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White men's swimming trunks

Choosing the right men's underwear can be a daunting task. However, it makes sense to devote time to this occupation, because it will be rewarded handsomely. Improperly selected swimming trunks can harm the appearance of even the most beautiful and athletically built male figure, while the right choice of underwear will help hide unpleasant flaws. We will share recommendations on how to choose men's briefs. Today we will focus on the classic model of men's swimming trunks.


Underpants of this model can be found in the wardrobe of almost every man, and it is no coincidence that this is the standard and most common model of men's underpants. This model has two varieties: 'briefs' and 'slips'. They are almost identical with the only difference being that the slips are narrower and fit the hips more tightly. Canonical is white.

There are various modifications of this model: of various heights and fit at the waist, of various designs, bathing shorts.

Their peculiarity is that they close the torso on both sides, but fully open the legs, which is especially convenient: they can be worn and comfortably worn under any outer clothing. The classics do not go out of fashion and men prefer to buy underpants of this particular model, for many this is even the primordially unique model that they wear. They may not even know that there are others, or they simply do not like them.

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Briefs are made from various fabrics, both natural and synthetic. They can be printed with various patterns. There are models with a fly. Especially suitable for sports with low-waist models, they are also most convenient to wear under your pants.

Some medical experts believe that using briefs as everyday underwear can be harmful, as they unduly tighten and thereby impair blood circulation, increase the temperature of the genitals, and this can affect the healthy process of sperm production. However, clinical studies have not confirmed this hypothesis. On the contrary, they proved that the classic coward model does not have any harmful effect on spermatogenesis.

Moreover, they are even recommended for men with certain inflammatory diseases in the genitals.

How to choose

Swimming trunks are selected with an eye on the type of figure of a man. Solid men are best suited monophonic underpants, it is possible with small drawings. Refrain from swimming trunks with a horizontal strip, it will visually give even greater massiveness to the figure.

Short men will go well swimming trunks with a large vertical pattern, which will visually increase their size. It is best to choose a 'briefs' model.

For athletic, athletic men, hipster slips are best suited. They will create a focus of attention on strong, muscular legs.

It is believed that white underpants visually increase the size of the penis, you can take note of this. But most importantly, the white color is suitable for absolutely any outerwear. If it shines through, then you will not look ridiculous in white underpants, unlike black or bright colored underpants.

Classic pants are perfect for swimming in the pool and ponds. They do not constrain movement, do not bully and do not create resistance to water.

Material selection

Quality pants are made of polyester, cotton, spandex, lycra and other materials.

If you often play sports, then your choice is polyester. They will last a long time.

For more rare activities, swimming trunks from a combination of polyamide and lycra are suitable. They are less durable, but since the load on them is less, they will fit perfectly for your needs. Pay attention to the fact that lycra is not suitable for swimming - it does not pass air well enough and causes discomfort if you spend several hours on the beach and, in addition, deteriorates from chlorinated water.


Proper care of the swimming trunks allows them to keep their color and shape longer. Any textile product has recommendations for care. If you cut it off, then follow these general guidelines:

  • After swimming in the pool, rinse the swimming trunks with cool water in the shower.
  • Dry the trunks by hanging them in rooms or on the balcony, do not resort to drying using special machines.
  • It is preferable to wash swimming trunks with your hands, so they will last longer.
  • When washing, do not use special products such as conditioner and bleach.


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