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Editor'S Choice - 2020

La Roche-Posay Eye Cream

The main ingredient in La Roche-Posay cosmetics is thermal water. It is unique in that it contains a large amount of selenium and is an excellent antioxidant. Gels and masks based on it soothe irritations and heal wounds.

In order for this or that preparation from La Roche-Posay to work effectively, giving a feeling of comfort when applied to any type of skin, the company's specialists create about 80 intermediate formulas. The process of creating a new product lasts about two years and during this time it undergoes a huge number of tests and tests under the close supervision of dermatologists. Perhaps it is therefore, the products of this brand have practically no complaints from consumers and receive mostly positive reviews. All products are made from ingredients and, when applied correctly, do not cause allergies, even on sensitive skin.

Usage Tips

To reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions to zero and eliminate the risk of discomfort during use, all moisturizing cosmetics for the eyelids should be applied by point movements along the contour of the bone near the eyes, observing a certain distance from the border of the eyelid with the mucous membrane.

Dermatologists say that in order to understand how effectively a particular cosmetic product works, it is necessary that the epidermis is updated at least three times. The update interval for all people is individual. On average, it lasts about a month. Thus, you can objectively judge the quality of the cream after about three months.

Let us consider in more detail products from a series of caring cosmetics for the skin around the eyes.

Redermic r yeux

The product has a light structure, is well absorbed, It has an anti-edematous effect, gradually brightens and eliminates dark circles under the eyes, removing signs of fatigue. Its formula is universal and allows you to provide care at any time of the year. Upon contact with oxygen, the vitamin C contained in the cream is oxidized and the remaining cream on the tube may become yellowish, therefore, after extruding the cream, the tube must be immediately closed with a lid. For greater convenience, the tube has a small hole to spend the product economically and for its intended purpose.

It consists of:

  • hyalouranic acid, anti-aging effect
  • manosetissue repairing
  • retinolcontaining vitamin A and reducing the depth of wrinkles,
  • caffeinehaving a tonic effect, giving the look a rested and refreshed look,
  • madekkasosidwhich increases firmness and relieves irritation.
  • vitamin C enhances collagen synthesis, promotes epidermal renewal at the cellular level, is a strong antioxidant, improves microcirculation.
  • canola oil gives a wound healing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect.

The cream is suitable for people with sensitive skin and for contact lens owners.

The product is intended for ladies 50 years and older, does not contain fragrances and has no smell. It should be applied daily 1 hour before bedtime. If discomfort occurs, the interval between using the cream should be increased to allow the skin to adapt to this remedy.

Substiane Yeux for the correction of mature skin of the eyelids

The drug has a moisturizing effect, softens the skin, does not contain parabents and fragrances. Composition:

  • Pro-xylan ensures the integrity of the skin composition
  • Linactyl compacts thinned layers
  • Arginine promotes collagen production, increases elasticity and eliminates sagging eyelids.
  • Serine tones the skin and fights with signs of its age-related changes.
  • vitamin C
  • canola oil.

Active C Yeux around the eye contour

It has a pleasant gel-like structure, moisturizes and protects the skin from negative environmental influences, prevents the first age-related changes. The composition contains:

  • thermal water moisturizes.
  • orange extract saturates with vitamin C.
  • rapeseed oil relieves swelling.
  • lemon acid reduces pigmentation, an excellent antiseptic.

The product should be applied in the evening, because the vitamin C contained in it is destroyed in the light and loses its useful qualities. To avoid irritation, avoid contact with the cream on the mobile eyelid.

Hydraphase Intense Yeux

The cream has an odorless gel texture. Based on La Roche-Posay thermal water specifically for dehydrated skin. Eliminates dry skin and excessive swelling, is absorbed very quickly, does not leave greasy marks, an excellent foundation for makeup. Created using technologies that provide cellular compounds in the layers of the epidermis. This technology helps retain moisture inside the cells. Very economical to use - a minimal amount of this product is enough to nourish all layers of the skin with moisture.

When applied excessively, it is not completely absorbed and leaves a sticky feeling. After application, some women noted a slight chill and significant tone.


  • hyalouranic acid;
  • caffeine;
  • soy proteinhaving anti-aging effect.

It is recommended for applying in the morning under makeup.

Toleriane Ultra Yeux

The product around the eyes reduces irritation and redness, saturates with moisture. With constant use, it reduces the feeling of discomfort. Composition:

  • shea butter softens the upper layers, moisturizes at the cellular level, eliminates the feeling of tightened skin.
  • neurosensil It has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminating the very cause of irritation, and reduces the negative reactivity of the skin.
  • niacinamide creates a protective barrier from negative effects on the skin from the outside.
  • squalene regulates metabolism, slows down the process of premature aging.
  • isohexadecane protects and soothes problem skin.
  • carbomer.
  • caffeine.

Feedback on the cream for the skin around the eyes from La roche-posay - in the video below.

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