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MAC Powder

Powder allows you to fix makeup and achieve the effect of smooth velvety skin; MAS products are a true must-have among decorative cosmetics. An important advantage of products is their natural composition and a wide selection that allows you to choose powder for daily or professional use, for tinting or contouring, to add shine or a slight blush.

About Brand

MAS products are renowned for their high quality and unrivaled durability. Powders of the famous American brand differ in shades, release form and properties. Among them are products for professional and daily use, or home use.

Features and benefits of cosmetics

  • MAS cosmetics are of high quality and correspondingly high price;
  • At the heart of its mineral powder are 77 minerals and vitamin E;
  • Mineral powder "MAS" is suitable for oily skin due to the fact that the components of the cosmetic product do not clog pores and do not cause additional irritation on the epidermis;
  • Each brand product is tested by dermatologists and is safe for use on the face and body;
  • MAS powder does not cause dry skin, even with frequent use;
  • It does not create a mask layer on the skin and is practically not felt on it.


The composition of the MAS mineral powder contains 77 minerals and vitamin E to prevent dermis dryness. Brand products are enriched with antibacterial elements, which helps to avoid inflammation and clogging of pores.

The classification of the composition of MAS powder allows us to say that there are no greasy bases such as oils and wax, fragrances, talc and essential components that could cause irritation to the skin or interfere with its normal functioning.


MAS powder products are divided not only by their type (friable, compact, baked), but also by the degree of coverage and shades.

  • MAS transparent powder serves, most often, to complete the makeup and fix it by applying a thin layer to the face with a thick fluffy brush. Colorless transparent powder allows you to remove the oily sheen in the surface of the epidermis and fix the make-up for a long period of time, for example, for a ceremony or photo shoot.
  • Mother of pearl base - A kind of highlighter to give the face volume and emphasize the natural beauty of the skin. Powder with flickering particles is not applied to the entire face in order to avoid the effect of oily skin.
  • MAC Tint Products can have a creamy or traditional texture and act not only as a fixer for make-up, but also to create the perfect matte skin.


With shining effect

Pearlescent powder mineralize skinfinish MAC 4 in 1 has a baked shape and helps to create a translucent shimmering coating, creating a velvet surface of the epidermis. The product is applied to the whole face or to certain areas as a highlighter or blush to add volume to the face. Mineral pearl powder is indicated for girls with dry and normal skin type due to sparkling elements in their composition; owners of a fatty and combined type of dermis are recommended to apply the product exclusively to the protruding areas of the face: cheekbones, nose, chin.

Another product with a glow effect - double compact powder EXTRA DIMENSION SKINFINISH MAC in a single pink-golden hue, created to emphasize the contours of the face and give a slight blush.

Pearlescent product MAGIC DUST POWDER MAC It contains reflective particles and emphasizes the skin of any type. The product is available in pink and peach.

Friable products

Friable powder PRIME TRANSPARENT FINISHING POWDER has no shade (is completely transparent) and acts as a top coat for the skin. It makes the face velvet and vibrant, controls the oily sheen and prevents the latter from appearing on the skin. The main advantage of the loose powder Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage MAC for topcoat is that it is suitable for absolutely any type and color of skin due to the lack of pigment for fixing the make-up.

It is recommended to apply PRIME TRANSPARENT FINISHING POWDER powder on top of foundation or on a transparent foundation under makeup to give the face a fresh look.

Friable powder MINERALIZE FOUNDATION LOOSE It has a shade and has an average degree of coverage. It can act as a base tint or be used as a final makeup product for easy application. The main advantage of the mineral product MAS is a light hypoallergenic composition and a uniform velvet coating with a barely noticeable radiance on the skin.

Studio Fix Fluid Powder Plus Foundation Professional Loose Powder Suitable for completing and fixing make-up. It provides even coverage of a light degree and does not overload the skin, allowing the latter to "breathe". The mineral finish Professional MakeUp does not clog pores, which means it is suitable for combination, oily and problematic skin; however, the product does not give a dense coating, only slightly mattifies the dermis and fixes makeup.

Compact products

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Compact Powder provides a smooth matte finish on the skin and serves as the final step in daily makeup. In its composition, barely noticeable mother-of-pearl particles are found that do not allow the face to become “flat” without the use of an additional circuit and highlighter. In addition to the complex of minerals, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural contains nutritious vitamin E to maintain the natural balance of the epidermis and prevent its overdrying. The compact baked MAC powder is famous for its incredibly durable coating for up to 24 hours and shades: Medium Tan, Dark Golden, Lightscapade.

