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Eye Cream Kora

Eyelids and eye area require regular and especially gentle care. After all, the skin here is very thin, only half a millimeter thick, and this is four times thinner than the skin on any other part of the body. That is why it is so important to protect, take care of its nutrition and regularly moisturize, and it is best to use it in this case cream for eyes "Kora".

Skin around the eyes is the area that is most exposed to "attack" of decorative cosmeticsable to dry the skin, make it vulnerable and, ultimately, lead to the early appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles on it.

When buying eye cream, all problems should be considered, but at least:

· The skin must receive nutrition;


· Protection;

· Anti-aging effect.

Useful components

And this suggests that cream must have in its composition substancesthat can rejuvenate and nourish the skin around the eyes, that is, it must be in it:

· hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and elasticity of the skin;

· Vitamin "K" to eliminate bruises, improve blood circulation and strengthen capillaries;

· Vitamin "C" to maintain elasticity, moisture retention and protection against free radicals;

Coenzyme Q10 or hydroxyl to improve metabolic processes in the tissues and give the skin a natural and healthy look;

Oils, essential fatty acids or other nutrients to nourish the skin around the eyes and prevent the formation of early wrinkles;

Haloxyl to accelerate bilirubin metabolism and whitening dark circles under the eyes.

In addition, the manufacturer is entitled to add other active substances.

Before making your purchase, carefully read the composition of the cream and all the recommendations related to the age and type of skin around the eyes. At the same time, you should know that such delicate skin requires care after twenty years of age, while not a single wrinkle has appeared.

It is important to know

This age period is the time for the start of prevention, and in the care products during this period, the content of active substances that are rich in cream entitled "Kora":

· green tea;




Calendula and others.

Thanks to this composition, Kora cream perfectly nourishes the skin around the eyes, tones and soothes it.

This cream meets the requirements that its fat content and density should not have too high indicators.

After all, if this is not so, then instead of a cream it is better to use just warm compresses from natural tea with the above components (compresses are best applied to the eyes before you go to bed).

The fact is that to 25-30 years there is a slowdown in the process associated with the production of collagen, resulting in skin loses precious moisture, and hence the appearance of the first, first, slightly noticeable wrinkles.

However, one should not hurry with the purchase of anti-aging cosmetics at this age, because you can still pay attention to stimulate collagen production, but not to replace it. An excellent solution in this case would be to purchase light cream-gel "Kora" (serum) for the skin around the eyes. This will give centuries a moisturizing effect, enrichment with vitamins and plant extracts.

Age care

Upon reaching thirty-five to forty years, metabolic processes in the skin slow down significantly, it becomes even thinner, and more and more moisture is lost.

Here one cannot do without wrinkles, and the skin around the eyes now requires not only moisturizing, but also nutrition.

Cream "Kora" for this age category necessarily includes collagen, a set of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, stone seed oil (from grapes, sprouted wheat, avocado or olives).

When the forty-year milestone has been passed, the wilting of the skin already becomes obvious, and the time is coming when it is already necessary to use, along with moisturizing and nourishing agents that also tighten. For this age group, Kora cream, gel or serum will be an excellent choice.containing vitamin "A" in active form, collagen and other necessary components.

These drugs will become more effective than home remedies in the form of tea and oil compresses, although they can also be used for complex effects, for example, as a mask to combat the bluish tint under the lower eyelids.

20 years old or 60 years old - always protection against direct sunlight is important, and this means that you need to use special cosmetics and do not forget about sunglasses.


This line of cosmetics from Russian manufacturer produces anti-aging skin care products, including Kora cream for eyelids.

Cream-gel for eyes "Bark" is a bio cream for eye contour of excellent quality, which is great for caring for the delicate eyelids and has restoring, soothing and refreshing properties, smoothing your wrinkles and saving you from unwanted dark circles under the lower eyelids and from swollen upper eyelids.

An important feature for Kora products is the absence of any chemical perfume or paraben in its composition, and this indicates the hypoallergenicity of the drug.

In addition, with shea butter, olive or soybean oil, wheat proteins, caffeine, vitamin "E" and extracts from ginseng root, parsley and cornflower - cream "Kora" acquires simply magical abilities.

Adequate content of plant extracts improves the condition of the skin, it becomes more moist, tender, soft and silky. Eye cream "Kora" is also suitable as a basis, for example, for subsequent application of eye shadow. In addition, this nourishing cream should lubricate the eyelids about half an hour before bedtime.

This wonderful anti-aging cream can be used at any age, as soon as a girl begins to notice unwanted wrinkles in the corners of her eyes. Cream "Kora" is produced in 30 ml containers, its cost is 420 rubles.

Reviewscoming from many women indicate that cream "Kora" - it's really hypoallergenic, which is easy to apply, can be used as a base for makeup, the cream is absorbed without residue, perfectly moisturizing the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Thus, the Kora eye cream - perfectly moisturizes the skin and will be an ideal choice for women of Balzac age (from 25 to 35 years old)

All about products "Kora" See in the next video.

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