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CC Cream Lumene

BB creams have been replaced by a novelty - CC creams. Such funds allow you to perfectly align the color and texture of the face, while the skin looks natural, the mask effect is not created, as is the case with many tonal products with a dense texture. It is these positive properties that CC Lumene cream has.


It is believed that Lumene CC cream is an ideal option that can completely replace the foundation, and become an excellent moisturizing foundation for it. This tool is able to adapt to your face tone and make it more even and radiant. It is also important to emphasize that Lumene CC is a fairly persistent creamy substance that can make the skin more hydrated. When using it, you will experience only comfortable sensations.

This tool is very convenient to apply, because it fits perfectly on the skin, gently distributed over it, leaving no stains and spots. This cosmetic product is completely safe for the skin, which is why it is allowed to use for the sensitive area around the eyes. It can replace most moisturizers designed for this area.

This cosmetic product has a liquid structure, which makes it easy to use. The first time after application, a shine on the face is created, but then the skin of the face becomes dull, soft and velvety.

With its use, you can even not use powder, since its texture can perfectly replace it without drying the skin.

Also, the light texture of Lumene's CC product allows it to be used not only as a basic tone for the face, but also as a corrector. It perfectly hides redness, pimples and other skin problems. In order for the boundaries of the cream applied to a specific area of ​​the skin to be invisible, it must be well shaded, and after that the cosmetic CC cream Lumene will literally merge with the skin. Most of the customers who have an unusually dark or, on the contrary, light shade of the skin, who previously could not find a tinting product suitable for their skin tone, were able to choose the perfect CC cream from the Lumene brand.

It is believed that this is a very versatile tool that can adapt to any color of the skin.

In addition, its versatility is due to the fact that it is perfect for absolutely any type of skin: such a creamy substance perfectly moisturizes dry skin and mattifies skin of oily type. That is why such a tool can be used even for sensitive, normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.

Conventional cosmetic preparations with a tonal effect should be used only with a moisturizing base, in order to avoid draining the skin and highlighting all skin problems. Such products also draw attention to areas of skin with peeling. Lumene CC cream, on the contrary, does not require a moisturizing base before use, since it itself has a moisturizing effect and does not allow the skin to dry out.

It is believed that it can also well hide or smooth out small wrinkles. Thus, this wonderful tool is able to fulfill the role of both the foundation for makeup, and the functions of the corrector and tinting cosmetic products.

It is important to note that the skin under such a cosmetic product is not susceptible to sweating, with a hot temperature and increased air humidity, this substance does not spread and does not leave stains on the skin. Therefore, you do not have to apply it on the face several times a day, even if you engage in an active sport, such a substance will not float on the skin. Of particular note is the delicate and pleasant aroma of CC cream from the Lumene brand. This product has a very pleasant smell with a fruity - berry note.

In general, this is an excellent cosmetic product that perfectly copes with the functions declared by its manufacturer.


Any cosmetic product, along with the advantages, has some disadvantages. This cream has been criticized very little, few women have found the disadvantages of this tool. It is believed that the negative property of CC cream from the Lumene brand is that it is very uneconomically consumed. It is absorbed very quickly into the skin, so many people think that it is necessary to apply more of this creamy substance to make the effect more noticeable. But at this price for this product, you can spend this tool in the required volumes, because its cost is very affordable. The consumption of this product also depends on the type of skin.

Dry skin absorbs this substance faster, while oily skin, on the contrary, is less susceptible to such a cream.

Among the shortcomings can also be called the difficulty of applying this cream, since for some women this remedy is not liquid enough, especially if the skin is prone to dryness. But reviews of such shortcomings can be met extremely rarely, perhaps this effect was achieved due to the fact that the cream was stored in the wrong conditions. Some women noted that although the cream has a very soft texture and is well absorbed by the skin, it can stain clothes. Therefore, the disadvantage of this tool is that it does not belong to the category of very persistent cosmetic preparations.

Another drawback is that with regular and prolonged use of this substance, the pores of the skin of the face become clogged, and therefore black spots, acne and other imperfections may appear on the dermis.

That is why experts recommend applying such a tool for no more than 8 hours a day and do not recommend using any cosmetic tinting face every day.


The combination of the letters "CC" in the name of this cosmetic means Color correcting, which translates as color correction. That is why this tool includes both tinting components and corrective skin imperfections in the composition. The composition of such a cream includes basic ingredients that form its necessary consistency and texture, as well as color substances. But along with these chemical components, the cream also includes many other ingredients that are useful.

These include dimethicone - a substance with a silicone structure that perfectly protects the upper layer of the skin from external influences. In addition, dimethicone maintains the water balance of the skin. It is also able to protect the skin from external factors, such as adverse weather conditions or exposure to ultraviolet rays.

It also perfectly softens the dermis.

Lumene brand CC cream includes lingonberry essential oil, which is a natural antiseptic, and at the same time it perfectly strengthens the epithelium. Lingonberry perfectly cares for dermis, while it is an indispensable component of such a cream, as it acts as a natural preservative. In addition, the product includes beneficial vitamin A, which is an antioxidant and prevents premature aging of the skin.

Another protective component of CC cream from the Lumene brand is titanium dioxide. It perfectly protects the skin from direct sunlight. It does not pass ultraviolet and has excellent filtering properties. It is also an absolutely safe substance that does not provoke the appearance of allergies. Another natural component in the composition of this cream is rosemary extract.

It also has an antioxidant effect and slows down the aging of the epithelium.

