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Estel Brightening Powder

Another Beauty-trend is gaining more and more popularity in matters of dyeing, lightening, blond hair. You can achieve incomplete or absolute destruction of the coloring or natural pigment. Estel brightening powder has managed to prove itself from the best side. A completely natural, hypoallergenic product will help to achieve the desired result, the desired shade of your strands.

About Brand

Russian production has always been famous for its quality and affordability. The world-famous Estel brand, whose CEO is an experienced chemist Lev Okhotin, was no exception. Previously, he was engaged in marketing promotion of various projects.

His brainchild was the niche of the perfume and cosmetics industry. He managed to get one of the factories out of the crisis. Until today, Estel is among the top rating firms thanks to the efforts of Okhotin. At the beginning of the 21st century, Russia, and then Europe, became acquainted with new hair dyes intended for home use. Initially, they consisted of 15 saturated shades.

The quality of the products was appreciated by stylists and hairdressers, so after 4 years the brand launches a new professional line of Essex from 67 shades of paint, shampoos and rinses. Soon, the color palette doubles, and Okhotin's business is gaining momentum at a frantic speed. Until 2010, the company could “boast” 2 million units of sales per month.

To date, the Estel dealer network has more than a hundred stores in all CIS countries and neighboring countries. Poland, Germany and other European markets successfully sell Estel products.

The most basic niche of the company turned out to be hair dye. The De Luxe series alone includes about 130 shades, the Essex professional line-up is over 100, and the De Luxe Sense line is 68. The brand’s main feature is its fruitful cooperation with numerous beauty salons, a thorough check proper use of products.

Features and Benefits

Effective bleaching powder will "take" for highlighting a special pigment in the structure of the hair shaft.

With this tool from Estel, you will achieve an amazing effect. Lighten curls in 7-8 tones without fear for their beauty and health. The main advantage of the brand is that its products "work" with both natural color and painted, saturated colors.

Salon masters most often use this product. Before applying the drug to the hair, it is necessary to assess their condition, to understand the very technique of mixing powder with oxygen. With improper use at home, you can greatly disrupt the hair structure.

A similar procedure demonstrates the oxidation reaction, the destruction of the pigment granule in the process of subsequent washing with special means (shampoos and balms). As the pigment particles will decrease in volume, the tone of the strands will become lighter. During complete discoloration, void or pores should form in the curl structure. In this case, the procedure should probably be carried out by a salon master, since such a hair will have to be restored so that when dyeing it does not bring the hair to fall out.

The powder is not used without the help of an oxygen component that accelerates the clarification reaction.

If you need easy "decoupage", feel free to use Estel powder with hot water. Thus, the old color is quickly washed off. The advantage of the brand's products is the content of alkaline active ingredients. They allow the substance to penetrate deep into the structure of the hair without harm to it.

In the composition you can find the following elements:

  • perhydrol;

  • ammonium persulphates, sodium, increasing the reaction rate;

  • softening ingredient with conditioning effect;

  • buffer substances that support PH solutions in the required volume.

To bleach hair, dilute persulfates with an oxidizing agent.

Estel products tested in practice, dozens of tests. This is a really quality product. The powder is odorless and is suitable for absolutely any type of hair, including highlighting and lightening. With such a tool, it will be possible to carry out blonding of any degree.

A relatively recent salon procedure was hair decapitation. Translated from French, the word means "clean metals", however, metals are not related to hairdressing. In this case, decapitation is called "cleaning" the strands from an undesirable shade.

Experts advise resorting to Estel powders in order to qualitatively remove stains of paint on strands, an ugly tone, eliminate color congestion, the effect of artificial hair. This tool will help give your hair a natural shine.

If you once woke up with the idea that you would no longer be comme il faut, turn to safe blonde. Make yourself Marilyn Monroe in one moment is now possible. It is better if you previously used professional hair cosmetics, rather than wild experiments with colored strands in a different color.

Decapage or “blocking washing” is a pleasure from pleasant, but expensive. Do not rely on your talents and carry out the procedure at home. An experienced specialist will qualitatively remove artificial pigment.

In the event that you personally tackle this "difficult" issue, you risk getting an uneven color from pale brown to red on your hair.

With a master, using an effective Estel powder, this operation will take place in several stages. According to colorists, the final shade after washing depends on the number of times you dyed your hair dark. For decapitation, the most optimal solution would be a special powder preparation or liquid designed for “blonding wash”.

Mode of application

Armed with Estel "Princess Essex" powder and still lightening the house, you should carefully read the instructions. It is important to choose the same brand of oxygen. At Estel, this component is odorless, does not cause mucosal irritation, and has a creamy consistency.

Such cosmetics for bleaching, hair blonding are suitable for those who are afraid of sudden, undesirable color results, and also cares for the health of the hair.

The instructions indicate that to prepare the mixture, you need to mix Estel Princess Essex powder with a clarifier in a ceramic or plastic container (the ratio should be 1: 2). For an average length, you will need 25-30 g of powder and twice as much oxidizing agent. Before applying the product to the strands, stir it to a uniform consistency.

It is necessary to breed such an emulsion at home with gloves. If you are in the process of pickling, do not use the powder to remove the remnants of henna and basma. The drug must be applied, starting from dark areas of hair, ending with light. After the procedure, after a few days, you can use a tinting agent and even persistent cream paint of the desired shade. This will give the hair a natural shine.

For color flushing, Estel products will be most effective. She most loyally "refers" to the structure of the hair, helps to discolor any shade of hair.


Estel powders were divided into several professional series. One of the most famous is the Estel "Essex Princess", which has a wide selection of colors. All products are ammonia-free, have a balanced composition of the keratin complex, plant extracts. Feel with such a tool all the simplicity of preparing and applying the powder, even at home.

For girls who want to lighten, the best option would be "De Luxe Ultra Blond". Microgranular powder that brightens curls will allow you to turn from a brown-haired woman, blond or brunette into a blonde girl without harming your hair. If you correctly observe the proportions of the powder with the oxide, you will get an unsurpassed result.

But with “Only Color” powder, your curls instantly acquire luxurious expressive shades. After using this product, experts recommend taking a course with Estel masks with Bio-Balance keratin complex, B5 provitamin and a Fluid Crystal UV filter.


Judging by the reviews of satisfied customers, Estel products are one of the most sold. Fans of the brand note that powder for lightening strands has a number of obvious advantages. It quickly removes coloring pigment from the very roots to the ends. One or two procedures at a time is enough.

Many note that the advantage of Russian powder for hair is also the absence of aggressive substances in the composition.

Being attentive and consistent, theoretically you can correctly lighten curls at homex However, for the most part, those who ventured into this experiment are advised to contact a salon master. After bleaching under the “guidance” of Estel, it is not scary to re-dye your hair, color and highlight. Using professional hair dyes, you can safely count on a perfectly even tone, smooth structure of the strands.

According to reviews and the official statement of the manufacturer, Estel powders are quite accessible for repeated and even regular use. Stress is applied to the hair in any case, but in such a scanty amount as other drugs would not have done. After the bleaching procedure with Estel powder, tinting with paint becomes a harmless occupation, sparing your luxurious curls.

In the next video - clarification and tinting of hair with the Estel De Luxe Ultra Blond series.

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