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Best skin oils

A sign of human health is beautiful skin. Her condition is significantly influenced by the environment and our habits. If we live in an ecologically clean region, eat quality products and lead a healthy lifestyle, then our skin will look great.

When we are surrounded by many harmful factors, it will inevitably affect the skin and its appearance will lose its attractiveness.

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Skin care should be an indispensable part of life. In addition to regular hygiene procedures for the face, body, arms and legs, the use of cleansing and nourishing agents is useful. The cosmetics industry produces a variety of lotions, tonics, scrubs, creams and balms designed for skin care. An important role is given to special oils for the skin, which we will talk about.

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Properties, harms and effects on the epidermis

Natural oils are popular among women, due to the fact that they can be used for all types of dermis and to eliminate any problems. They do not contain chemical additives and most often do not harm the epidermis. The exception is cases when an individual intolerance or an allergic reaction is detected.

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Apply oils to moisturize and improve skin elasticity.

Their use smooths wrinkles on the face, rejuvenates and makes its color more healthy. When applied to the surface of the hands and feet, wounds and cracks heal, stressed areas soften. Seborrhea and itching are eliminated on the scalp. On the body, the effect of oils eliminates stretch marks and gives an anti-cellulite effect.

All oil products have beneficial acids, vitamins and minerals in their composition. They are effective and affordable. They can be used in pure form, as well as in combination with other oils or plant extracts. They are very useful for nourishment and protection of the face in winter, well absorbed.

It must be remembered that the product used must necessarily be of high quality. If in doubt, it is better to refrain from using such a drug.

Rating of the best skin oils

The selection of caring oil should be made, taking into account the type of dermis. Dry, oily, normal or sensitive skin should choose the most suitable product in terms of composition, consistency and properties. It is impossible to call any oil the best, as with different problems the effect will be different. Let us dwell in more detail on the properties of the most popular oils.

Avocado oil made from fruits, using pulp and seeds, by cold pressing. It smells good, has a peculiar nutty taste and is stored for a long time. The composition contains lecithin, fatty acids and vitamins. It is used for any type of epidermis, but it is especially effective for dry and elderly skin, as it moisturizes, rejuvenates, normalizes metabolism and reduces the number of wrinkles around the eyes.

Sunflower prepared from peeled sunflower seeds. Spin can be cold and hot. The composition contains various acids, beta-carotene, vitamins E and F. For skin it is better to use unrefined oil obtained by cold pressing, which helps eliminate peeling and supports dry and aging skin.

Palm oil made from the fleshy portion of the fruits of the African oil palm. It has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, beta-carotene, a high content of vitamin E. It moisturizes, tones and softens the skin surface. Helps fight wrinkles and improves elasticity. It accelerates wound healing and has a sunscreen effect.

Sesame oil they call it sesame. Get it from the black and white seeds of this herbaceous plant. Cold epidermal oil without heating is useful for the epidermis. It contains many useful minerals and vitamin E. In addition to high-quality moisturizing and nutrition, the significant benefit of its use is that it protects well from ultraviolet radiation, and is suitable for dry and aging skin, as well as in the presence of freckles and age spots.

Bitter Black Cumin Oil produced by cold pressing from the seeds of a herbaceous plant. It contains omega acids, beta-carotene, calcium, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It is especially useful for treating skin acne, eczema, dermatitis, as it effectively fights skin bacteria and viruses. It affects the skin of the face, tightening and smoothing it, reduces swelling and helps eliminate cellulite.

Wheat germ oil squeezed from young wheat sprouts. It is a powerful antioxidant and is rich in vitamin E. It contains carotenoids and fatty acids. It is well suited for mature skin, helps to prolong youthfulness, restores and smoothes, heals wounds well, eliminates peeling and itching. The softness of this drug allows you to use it when caring for the delicate skin of babies. Its properties can be used in the manufacture of soap.

Oil from the nucleoli of the fruits of the evergreen argan tree make only in Morocco, so argan oil is also called Moroccan. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and a whole complex of vitamins. Its positive effect allows you to apply for skin care around the eyes and in the decollete. This product accelerates the healing of damaged skin and its regeneration, therefore it is often included in various cosmetics: creams, lotions, masks, balms for the care of the body, hands and face.

