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Oils for problem skin

Skin like a peach - is this not every woman's dream? Alas, sometimes nature does not show favor to the fair sex, giving them problematic skin that requires special care. This is extremely painstaking and difficult work, but its results are worth it.

Using natural products, such as oils, you can achieve a skin condition that is close to perfect.

Making the right choice.

Oils in the care of problematic skin will not replace tonics, basic foundation, foundation, and other cosmetics that hide obvious flaws. But they are the best moisturizer, which has the most positive reviews and recommendations.

You can study the top 8 oils for problem skin in this video.

It may seem that the proposed product is a greasy and unattractive foundation, and it will fit only certain types of facial skin.

These are stereotypes that should be destroyed. This is an ideal tool for almost all types, including dehydrated skin. A correctly selected product cleanses the layers of the epidermis, makes the sebaceous glands work correctly, removes excess fat secretions and cleanses the pores.

You can learn about the possibility of using oils for bleached skin from the video.

Effect of use

To begin with, it is worth determining your type of facial skin. If it is considered fatty, and therefore problematic, the basic tool may be wheat - or rather the oily composition obtained from the germ of this cereal; the seeds of certain grape varieties from which a special liquid is obtained. Peach oil, jojoba oil and ylang-ylang, tea tree are suitable for this case. In this case, it is curious to find out what they are remarkable for.

Firstly, all these natural gifts combine the property of a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, healing, restoring effect.

Oily skin is prone to acne and irritation - it needs special care to eliminate painful and inflamed areas.

If dry patches are present on the problematic epidermis, avocado, macadamia fruit oil, an oily apricot kernel, carrot seeds, rose hips and even walnuts are perfect. They are able to tone, improve, restore color and radiance, get rid of age spots, heal inflammations and acne, while moisturizing dry areas.

Pay attention to almond, peach, coconut. Thanks to the right product, problem skin will get a good color, become more hydrated, healthy and radiant.

For combined, when there are inflammations and parts of the normal layer of the epidermis, coconut, almond is suitable. In such cases, oil should be applied specifically to areas with inflammation and rashes, correctly distributing the composition of the oily "medicine".

Almost all of the listed natural remedies relieve peeling, irritation, redness. But allergic reactions are not excluded, which can be detected by the method of traditional tests. A small amount of the agent is applied to the area near the elbow, and if after a few hours there is no reaction, then you can use this composition for its intended purpose.

Cooking a mixture of oils

It is no secret that each of the above funds can become the basic basis for the preparation of a prescription mixture for the care of problematic epidermis. Hydrophilic is a mixture of several oils, it has a great cleansing effect. Most often, such a composition is prepared in industrial production, but you can get a useful product at home. It will replace a number of cosmetic products used to remove makeup, to strengthen and restore skin cells.

For combination, you can prepare a composition based on peach and olive oils. Certain proportions are mixed, you can add a drop of fragrant components in the form of essential oil and store in a cool place, using as directed.

Learning to apply correctly

Different types of oils are suitable for treatment and recovery, including castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil. The most effective is olive. Before use, it must be heated to about forty degrees. Next, you need a viscose napkin: it needs to be wetted in hot water and squeezed a little. The oil is distributed throughout the napkin, and then with light massage movements using a wet oil wipe, the agent is distributed throughout the face.

The area of ​​the eyes, lips and eyebrows are no exception. Then you need a towel soaked in hot water and well wrung out. It must be applied to the face to make a warming compress, which also helps to remove excess oil. This recipe is perfect for sensitive, mixed problem skin.

Shop means - we make our choice

It’s easier for someone to purchase a finished product in a specialized store or pharmacy where all the ingredients are perfectly matched. Various popular brands and brands are very popular among women. For example, Clarins - This is what the combination or oily type problem skin needs.

This tool can be your favorite, which are used at night.

It is enough to use two or three drops, they need to be warmed in the palms of your hands, and then applied with patting movements to the face, neck and décolleté. The next morning, the skin will say "thank you" - it will look rested and radiant.

Another popular product is Aroma, it is famous for the ability to slow down skin aging, it has excellent disinfection and recovery properties.

In a word, cosmetic oils are excellent gifts of nature, which should be used for health and beauty.

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