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Powder Pupa

If you want to get a natural matte complexion, refer to the unique technology of Italian powder, its soft comfortable texture. High-quality Pupa powder allows you to securely fix makeup, give a satin shine, and also successfully matte problem areas.

About Brand

Today you can buy in specialized stores and stores that powder that is right for you: friable, matte, radiant, brightens. The Italian brand offers a maximum of useful products.

The perfumery and cosmetic company Pupa is based in Italy and is translated from the most romantic language as "doll". The company appeared in 1976 and immediately began to produce cosmetic products aimed at teenage girls, as well as women who know how and love to take care of themselves. Until today, the main audience of Pupa is the fair sex from 12 to 35 years.

The main features of the brand is an attractive, recognizable product design. Historically, Pupa cosmetics is associated with quality, elegance, prestige. The ratio of excellent quality and affordable price makes the company's offer seductive, provides the brand with rapidly growing popularity.

The world name came to the brand only in the 90s, and sales spread to 70 countries. In addition to powder, the product range includes lipsticks, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils, mascara, liquid eyeliner, BB creams and other tonal bases.

Pupa milano offers to step into the world of beauty, to make your cosmetic bag a really useful attribute. “Arm yourself” with high-quality powder, portholes, moisturizing cream tones, shadows, correctors, etc.

Features and benefits of cosmetics

You can talk endlessly about the quality of Pupa cosmetics. The brand has successfully established itself in the field of beauty industry, offering a wide range of interesting, in its own way exclusive means. Baked powder, shadows, lipstick with various effects - women of the past era could only dream of such drugs.

You have in stock 9 grams of Luminys Baked FacePowder, natural and completely harmless Extreme Matt with a matting effect, as well as the cult lipstick Miss Pupa Velvet. With such weapons you are able to seduce and fall in love with any man. Most importantly, using this cosmetics, you will not harm your skin.

The peculiarity and advantage of powders from the Italian brand is that:

  • It is a natural, mineral, hypoallergenic product;

  • thanks to the amazing texture, the powder perfectly fits without clogging the pores;

  • the product absolutely does not emphasize peeling, scars and other skin defects;

  • the powder smells nice, has an excellent case design, compact size.

Many girls simply do not imagine themselves well-groomed without the use of powder. They try to get rid of oily sheen, others are looking for a blush. Those who choose Pupa products know everything about its perfect texture. The powder admirably lies down, makes the face even, masks any irregularities, even expression lines.

Each powder from Pupa gives a thin or dense coating, becoming an excellent competitor to foundation. Your face will not look overly plastered. The natural tone, the ability to create an excellent nude make-up is what you get from such a purchase.


The company has prepared for you a wide range of high-quality powders, each of which has its own advantages. Going to work or school, dressing up for a first date, or going down the aisle - in all cases, such cosmetics will help you out.

According to reviews of satisfied customers, literal must-have was baked powder from Pupa. Its main advantages include an amazing smoothing effect. If you have long dreamed of a silky smooth skin, then be sure to purchase such a tool. Just one touch is enough to even out the tone, deftly hide flaws, return a healthy color to the face.

The powder has a light texture, so even in summer it is not felt at all on the face. It is important that bright and natural colors last throughout the day. They do not crumple, do not “give” stains, spots, etc. The Luminys Baked Face Powder series, when opening the case, resembles a whole planet. Incredibly enjoyable to use, it will make you even more beautiful. You can use a baked powder to apply a thin or dense layer as you wish.

Friable products are intended for applying them with a special brush. In this case, the sponge will be an inappropriate tool. Before using loose powder, it is necessary to apply a foundation, corrector or foundation to the skin. Only in this way the product is held on the face and creates an extraordinary effect. With its help, the nasolabial, forehead, neck and cheekbones are conveniently matted.

Pupa offers neutral shades that can give the appearance of naturalness and natural radiance. The manufacturer does not recommend choosing this cosmetics if you have just returned from a resort with warm edges. A tanned body does not combine with light shades of such a powder.