Cedar oil obtained from pine nuts by cold and hot pressing, as well as by extraction. This highly ecological product from the Siberian taiga contains fatty acids, large complexes of vitamins and minerals. It helps with burns, bruises, inflammatory and other diseases of the epidermis, restores skin firmness and elasticity.

From wild rosehip seeds prepare a bitter healing oil. More useful is the product obtained by cold pressing. It contains fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It is useful in that it heals superficial wounds, abrasions and burns, protects against the appearance of stretch marks and scars, nourishes and moisturizes the dermis.

Apricot fruit seed cold method squeeze light aromatic apricot oil. It contains fatty acids, natural wax, stearins and numerous vitamins. It is used for nutrition, renewal and hydration of the dermis of any type, but it is especially good to use it when caring for dry, delicate and mature skin.

Hemp oil make from hemp seeds cold pressed.

Of particular value is the presence of vitamin E, omega acids, antioxidants and numerous amino acids. This drug effectively treats a variety of skin diseases, slows down aging, softens and nourishes the skin.

From wood, bark and fragrant needles of fir trees useful fir oil is recovered by steam distillation. Keratin, antioxidants, flavonoids and trace elements give the product valuable properties. It heals the skin, eliminates the rash, helps get rid of wrinkles, smoothes and tones. It is especially useful for oily skin, as it balances the work of the sebaceous glands and cleans the upper layer of the epidermis from pollution and harmful bacteria.

Raw materials for production rapeseed oil seeds of a herbaceous plant called rape. More useful is the unrefined product obtained by the cold method. Contains a variety of valuable fatty acids and vitamins, carotenoids and trace elements. It nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis well, therefore it is recommended for dry and aging skin.

From the usual thorny weed thistle, cold pressed milk thistle oilwhich is rich in vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids. It heals skin wounds and sores well, therefore it is especially effective for problematic dermis.


The use of oils for the skin is due to the fact that in their composition they are very similar to human skin fat, which means that they are in good harmony with any skin. Natural unrefined oils do not cause allergies and can be used for the epidermis of all types in solving various problems.

Ways to use oil products are different.

They are used in massage procedures and to care for the surface of the body, face, hands and feet. They can simply be applied to the skin, mixed with each other, added to ready-made creams, balms, lotions and other industrial cosmetic products. Essential oils are used by adding a couple of drops in water or a decoction of a medicinal herb.

Self-production of mixtures for skin care at home allows you to get a quality and harmless product.

After all, you always know exactly what components and what quality make up the composition you thought out.

Recipes can be very different. First, you need to determine which skin problem is causing concern. Then, taking into account the properties of oils and individual preferences, the most useful elements are selected. Oil components are usually mixed in equal parts, but only one or two drops are taken for the ether components.

A mask of equal parts of avocado oil, milk thistle and grape seed will help to clean and refresh the skin. Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl, and then add a drop of fir oil. Having received a homogeneous composition, apply it to clean skin, cover with a napkin and rest. After half an hour we erase the excess with a napkin moistened with chamomile broth. As a result of the procedure, we get a smoothed and refreshed face.

A mask of cosmetic oils will have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It is required to combine the same amount of almond oil with wheat germ oil, and then add one drop of fir extract, vitamin A and vitamin E, after thorough mixing, apply to a damp face, wait half an hour, and then remove everything that has not been absorbed using chamomile broth.

Beautician reviews

Beauticians recommend using natural oils from various plants for skin care. They believe that oil products can be used instead of the usual nourishing cream in the care of the skin of the body, hands, face, eyelids, lips, neck and décolleté.

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After studying the properties of oils, it is necessary to choose the most useful for care, since the same tool can have a different effect when used by different people. It is imperative to use the protective properties of oil products to protect the skin in winter from wind and cold, and in summer from ultraviolet rays.

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With a high-quality individual selection of oil for skin care, you can get a brilliant result, improve the structure of the epidermis, and slow down the aging process. Regular use of the best skin oils will help make your skin healthy and beautiful.

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