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Creams of the Faberlic "Platinum" series

Facial skin care is one of the most important rituals for women around the world. At all times, girls carefully monitored their appearance from a young age. In ancient times, it was washing with spring water and herbal decoctions. Modern women have a wide selection of products to preserve freshness and attractiveness, regardless of age.

Many girls fell in love with Faberlic cosmetics because of their quality, a wide range of cosmetic products and the availability of goods anywhere in the country. The products are reasonably priced and trusted.


Creams of the Faberlic "Platinum" series are a set of anti-aging cosmetics designed specifically for women over 35 years old. At this age, facial skin requires special care to suspend the first age-related changes and maintain elasticity longer.

The main component of all products in this series is platinum.

Precious metal in creams and serums is a novelty among manufacturers of caring cosmetics. It improves blood circulation of the skin of the face, this helps to eliminate toxins and enrich cells with oxygen. Such an action helps successful regeneration and carries a rejuvenating effect. In addition, platinum is hypoallergenic.

In addition to platinum, the main active formula is supplemented by other active ingredients that have already proven themselves in the fight against skin aging. Hyaluronic acid It is known for its cosmetic properties aimed at preserving natural moisture in the upper integument. Due to this effect, fine wrinkles become less noticeable and overall the structure of the skin improves.

Panthenol It is known to everyone for its healing properties, it smoothes, moisturizes and soothes well. Specially developed Skin Architect complex is aimed at preventing the formation of deep wrinkles.

It is worth noting that in this cosmetics there are no such harmful substances as parabens, artificial colors and flavors, SLS.

Set Composition

The Platinum kit includes all the popular products needed for comprehensive care. It consists of a cleansing milk, a rejuvenating day cream, a night recovery restorative cream, a cream for the eyelids and a “Youth Activator” serum.

Platinum Cleansing Milk contributes to the delicate removal of makeup and other impurities from the surface of the face. Platinum prevents irritation, cleanses and helps fill microdamages. Allantoin softens the upper stratum corneum and accelerates the removal of dead cells, thereby renewing the integument. Panthenol moisturizes and straightens superficial wrinkles.

Method of application: apply a small amount of milk on the sponge and remove all dirt from the surface of the skin. Apply morning and evening.

Platinum anti-aging day cream improves the structure of the skin and strengthens them, restoring elasticity. This product controls the water balance, protects against drying out all day, and restores elasticity thanks to hyaluronic acid. Platinum molecules pay special attention to damaged areas of the epidermis and restores them. Skin Architect's special formula minimizes deep wrinkle formation.

Method of application: applied in the morning, after cleansing the skin.

Platinum Repairing Night Cream provides full night care. After applying the product, platinum molecules penetrate the lower layers of the skin and slow down the oxidation reaction in them. This tones the skin, gives it the opportunity to recover and prevents aging. Special filler ingredients push out wrinkles due to their own expansion deep under the skin, thereby creating a smooth effect for a long time.

Method of application: applied in the evening, after cleansing the face.

Faberlic Platinum Eye Cream used for the most delicate site. The skin in this place is thinner and require special care. Platinum helps the skin renew and eliminates microdamage. Argan oil, vitamins A and E, as part of this product, provide additional protection against ultraviolet exposure and nutrition. The product has a softening effect, prevents skin tightness, and hyaluronic acid reduces the number of facial wrinkles.

Youth Activator Serum enhances the lifting effect of the Platinum day cream. Platinum heals and restores. The lifting effect is achieved using a special SkinFlex complex. It persists for a long time.

Use serum every day a few minutes before you apply the cream.


According to Faberlic brand customers, it can be noted that regular use of this product allows you to partially reverse the time and shine with healthy skin in the morning and throughout the day. As the observations of women who chose Platinum series products for themselves showed, the effect becomes noticeable almost from the first days of use.

However, some of them could not achieve the desired result, since for a full-fledged result it is necessary to have the whole set of tools, but one thing was used.

Girls whose skin is prone to dryness, noted the beneficial effect of funds.

And now a video review of the series Platinum by Faberlic.

Watch the video: AIRSTREAM creams Faberlic ENG (February 2020).


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