The moisturizing component of Lumene CC creams is sunflower oil. This ingredient contains many useful vitamins and minerals that have a calming effect and at the same time perfectly tone any skin. In addition to hydration and nutrition, sunflower oil makes a tired and aging dermis smoother, visually toned and healthy. Thus, we can conclude that Lumene CC creams contain a large number of components that have a positive effect on the skin.

Featured Products

Among Lumene CC creams, several different products are presented that have a different spectrum of action. The most popular cosmetic products of this brand are the SS-cream “Absolute perfection” and the SS-cream “Absolutely matte skin”. These are the two best-selling products of the Lumene cosmetic brand.

"Absolute Perfection"

This cream is the first in the ranking of the most popular products of this brand. Its fame is due to the universal and integrated action of this tool. The manufacturer positions this cream as a 6 in 1 agent. That is, such a Lumene CC cream immediately performs 6 functions.

The first of them is the skillful concealment of all skin imperfections, including pimples. The second function of this product is that with the help of flickering and falling light particles makes the skin more radiant and healthy, it helps get rid of traces of fatigue. It also perfectly levels the texture of the skin and makes it smoother. This tool is also very persistent, retains its effect for a long time, while it very quickly adapts to any type and color of the skin. Another important area of ​​action of such a CC cream is UV protection, which is indicated on the package with the SPF 15 label.

Such a cream from the brand Lumene is able to carry out an effective fight against pigmentation on the face. This product has convenient packaging and is available in an elongated tube with a thin dispenser. In addition, such a skin well mattifies, so the manufacturer indicates that it can be used without powder and proofreaders. It can also be used without makeup base.

"Absolutely matte leather"

This product from the Lumene brand consists of elements that normalize the metabolic processes of the epithelium. He actively fights greasy shine, gives the skin a matte and velvety texture. That is why it is great for owners of oily skin. Also, such a Lumene CC cream has a protective index of SPF 20, which protects the dermis from ultraviolet radiation.

This tool improves the complexion, makes it more even and healthy.

A feature of this tool is that it is presented in a wide variety of shades, everyone can choose the most suitable color for the skin tone. Lumene CC creams are available in a range of colors from light shades of Ivory and Nude, as well as medium beige tones to darker colors. In addition, the price of this tool is relatively low and ranges from 400 to 500 rubles per tube of cream.


Most of the women who purchased Lumene CC Cream were completely satisfied with this tool. In addition, more than 80% of buyers after the first use of this cream purchased its new bottle again. They indicate that they chose this tool and plan to use it for a long time, since it perfectly masks many problem areas of the skin and does not cause visible damage to it.

Owners of oily skin type indicate that Lumene CC cream does not fit perfectly on their skin, they do not observe a matte powder effect. They also note that this cream is not so quickly absorbed, sometimes it takes about an hour to fully absorb it. That is why for its use it is necessary to prepare the skin in advance. Many beauties with a dark skin tone indicate that it is such a tool as Lumene CC cream that has become the most suitable cosmetic tonal substance for them.

They noted that it blends perfectly with their skin tone, without making it unnatural and paler.

Girls who have a too pale skin tone of a porcelain hue indicate that it is a little more difficult for them to choose Lumene CC cream. Judging by the reviews, not every customer approached the lightest shade, but at the same time they write that the effect of this remedy is more noticeable, in comparison with other cosmetic substances with a tonal effect.

Most women indicate that such a cream has become a real find for them. All buyers, without exception, emphasize the versatility of this tool. Many girls write that their mothers and friends use similar means, and all these women have a difference in age and skin type.

Many teens also use Lumene CC Cream, as it perfectly conceals problem areas of the skin and makes pimples and redness much less noticeable. In addition, if you use it locally, pointwise, the application boundaries of this cream will be invisible. A properly similar shade of this substance can lead to a surprising result. Customers who have a dry type of skin are highly praised by Lumene SS cream, they indicate that this cream prevents the appearance of peeling, and also actively moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

When analyzing customer reviews, there was not a single response that would say that the consumer refuses to purchase this product in the future. Although women sometimes noticed small flaws in such a cosmetic product, then they got used to them and these negative moments eventually became invisible or insignificant for them. Most customers also emphasize that this cosmetic product has a very budgetary cost compared to many other tonal creams. Lumene CC Cream is available for girls and women of any age. All its negative aspects are very insignificant and small.

In addition, many women emphasized that this tool has a very light structure. Therefore, customers indicate that Lumene CC cream fits on the skin without any problems and perfectly adapts to it. Some women are confused by the composition of this cream. They indicate that it has a large number of chemical components, but these customers understand that Lumene SS cream is primarily designed to create a cosmetic and decorative effect that is impossible without some components being included. Moreover, this tool is not a medical or therapeutic drug.

Analysis of reviews of women and girls of all ages showed that Lumene CC cream is an ideal tool that perfectly levels the structure of the skin of the face, does not dry the skin and gives the skin an impeccable shade. All reviews say that after applying Lumene CC cream, the dermis becomes more velvety and silky. Also, most buyers noted the versatility and versatility of this tool. Customers are very pleased that Lumene CC cream has a complex effect in the form of a tonal effect and active moisturization of the skin. In addition, many consumers really like to use a cream from this brand as a corrector.

In this video, testing: which of the CC creams is the most persistent, better covers imperfections, emphasizes peeling and wrinkles less, makes the skin perfect.

Watch the video: Lumene CC Cream Review and Demo (February 2020).


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