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Moisturizing Shampoo

Not only masks, balms and special oils for hair can do an excellent job of moisturizing hair, but also a good moisturizing shampoo that is correctly chosen for each type of hair. Without proper moisture, the hair will not look as good as we would like: it will be dry and lifeless. An ideal remedy is that it contains natural ingredients and this is not necessarily an expensive shampoo. As practice shows, you can choose a decent one from cheap means.

Indications for use

The appearance of dry hair can be caused by various factors: heredity, hard water, weather conditions, too frequent use of aggressive styling tools (hair dryers, irons, gels, varnishes). Dry strands not only spoil the appearance of the hair; the hair structure itself, as well as the follicles suffer, as a result of which the curls become worse and may even fall out. If you do not start treatment, discomfort can only worsen.

If the problem of dry hair and skin is not critical: they do not fall out, there are no other serious manifestations, then you can try to deal with this problem yourself, using a high-quality moisturizer. This will help normalize the work of subcutaneous fat, which provides natural hydration of the curls, and also provides additional nutrition due to the beneficial components that make up its composition.

Features of the composition

Dry, lifeless and thin hair make many women seriously think about choosing moisturizing shampoos. To do this, you should know some of the components of a high-quality moisturizer.

In moisturizing shampoos should be present:

  • silicones;
  • moisturizing ingredients;
  • emollients;
  • vitamin complexes of group B;
  • base and essential oils;
  • extracts of herbs.

It is undesirable to purchase shampoos containing:

  • mineral oils;
  • parabens;
  • formaldehydes.

All of these components are refined products and can adversely affect weakened hair follicles.

Of the surfactants that are responsible for cleaning, moisturizing shampoos should not contain ammonium and soda lauryl sulfates and soda. It is better to give preference to shampoos, which include polyglucose-free sulfate mild cleansers and cocomidopropyl betaine. They are derived from coconuts, corn and beets. Non-aggressive surfactants include brass soda, lauryl or laureth sulfates.

Perfectly repair damaged areas in the hair follicles keratin and natural collagen. Will make your hair healthy, supple and silky:

  • lanolin;
  • hydrolyzed silk;
  • scoluvan;
  • ceramides;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • chitosan.

Good shampoos should always contain components of natural origin. The more of them, the more organic and natural moisturizing shampoo. For such products for the care of dry, weakened hair, extracts are suitable:

  • fern;
  • gagamelis;
  • eucalyptus;
  • carrots;
  • grapefruit.

They strengthen the hair follicle and normalize the function of the sebaceous glands.

Oils form a thin film that protects the hair, nourishes them with minerals and vitamins, makes them silky. The following oils are most suitable for moisturizing hair:

  • olive and jojoba;
  • castor oil and avocado;
  • grape seeds and wheat germ.

Herbs help stimulate growth. It is better to choose products with concentrates of the following herbs:

  • sage;
  • horsetail;
  • yarrow;
  • rosemary.

What to look for when choosing

For dry and colored curls, the composition of the product is of no small importance. The composition should include the following substances:

  • silicone oils (cyclomethicone);
  • emollients (quaternium);
  • humectants (glycine, Biotene, panthenol);
  • essential oils;
  • extracts and vitamins.

You should pay attention to the pH level: the higher it is, the less moisture remains in the curls, this is very important for dry and dyed hair. The optimal limit is 2.5-3.5. It is better to choose plant extracts as the main components, their amount should significantly exceed chemicals. Due to the presence of proteins, a high-quality moisturizing shampoo should have a pearly shine and high density.

It is important to know that the amount of all substances that make up any protective equipment are arranged in descending order. Accordingly, the further one or another component, the less it is in the hair product.

Rating of the best brands

A rating of moisturizing shampoos will help you choose a product that is suitable for each type of hair. Today the most popular moisturizers from the following manufacturers: Matrix, Kerasys, Emolium, Londa, Estel, Hair Natural Light, Dove, Ollin, Indola, Tsubaki, Bonacure, Wella and Nivea.