An interesting is the matte series of powders. Thanks to the excellent characteristics of the products, any defects of the dermis (acne, inflammation, wrinkles) can be nullified. Choosing such a powder is worth it if you are trying to radically transform, make the face relief smooth, even.

Better than any Photoshop Matt powder is able to eliminate greasy "glare", bumps, add velvety and silk effect. The product contains a significant percentage of aloe vera. In this case, cosmetics becomes not only decorative, but also takes care of the skin condition, for example, nourishes the dermis, moisturizes from the inside.

Pupa's range of radiant products features Silk Touch Loose Powder. It allows you to achieve a charming effect of radiance of the skin. The model is suitable for special occasions, such as celebrations, performances, important business negotiations - wherever you need to impress. The series presents 5 light shades at once - you will have plenty to choose from.

Particular attention should be paid to brightening agents, which have 3 types of effects. In addition to leveling the tone of the face, it also corrects its relief. It contains special pigments with a silicone layer. They play a major role in the qualitative masking of spots, pimples, freckles on the face. The brightening ability of the product will successfully emphasize the transparency of the skin, providing it with an attractive glow.

An important feature of clarifying powder is its protective function. You can not be afraid of exposure to ultraviolet rays (degree of protection - SPF 20).

Compact products can also matte the skin. In addition, they include a whole range of mineral pigments, substances that prevent the formation of oily sheen throughout the day. Have you long dreamed of a perfect complexion? It's time to pay attention to a series of compact products from Pupa.

They will suit you if the problem is enlarged pores, peeling, pigment spots of the dermis. Let all the flaws become invisible, and your appearance - well-groomed, moistened. You get a product that completely protects the skin from the solar filter, will not provoke and trigger the aging process.

Pupa’s excellent bronzing powder will “teach” you the right make-up that will visibly transform any look: business, holiday, casual, fatal, puppet, etc. The bronzer is applied with a sponge and emphasizes your excellent tan.


An important distinguishing feature of Italian powders is their special composition. Pay attention to baked goods. They are made using a special technology that effectively retains moisture and displays color effects to the maximum. In hypoallergenic powder, a factor of 15 SP is necessarily present, an excellent "barrier" against UV radiation.

During the development of Pupa powder, they experimented and tested the product for a long time, eventually creating the perfect beauty formula.

The drug contains talc as the main component. Zinc oxide will protect from colds and hot weather, direct sunlight, and titanium dioxide will perfectly retain moisture in the cells of the dermis. Both ingredients have an antiseptic effect, they can mask any irregularities and roughness of the skin.

Light shine forms boron nitrite, and iron oxide affects the color solutions of the powder. He is responsible for the saturation and brightness of a particular hue. When you feel that when applying the product, your face looks like silk, and softness literally shockes you, at this time, such a component as aluminum silicate is activated. The epidermis itself is controlled by aloe vera, its degree of hydration.

And Pupa powders have a sufficient percentage of substances that preserve the long shelf life of the product, prevent the creation of an organic environment for the reproduction of microbes, bacteria.


Each series of Italian powders has its own gradation of shades. For example, at the baked line you can find funds with the designation 01, 04, 05, 06. As in any other series, shades are determined by numbers.

Almost transparent powder, the lightest palette goes under the number 01, 02. The higher, the darker the colors you will meet. Starting from number 05, the optimal tones for the summer period are selected, when you want to emphasize the darkness, tan of the skin.

How to use

Experienced cosmetologists advise you to choose matte, radiant, compact or baked powder for a specific type of dermis. For oily skin, it is necessary to apply friable agent along with the tonal foundation.

High-quality Pupa powder will not clog pores, but it will “suspend” the sebaceous gland work process. Also, matte, baked face cosmetics successfully mask oily sheen, but at the same time give the dermis the opportunity to “breathe”. But for dry skin, a successful experiment will be shining, brightening, powder with a brilliant effect. Overdried epidermis often flakes, demonstrates inflammatory processes. And such tools perfectly transform any appearance.


