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Thermal water LibreDerm

Novelties in the field of cosmetology and home care do not cease to amaze modern ladies. Sometimes there are regular “dummies” on store shelves, sometimes cosmetic giants produce unique products for moisturizing, cleansing and nourishing the skin, toning and at the same time smoothing the skin texture and giving the epidermis a healthy look after the first use.

Thermal water appeared a long time ago, but it has been widely used relatively recently. The use of pure water is advisable not only for oral administration, but also as an external product for moisturizing the skin. Specialists of the domestic brand have released an amazing product with universal properties - LibreDerm thermal water for use on the face and body.


The LibreDerm spray is based on pure fortified water from the Scottish mountain source Highlands, which has a unique composition suitable for saturating the epidermis with moisture and a complex of beneficial elements. Due to the remoteness of the source from the civilized side and the soil structure, the necessary macro- and microelements like potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and others will be preserved in it.

LibreDerm thermal water is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which perfectly moisturizes the skin and fills it with moisture, because it attracts water molecules and holds them inside the epidermis.

After using water from a natural source, the skin becomes hydrated and velvety, it ceases to be tight and uncomfortable for a woman; on the contrary, the well-known moisturizing acid in its composition makes this product unique and in demand for every lady. Hyaluronic acid in the LibreDerm thermal spray makes the skin elastic and dense, it also creates an invisible barrier on its surface and protects the epidermis from the effects of adverse external conditions - overdrying, for example.

How to use

The use of LibreDerm thermal water enriched with vitamins and minerals is advisable for dry and dehydrated skin at any time of the year or day to maintain its healthy state and attractive appearance. The spray is sprayed onto the face from a distance of 20 centimeters onto cleansed face skin or ready-made make-up.

The use of a spray with thermal water is advisable in the warm season, especially in the summer on the beach or on the street, in an air-conditioned office, transport (airplane), fitness center or university.

You can apply it equally on a freshly cleaned face, or on top of makeup - this technique will allow you to fix the make-up on the skin (if you allow the spray to dry) or create a pastel make-up by blending wet cosmetics. Use LibreDerm mineral water for the face in an air-conditioned room - this will normalize the balance of the skin and not overdry it. Spray water on your face and pat it dry with a dry cloth or light towel.

  • Spray water on face, depicting a bottle an invisible figure of eight or a circle opposite the face, 20 cm from it; an alternative method of application will be spraying the “clouds” in front of you, after which you must enter it as if you sprayed toilet water.
  • Do not let the thermal water dry completely on the face. - this approach is extremely wrong and even dangerous in hot air, because water settles on the surface of the face and gradually evaporates from it, taking away moisture valuable for the epidermis.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes and pat your wet face with a tissue, you can first pat yourself in the face, as if you are driving a moisturizer.

A blogger talks about thermal water.


The use of thermal water is relevant not only for relaxation, but also for the conditions of a dusty metropolis - LibreDerm spray becomes a real salvation for tired and stressful skin, deprived of moisture valuable to it.

The life-giving thermal fluid from Scotland has many advantages and features in use:

  • It is used all year round and day, regardless of skin condition and external conditions;
  • The vitamins LibreDerm allows the skin to be saturated with moisture in extreme conditions: on board an airplane, on a train, at work in an office or stuffy room, on the beach, in the forest, anywhere;
  • Spray moisturizes the skin: normal, oily, combination, dry, problem, age;
  • It can be used as a cleanser, to remove makeup and as a tonic for toning the epidermis;
  • LibreDerm thermal water can be applied over makeup to fix it or create a "pastel" or "watercolor" look. You should be careful when using a thermal spray with a rich evening make-up - cosmetics can "float";
  • Thermal composition soothes irritated skin after visiting a bath or sauna, swimming pool, open beach, office with dry air;
  • It is ideal for summer: just take a small bottle of LibreDerm thermal water + 125 ml for freshness in your purse.
  • The use of LibreDerm thermal water enriched with a hyaluronic brush is possible before applying the mask or after, so that the skin better absorbs valuable minerals and elements.


Thermal water has become an integral attribute in summer skin care. On sunny days, almost every woman carries a small bottle of clean water inside her purse in order to freshen up and give herself a little pleasure in clean skin. The thermal product LibreDerm is enriched with hyaluronic acid, so the cosmetic product has become a real must-have for modern ladies of any age and affluence. “Hyaluron” is famous for its moisturizing properties - it accumulates water molecules in the skin and gives the latter a tone, healthy appearance and fullness.

Consumers often compare thermal products with each other, while among them are both affordable care products and more expensive analogues. The cost of the thermal composition of LibreDerm with a hyaluronic brush is estimated to be low, which encourages the purchase of a moisturizing emulsion.

Those who used the LibreDerm thermal product with hyaluronic acid, note the strong pressure of the jet and recommend not to bring it close to the face, and especially during the first application. A tight dispenser gradually "bounces back" and becomes more malleable for pressing. Thermal fluid has neither color nor aroma, which indicates its natural origin and the absence of dyes, preservatives and other unattractive elements.

Consumers note that LibreDerm does not differ in quality from more expensive European counterparts and perfectly replaces them.

LibreDerm negative reviews say water dries the skin. This may be due to the fact that women do not remove excess funds from the face with a napkin, and it simply evaporates from its surface and causes dryness. Hydrocarbonate water is intended for oily and combination skin and is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin due to its special composition. For owners of dry epidermis, the use of an isotonic type with a neutral pH is recommended.

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