Estel "Aqua Otium"

Professional products in this range are designed specifically for severely damaged dry curls. Means do not burden them, which is very important when choosing a shampoo with a similar effect, and also help retain moisture and preserve the composition. This drug is considered sulfate-free, therefore, it is recommended to those representatives of the fair sex who did keratin straightening. In addition to intensive hydration, the product helps to solve some problems with the scalp. According to many ratings, this tool is the leader among similar products.

Natura Siberica "Protection and Nutrition"

An excellent shampoo that does not contain silicones and sulfates. It is also suitable for hair straighteners.

The cosmetics of this company are distinguished by the naturalness of its components and hypoallergenic properties. The product has a slight lamination effect, which is ideal for damaged curls. It gently restores the structure, while protecting against thermal influences during installation. Visually makes the hairstyle denser and easier to comb.

Vichy "Dercos"

Nutrient-regenerating shampoo cream. It costs significantly more than previous tools, but no less popular. Effectively saturates even very dry and badly damaged curls. The product consists of strengthening additives (ceramides) and three moisturizing and nourishing oils. Thanks to this combination of elements, it is considered an excellent tool with a clear effect after the first applications.

Designed specifically to solve the problems of fragile, dry strands, it stimulates their growth and regeneration, acts as a means of preventing the loss of curls. It is a completely hypoallergenic product, suitable for frequent use.

Organic Shop Egg "Ultra Recovery Egg"

Unlike the previous product, it is very cheap, which makes it affordable for a wide range of consumers. Suitable for nourishing and moisturizing curls and is quite coping with its tasks. The composition includes the following components:

  • egg lecithinwhich heals damage to the strands;
  • macadamia oil removes dryness and fragility of strands, facilitates the process of combing:
  • keratin prevents the cross section of the curl head and protects against negative thermal effects.

Dove "Lightness and hydration"

This is a relatively inexpensive mass market product, unlike the tools mentioned above. Refers to high-quality products, helps in the fight against dryness of strands. In addition to the external effect on the hair, it has the effect of restoration from the inside, making it shiny and well-groomed, prevents fragility. Protects from external influences. It contains a care complex with glycerin and nutri-keratin.

In terms of its composition and effective effect on problematic strands, it is estimated almost as professional.

Bielita-Vitex "Shine & Nutrition"

Belita-Viteks Shine & Nutrition Shine & Nutrition with argan oil is ideal not only for quality, but also due to its price: it is an inexpensive product of Belarusian cosmetics that our women love. Its active ingredients include:

  • Argan oil - a source of nutrition and hydration;
  • silk liquid moleculesthat fill the damage;
  • apricot oil - adds lightness and silkiness to the hair.

The product gently cleanses and provides thorough cosmetic care. Gradually, the curls become shiny, strong, quickly recover after chemical damage.

Matrix "Biolage"

The composition of the Matrix moisturizing shampoo includes an aloe vera complex, algae, which help restore the water balance of hair.

Shampoo is very mild, cleanses perfectly. (even oil masks are washed off the first time). The color is pearl, the texture of the shampoo is quite liquid, great price. The smell is very pleasant, herbal, remains on the hair for a long time.

After using this shampoo, the curls really become more hydrated and lively, easier to comb.


Shampoo contains plant extracts: alpine extract, panthenol and hydrolyzed protein, which moisturize and give energy to damaged hair. Shampoo moisturizes and nourishes curls that have become dry as a result of frequent use of hair dryers and styling products.


Shampoo combines effective moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant components of natural origin. Emollients moisturize, enrich the skin with essential lipids and amino acids, reduce irritation and itching.

Therefore, emollients are used to care for dry and sensitive skin.


Professional Moisturizing Shampoo - Salvation for dry and straightened strands. This is a product based on extracts of mango and honey that gently cleanses and moisturizes curls, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and makes hair soft and silky. The result is healthy, shiny curls that are easy to comb.

