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Shampoo for curly hair

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the calling card of any girl. Curly and wavy hair are considered especially attractive. However, this type of hair requires special care, consisting of a complex of complex procedures. The choice of care products is of particular importance: it is very important to choose a shampoo that will perform all its functions without exerting a negative effect and taking into account all the features of curly hair.

Types of Curly Hair

  • Cool (spiral) curls - This type is more prone to dryness and brittleness than others. Cool curls are very fluffy and quite difficult to style. Another problem is the intense electrification.
  • Curls Botticelli - traditional long curls that form the falling waves. With improper care, they are difficult to shape and style, hair becomes naughty and begins to look messy. The Botticelli type is prone to fat.
  • Wavy - the most “obedient” type of curly hair, easier to style than others. The main difficulty is that they are easily curled with high humidity.

How to care for naughty curls

To maintain the health and beauty of curly hair, you should adhere to the rules for caring for them:

  • Do not overdry.

Curly hair by its nature has a dry and porous structure, so try not to aggravate this drawback in the process of caring for them. Use only mild and gentle shampoos with natural ingredients (various plant extracts and oils) that do not contain active chemical components. Refuse products that are aimed at increasing the volume. It is absolutely necessary to apply additional moisturizing and nourishing agents in the form of balms and conditioners, as well as masks, which should be applied several times a week.

Pay attention to the composition of care and cosmetic products: there should not be alcohol and alcohol-containing ingredients. In addition, try to limit the use of hair dryers, straighteners, pads and other technical devices that adversely affect the structure of curls.

  • Only gentle coloring.

For painting, you can use only those paints that do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Give preference to natural plant components that are careful about curls. When using henna, mix it with oil or a light balm.

  • Particular attention to the ends of the hair.

It is necessary to regularly trim the tips so that they do not split, and the hair looked neat and well-groomed.

  • Gentle combing.

You need to start combing your hair from the ends, gradually moving higher to the roots. Hard and coarse combs with metal elements cannot be used. It is better if the combs are made from natural ingredients. When using plastic combs, look for the mark "Antistatic", which will prevent excessive electrification and remove unwanted synthetic electricity.

  • Regular care

Curly hair more than straight hair needs systematic care and attention, because most of the care products are designed for serial use. Mineral and vitamin complexes should be regularly used, which facilitate combing and prevent hair loss.

  • Delicate wash.

Curly hair is very sensitive to chlorinated water, the use of which for washing leads not only to a violation of the hair structure, but also to the appearance of itching and peeling of the scalp. The washing procedure must be carried out slowly, twice. The first wash performs the function of cleansing, and the second must be combined with a head massage in order to improve blood circulation.

After washing, try not to wipe your hair with a towel. This procedure contributes to the disruption of the keratin layer.

Recommended Composition

Before making a purchase of shampoo, special attention must be paid to the description of its composition indicated on the label. It is desirable that such components as collagen, keratin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, taurine, ciramides and phospholipids enter it. And vice versa - it is better not to purchase goods with silicone in their composition, since this component negatively affects the internal structure of curls.

Especially beneficial will be products that contain natural detergent components, among them vegetable oils (olives, shea butter, jojoba, grape seed) and decoctions of medicinal herbs (sage, ginger root, white lotus) can be distinguished. Such natural ingredients give shine to the hair, prevent the ends from being cut and give elasticity.

It is best to use a line of sulfate-free shampoos that restore the balance of water and lipids of the scalp and do not cause allergic reactions.

Rating of the best brands

Turning to the choice of a specific care product, consider the type of your curls and the rules for caring for them. Try to choose the product that best suits your individual characteristics.


Series "Smooth and Curly" by Kapous Designed specifically for wavy and curly hair. Shampoo provides delicate cleansing and moisturizing, prevents tangling. The silk proteins that make up the product have the ability to penetrate deeply into the hair structure, where they create an invisible membrane that protects against damage and prevents the ends from being cut. Wheat proteins maintain the balance of water and lipids, perform regenerative, moisturizing, stimulating and anti-inflammatory functions. After use, the curls take a healthy and well-groomed appearance, the curls are clearly outlined. Moreover, the intensity of the effect is enhanced after each wash.