The Italian brand is so famous all over the world, has a high reputation and prestige that it is simply impossible to give the nomination “the best powder in the company”. Each tool is intended for specific purposes, has its advantages, effects and properties.

The word "luminis" in the name of the product the manufacturer inserted for a reason. This parameter is responsible for the most delicate radiance of the skin, as if from the inside. Luminys Baked Face Powder has reflective finely dispersed minerals. It is very reminiscent of a biscuit due to a two-tone pattern. A beautiful shade on the skin and its evenness provides a moist texture of cosmetics. You can choose one of four palettes (natural beige, pale pink, light and dark beige).

Another beautiful silver packaging is Pupa's Extreme Matt. Compact, it will help you achieve the effect of well-groomed skin. Today, such a tool is the best for make. With the help of a sponge and several movements, you can perfectly hide small irregularities, imperfections in the dermis.

There is a special anti-shine complex. There is no longer any need to renew the layer of powder every hour, to create the effect of "plastering". Extreme Matt Powder Foundation provides superior UV protection (SPF20). The low-allergenic product (porcelain) does not give any perfume. Here only natural pigments and minerals prevent redness.

Like a Doll says it all. Stylish baked powder can be with sparkles or matte texture. The powder gives a stunning effect of naked skin and suits any type of skin. Silk Touch Compact Powder, Mineral Silk Powder, Mineral Foundation Powder look great on the face. After such makeup, you look well-groomed, refreshed, updated.

No time to visit the resorts? Take advantage of the Desert Bronzing Powder with a glow effect. For a fatal look, get the compact Pupa Diva's Kit, Red Queen Golden Powder. Baked Luminys Baked All Over powder is almost not felt on the face, it acts magically, textured. You acquire natural beauty with a few movements with a sponge.

All Pupa products are dermatologically tested, so you can be sure of their quality and safety.

How to distinguish the original

The first thing that should catch your eye is the price tag. Pupa powder is quite expensive, so do not save on fakes. You should also look at the expiration date so that you do not accidentally stumble upon an expired or cheap illegal product.

In order not to buy ordinary powder instead of fluorescent powder, pay attention to certification, product code and composition. In the original products of any brand, talcum powder always comes first, followed by decreasing significant components.


Often in reviews, satisfied customers note that when using a 9-gram product, the powder in it does not seem to decrease. This is a very good property of baked powder, which is enough for a long period. Many people like its neutral smell. Users note that it is completely not felt on the skin.,

Also, many are delighted with the heterogeneous structure of the powder. Created using a special technology, they qualitatively even out the tone of the face, add freshness and make expressive facial features. Shine, hide any flaws, "fix" your incomparable make-up. In the end, a woman should show off her natural beauty, not bright plaster. Naturalness is given precisely by Pupa brand cosmetics.

Compact, radiant, brightening, matte and many other series of powder like most girls. They tirelessly share their impressions on the net, recommend in which stores it is better to purchase the original, where there is a chance to stumble on a fake, what type of skin is suitable for a certain tone and texture of the product, etc. All Pupa decorative cosmetics do not heal. But the effect on the face has not been canceled. Even without visiting the cosmetologist’s office, you can get rid of minor defects of the dermis with a few movements of the brush or sponge.

According to reviews, it is impossible to mask even the most effective powders with big problems, such as furunculosis, psoriasis, but freckles, age spots, and acne can be hidden. The manufacturer does not claim to be the best care products, but the fact that its products make the epidermis less greasy deprives an unhealthy shine - that's for sure.

By purchasing Like a Doll, Extreme Matt, Luminys Baked Face Powder products, you create optimal moisturizing conditions for your skin. In hot summers with Pupa powder it is impossible to dry the skin even more, clog pores and take away the “breathing” property from the dermis. Do not hide your beauty under a layer of low-quality, cheap makeup. Trust in the experience and environmental friendliness of Italian beauty-masters.

PUPA powder. How to distinguish an original from a fake? About this in the next video.

Watch the video: Pupa - Professionals powder tutorial (February 2020).


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