Hair Natural Light "Flax Seed"

Shampoo moisturizes and softens hair, making it smooth. Ideal for long, chemically curled, naturally curled, porous and bleached hair. Enriched with proteins from silk, soy and wheat (for strengthening), as well as avocado and jojoba oils (for moisturizing hair). Smoothes hair flakes and prevents the appearance of small, naughty sticking curls.


Moisturizing shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes dry curls. Ideal for long hair. Highly concentrated moisturizer, which is contained in the product, softens and nourishes the hair.

Enriched provitamin B5 restores the structure, restores smoothness and plasticity to the hair.


Moisturizing shampoo provides gentle cleansing of normal and sensitive hair while washing your hair. It contains a special complex with milk of bamboo shoots, amino acids and vitamins B, which allows you to maintain a normal water balance without changes or, if necessary, add moisture to hair.

After using the shampoo, the curls become elastic and healthy.


"Tsubaki" - hair line of the famous Japanese brand Shiseido. The name of the shampoos and conditioners of this series was given in honor of the unusual bright red Japanese camellia. Japanese camellia oil is also one of the main components of shampoo, which allows you to effectively solve a number of tasks assigned to it. Among them - cleansing and moisturizing hair.

In addition, the shampoo provides gentle care for the scalp, eliminates irritation and delicately eliminates dirt and keratinized particles.

Bonacure Intensive Hydration

Moisturizing shampoo for normal, dry, brittle or curly hair. Intensively moisturizes curls, does not contain silicones, gently cleanses the scalp, providing additional hydration and preventing dehydration. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to use the BC Moisture Kick line with care products.


Moisturizing Shampoo Wella "Moisture" gives hair softness, making it silky and shiny. Protects against dehydration and eliminates brittleness and dryness of hair that appear from external aggressive environmental factors.

Nivea Moisturizing & Care

With prolonged and regular use, restores the structure of the strands, nourishes and makes them healthy and obedient. Shampoo is quite economical to use, the gel has a dense structure. The plus of the tool is that it does not dry hair even with daily use.

Other effective remedies

In addition to professional shampoos, You can quickly improve the hydration of the hair and scalp by preparing shampoo yourself. Typically, most women are concerned about the presence of dry tips.

To help restore the length by moisturizing the tips, homemade shampoo on honey can.

You will need one teaspoon of any shampoo and one honey, you should add a tablespoon of castor or burdock oil to them, as well as lemon juice (from one lemon). All components must be thoroughly mixed, then apply them to the ends of the hair. The product does not need to be applied to the scalp to moisturize it, and the roots will have enough high-quality shampoo.

You can learn even more recipes from the video.


Today, the cosmetic market offers a wide range of hair care products from different manufacturers. Each brand has its own basic level, which includes various moisturizing, protective and nourishing natural ingredients.

Users carefully choose a hair wash: look at the composition, compare the price and quality of the product. According to reviews, shoppers make their choice in favor of cheap options for moisturizing shampoos, because their composition is not much different from the composition of expensive shampoos. The following manufacturers are favorites among these users: Nivea, Wella, Dove, Organic Shop, Natura Siberica and Bielita-Vitex "Shine & Nutrition. "

Those who choose expensive brands of shampoos give their preferences to manufacturers such as Tsubaki, Estel, Indola. Most often, along with a moisturizing shampoo, they buy a hair mask and conditioner from the same companies. It is believed that hair is best restored only through comprehensive care.

Users say that they often change the manufacturer of moisturizing shampoo, because effectiveness is largely achieved by changing hair products.

Many people choose an expensive hair conditioner for a cheap moisturizing shampoo, then the effect on them becomes uniform due to the components that are contained in a cheap and expensive tool.

Watch the video: Top 5 Moisturizing Shampoos. Natural Hair. Lyasia in the City (February 2020).


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