Mac's Next To Nothing Powder Pressed Compact Product It has a medium coating and a creamy texture that is not felt on the skin. Adjusting the density of the product is simple thanks to the use of a large brush and smooth movements.

Compact powder STUDIO TECH MAC with a creamy and incredibly light texture. It gives a matte finish and is just as easily adjustable in density due to the thick volume brush.

Mineral face powder from MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 5 in 1 with UV protection factor has a silky texture and a uniform, matte finish. It does not dry the epidermis and provides reliable protection against external factors; the product is suitable for use on any type of skin and is indicated for a non-glossy skin surface, dull and lifeless epidermis. It can be used without using a tonal base when applying Lightful C MAS moisturizer.

Professional Makeup Finishing Product Presented compact powder BLOT POWDER PRESSED in five shades from super light to frankly dark. Its coating is translucent, which allows you to fix makeup and remove greasy shine from the surface of the dermis, without loading it with heavy layers clogging the pores.

Compact powder SELECT SHEER Loose Powder Designed to create a smooth, radiant finish it does not give the skin visible shine, provides an invisible warm tone for giving freshness and light volume.

Compact Product PRIME TRANSPARENT FINISHING POWDER / PRESSED It has a transparent texture of a slight degree, helping to create an even tone and eliminate oily sheen.

Product 2 in 1 STUDIO FIX POWDER PLUS FOUNDATION - This is the basis for makeup and matting powder with an average degree of coverage in one bottle. Compact powder Studio Careblend Pressed It has several shades from light to ultra dark.

Finish base SKINFINISH NATURAL / CAITLYN JENNER 3 in 1 has a cool brown tint used to complete the make-up, create facial contours.

Baked powder format MAC luminys Silk Baked Face Power allows to achieve uniform coverage; the product is used on top of foundation, BB or CC cream.


Unique Pro Longwear Powder / Pressed Powder It has an incredibly resistant coating of medium degree, which is just as easy to adjust thanks to the brush. Compact waterproof product equally well copes with oily sheen and imperfections of the skin, can be used as the final step in makeup or as a separate product, which is applied to a transparent base.

In the limited edition of Cosmetics Maleficent 2014, compact products were presented, but today it is almost impossible to find them on sale.

Tanning effect

Bronzing Powder MAC 5 in 1 powder serves for contouring - the art of creating a voluminous face or giving the skin a natural light tan. It is ideal for use in the city, because it allows you to achieve the correct effect of dark skin without spots and other imperfections. The BRONZING POWDER product has a soft coating of a translucent character, which means it gives the skin surface a slight flicker and seems to highlight it from the inside. The coating can also be adjusted by applying it to the brush and face, the degree of pressing the brush and the number of layers.

How to find out: real or not

To purchase a genuine MAS product, we recommend buying products in company stores or on the official Internet portal. The true products of the MAS brand are sold in packages with the brand name and proper quality, which means that compact or loose powder has no chips on the package or on the product itself.

The price of MAS powder cannot be low; look at prices for cosmetic products in advance and compare with those offered by other sellers.

MAS brand products are not sold either in transitions or in islands with cosmetics of various brands as a pair of items. The brand’s powder can be presented in large cosmetic stores at company stands, where in addition to this product the entire range of the brand will be presented.

Compact MAC powders have a good compact and are packed in high-quality plastic boxes.


The cosmetics of the American brand MAS cannot be cheap: a suspiciously low price should push away from buying a product of dubious quality. The official website of the MAS brand presents prices for a particular product.

For example, a loose, transparent base of 8 g will cost 2360 rubles, mineral tint - 2740 rubles. Compact products also differ in price: the most budgetary in price: Next To Nothing compact powder - 2100 rubles.


MAS mineral powder has received the most reviews as a hypoallergenic product to give the skin a natural glow and velvety. Women recommend approaching the choice of MAS powder responsibly and take advantage of the make-up artist of the brand, who will choose the tone and take into account the wishes for the "work" of the product.

You can learn more about MAC powder from the video.

Watch the video: MAC Cosmetics Powders: What's the difference? Which are best? (February 2020).


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