Shampoo for curly hair from Matrix "Curl Please" moisturizes, prevents the occurrence of fluffiness and designs a beautiful shape of the curl itself. The product gently and gently rinses hair without tangling it. After washing, the hair is well separated and combed. "Curl Please" contains nutritious jojoba seed vegetable oil, which stimulates hair growth, relieves scalp from peeling, dandruff and itching.


Concept brand for curly hair care offers "Pro Curls Shampoo", containing a number of unique components:

  • chitosan - moisturizes and restores;
  • provitamin B5 - protects from the action of ultraviolet light and high temperatures;
  • nicotinamide - strengthens and enhances growth;
  • beeswax - makes ringlets more obedient and nourishes them;
  • mango seed oil - facilitates combing;
  • silk extract - smoothes and heals;
  • walnut oil - creates firmness and elasticity;
  • keratin - strengthens and restores.

"Pro Curls Shampoo" has a complex effect on curly hair, taking into account all their features.


Shampoo Cream "Twist Otium" by Estel lies a complex formula that allows you to provide effective care for naughty hair. The set of active substances in the composition is enriched with vitamins, trace elements and moisturizing ingredients. Innovative technologies used in the creation and development of the product allow intensive care for curly hair, nourishing and moisturizing them. "Twist Otium" helps to facilitate the management of curls in the process of creating hairstyles, even with high humidity they remain obedient and easily amenable to impact. With constant use, the product gives natural strength and shine, prevents brittleness and maintains elasticity.


Shampoo from SYOSS "Smooth Relax" for naughty and curly hair created and developed on the basis of the advice of professional hairdressers and stylists. Based on the modern formula, the product has a smoothing effect, the duration of which is designed for 24 hours. "Smooth Relax" is a sulfate-free product that does not weigh down the hair and is easily washed off with water. Shampoo gently cleanses and cares, facilitates combing hair. An exquisite aroma will be a pleasant bonus.

Recommendations for the care of curly hair - in the next video.

Good baby products

Particular difficulties arise with the care of children's fluffy curls. In addition to the difficulties of caring for a naughty hair type, problems often arise associated with the negative effects of the washing components of shampoos on the sensitive scalp and mucous membranes of the eyes of the child. Therefore, it is worthwhile with particular scrupulousness to approach the choice of baby shampoos, carefully study the composition, effect of active substances and the effect that they have.

Try to avoid chemical and artificial components, preferring natural ingredients.


Shampoo "Easy combing" by JOHNSON'S Baby makes combing baby curly hair easier. The product contains the proprietary formula "No more tears", therefore it is absolutely safe and comfortable to use, and getting into the eyes is not accompanied by pinching or other negative reactions. The conditioner, which is part of the product, helps to cope with knots and tangled hair, making them soft and silky.

Little fairy

The Little Fairy brand offers a conditioner shampoo for easy combing that suits babies with naughty fluffy and curly hair. The product cleans well, does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes and has a pleasant delicate aroma. Natural chamomile extract has a healing and detoxifying effect, and also removes irritation from the scalp. The product does not cause allergic reactions, does not contain artificial dyes and is approved for use by children from 1 year.

Clever company

The complex of natural ingredients intended for the gentle care of baby hair is embodied in a baby milk shampoo with conditioner "Prostokvashino"offered by the brand Clever company. The composition includes such natural ingredients as: calendula, clover, dandelion, burdock, nettle and hops. The tool can be used for all types of hair, it not only thoroughly cleanses, but also takes care of their nutrition.


HiPP Baby Shampoo "Babysanft" Designed specifically for delicate baby hair and sensitive scalp. The product does not contain mineral and essential oils, fragrances, soaps, parabens, artificial colors and preservatives. The constituent natural substances gently cleanse, care for them and protect the scalp from drying out. Does not cause tears.

Natura Siberica

The popular Russian brand Natura Siberica offers a children's line Little Siberica. Shampoo Little Siberica "Easy to comb" Designed for children from 5 years old. 99% of the composition is natural components, among which one can distinguish: moisturizing organic violet extract, mallow extract, which gives the hair softness and smoothness, as well as extracts of Siberian supper, Siberian geranium and Asian yarrow. Free of parabens, silicones and synthetic dyes.


All products described in the article have a high reputation among buyers who note that the declared effect of the product is fully consistent with the real result. Despite the complexity of the tasks, the tools cope with their purpose and live up to their expectations.

It should be noted that children's lines are very popular among caring parents. They note the careful and delicate attitude of products to the characteristics of the children's body.

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