a remedy from Caramel. Grapeseed oil perfectly moisturizes and protects the skin from chemicals. After distributing the cream on the epidermis, you can immediately take a shower - an incredible convenience.

A strong cream allows you to get rid of even the shortest and toughest hairs. This is achieved by enhancing the active composition. And the protective function is performed by cocoa butter and avocado. After that, the vegetation will be softer.

A high-speed depilator removes hair in just three minutes. This is the most powerful lineup in the lineup. Among the components - cocoa butter and plant extract of vanilla, which have a moisture-retaining and softening function.

  • Body natur produces various depilatory products: for delicate skin, for dry and normal, with various additives and aromas. There are also products for depilation in the shower, for special areas and faces, various waxes and wax strips. Creams vary in composition. Each site uses its own caring components. Their role is played by natural plant extracts, for example, chamomile, rose hips, orchids, aloe vera, various fruit extracts. Among the ingredients there are no parabens and allergic active additives. Products are thoroughly checked and tested, act quickly and have a pleasant smell.
  • Sally hansen is quite popular among the fair sex. Especially suitable for sensitive epidermis. The composition contains a huge amount of moisturizers and emollients, which avoid irritation and discomfort. Vitamin E is also present, which has a healing and caring effect.
  • A well-known brand has a rather interesting solution. Veet - cream spray formatother than other common tools. It is applied at a distance of five centimeters from the skin surface, and then removed with a spatula, which is in the package. Not irritating and does not leave skin dry. It is convenient to use and can compete with conventional formats of funds.

Which is better

An effective depilation cream must meet the quality requirements and contain the maximum number of natural ingredients. For example, brands comply with such requirements. Epilogue and BodyNatur.

The usability of the product is also of great importance. Veet and Caramel produce a huge range of products, among which every woman will be able to find a product suitable for herself. Differences in the types of dermis make the likelihood of successful use of the product, without irritation and the remnants of not removed vegetation. A convenient format for use in the shower saves time for ever busy ladies. It can be applied immediately before hygiene.

But, unfortunately, the appearance of the package cannot say whether its contents will be effective and successful. Therefore, without a test it is difficult to determine whether the product is suitable for your skin.

How to choose

If the procedure for removing hair with a cream is new to you, or having tried another remedy, you are very upset by the result, try to take into account some nuances when choosing a remedy.

It is necessary to select a product for the area of ​​the body where you plan to use it. This will save you from unpleasant consequences and low-quality cleansing. When using the foot remedy in intimate areas, irritation is inevitable.

Pay attention to what type of dermis the product is designed for. Try to choose the option closest to you.

Do not skip the expiration date without checking. An expired product can behave unpredictably, and depilators contain a large number of aggressive components. The use of an expired agent can threaten not only irritation, but also inflammation and allergic reactions.

Be sure to check the composition. Among the ingredients must be present softening and moisturizing components. It can be vitamins, oils, herbal extracts, for example, chamomile or aloe vera.

The price of a product can also say a lot about it. You should not risk buying the cheapest, because, as a rule, the price is formed depending on the ingredients, and ineffective and artificial additives are always cheaper than organic effective components. However, the highest price does not guarantee perfect quality. Cheap products often do not cope with hard and dark hair, can provoke the appearance of ingrown hairs, it smells unpleasant.

Take your purchase seriously. Check for complete information about the manufacturer: legal address, phone numbers, full instructions for use and information about the composition of the product.

How to use

Do not forget that the product is used only on those parts of the body for which it is intended. An allergy test is required before using the new product for the first time. To do this, a small amount of cream is applied to the dermis and, after the time indicated on the package, is washed off with water. You need to wait about an hour and check for redness, rash or other manifestations of allergies. If everything is in order, you can safely use the depilator for its intended purpose.

Be sure to carry out hygiene procedures before using the product, using a regular washing gel and a regular washcloth, clean the desired area of ​​the body. Dry with a clean towel. The presence of dirt and fat on the epidermis can reduce the effectiveness of the cream.

Apply the product with an even thin layer. Read the instructions, it indicates the exact time that the cream should be on the skin. Do not exceed the specified limit, otherwise you may get a chemical burn. Most funds last for ten to fifteen minutes, but there are also express depilators that cope with vegetation in 3-6 minutes.

You must also delete the composition correctly. This must be done with the special spatula included in the kit. Lead it better against the direction of hair growth. After this, you need to rinse the skin with plenty of clean water or take a shower to completely cleanse of possible residues of the depilator.

Use emollient or moisturizer after the procedure.. It is better to use tools specifically designed for this, which are often produced in line with depilating agents. These gels will not only help soothe and nourish the skin, but also slow down the growth of new hairs.

Do not use if the skin is damaged, microtrauma or inflammation.

It’s better to refrain from such pleasures as a bath, a sauna, a tan after at least a couple of days. And remember that more than twice a week, such funds are not recommended.


Reviews of depilatory creams are different and depend on many factors: prices, ease of use of the product, its effectiveness, smell and other points. The best product for women reviews is to gently and effectively remove unwanted hairs, without leaving parts of them after themselves. It is advisable that after application, the hairs do not grow back as long as possible. The best option would be to remove hair permanently, but, unfortunately, so far this is only possible with the help of photo or laser hair removal. Creams may also contain extracts that slow down the growth of the hair shaft.

Not many people consider the procedure pleasant, but, nevertheless, the majority gives it preference over shaving or waxing. An important factor in the reviews is the care after the procedure and the absence of allergies and irritation. Reviews are a very useful thing when choosing a depilator, but it’s better to contact a dermatologist for qualified advice.

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