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Burdock oil for beard growth

Burdock oil has become one of the most popular and effective hair care products. However, it cannot be said that it can be useful only for women. Modern men also pay much attention to their appearance, and in their case they have to take care not only of their hairstyle, but also of their beard.

The task of building a beautiful and impressive beard is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Having set such a goal, a man faces various problems, for example, poor hair growth, hair loss, brittleness. It is in this situation that it is appropriate to recall such a simple remedy as burdock oil.


The beneficial properties of burdock, in particular extracts from its roots, have been known for a long time. They were used not only in cosmetology, but even in the manufacture of medicines. External use of the oil extract has a positive effect on the skin and hair follicles.

Of course, the whole secret lies in the composition of the oil extract.

Its main share falls on the vitamins of groups A, E, B and C. It is these substances that play an important role in the growth and development of hair follicles. With sufficient saturation with them, the hairs acquire a healthier appearance, and become much stronger. The composition of the oil also includes a sufficiently large number of trace elements. The most important of these are zinc, chromium, copper and calcium. Thanks to the combination with vitamins, they are easily absorbed by the body with external use of the product. As regards the activation of hair growth processes, natural insulin, which is also present in the burdock extract, plays a decisive role in this.

Its value also lies in the fact that our body practically does not get it from any other food products.

As a result, we can highlight the following positive qualities that burdock oil has for beard growth:

  • The perfect combination of vitamins and mineralsThanks to which all nutrients easily enter directly into the hair follicles. From this, hair growth increases significantly, and the beard becomes thicker;
  • In addition to activating hair growth, burdock also has healing effect. Hair becomes denser, smoother and shinier, and also practically not prone to breaking and falling out;
  • Burdock oil is an excellent choice for anyone who is tired of simple bristles and decided to get a magnificent beard. This tool will allow accelerate hair growth practically from scratch;
  • The tool affects not only the hair, but also on the skin. This is especially true for male bearded men, since the presence of a beard can provoke inflammatory processes, itching, peeling, dry skin. Due to its nutritional and softening properties, burdock oil eliminates these symptoms and heals the dermis;


Finding burdock oil is not so difficult. It can be purchased at any pharmacy where it costs from 30 to 200 rubles, depending on the sale option. Today, in addition to pure oil extract, in the assortment you can see various combinations of burdock with other natural ingredients.

You should always choose a product based on the desired effect or type of your skin. For example, if you are only interested in beard extensions, then you should choose either pure burdock oil, or oil with nettle or additional saturation with vitamins. Otherwise, you can pick up other compounds. For example, oil supplemented with chamomile or tea tree extract will alleviate skin irritation.

In any case, remember that any remedy that includes natural ingredients can always cause an allergic reaction. Before using such a tool, you must carefully familiarize yourself with its composition. And also conduct a preliminary test. To do this, a few drops of oil should be applied to the skin of the hand, and wait 10-15 minutes. Contraindication to the use is the appearance of itching, redness, swelling and other pathological reactions in areas treated with oil.

Before applying the product on the beard, it is necessary to properly steam the skin. This will soften it, open the pores, which will easily absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals. For steaming the face, it is enough to hold it over the dishes with hot water, from which steam comes. For greater effectiveness, you can add a few drops of any essential oil to the water, or even replace the water with decoctions of herbs.

After the preparatory phase, you can immediately start using the oil. It can simply be rubbed slowly into the skin and roots of the hair of the beard, or follow various instructions and recipes that will enhance effectiveness. Do not forget that after any procedure, the beard should be thoroughly washed with warm water and shampoo. There are several ways to use burdock oil to enhance beard growth:

  • Compress;
  • Massage;
  • Masks

Using burdock oil is not recommended more often than 2-3 times a week. Its nutritional properties are very pronounced, therefore too frequent use can lead to the fact that the balance of the external skin integument and hair follicles will be disturbed.

You will learn how to apply burdock oil on a beard from the video.

Oil extract compress

A compress feature is that it provides a peculiar greenhouse effect, thanks to which all nutrients penetrate the skin and hair follicles much more efficiently.

Such a procedure can be carried out for a half to two hours, about three times a week.

In addition to the oil itself, you will need the usual wide bandage, plastic wrap, a cotton towel or a piece of cloth. You should first cleanse the skin with any cosmetic lotion, and then thoroughly steam the face. A piece of cloth or a small cotton towel should be soaked in oil, heated in a water bath, and then wrapped in a beard and cheeks. The compress should be tightly covered with polyethylene and fixed with a bandage on top.

To withstand such a compress should be no more than two hours. After the procedure, the beard and cheeks must be thoroughly washed with warm water, while shampoo can be used.

This method may not be very convenient for men whose beard is already quite large and magnificent, but needs to be strengthened. In their case, the procedure is carried out without tissue. Burdock oil should be slightly warmed up in a water bath, and then rub the beard's chin and hair roots into the skin with slow massage movements, then cover the treated areas with a film and fix with a bandage.


A similar procedure is recommended for those with a beard at an early stage of their growth. Massage enhances blood circulation and, accordingly, nutrition of hair follicles. It is especially appropriate in that case. if the bristles are not thick enough or do not grow in the cheeks.

You need one teaspoon of burdock oil, which should be preheated in a water bath. Facial skin must be cleaned with lotion. Moisten the pads of the fingers in oil, and then slowly massage them into the skin of the chin and cheeks, moving from the center to the cheekbones and ears. The cheeks should be especially carefully treated by rubbing the oil in circular massaging movements. At the end of the procedure, you can pat a little on the cheeks to increase the flow of blood to them.

The main thing that you should pay special attention to is the intensity of movements. They should not stretch the skin, but squeeze it a little. You can perform a massage with oil every morning before washing for 10 minutes. If you follow these simple rules, you will soon see for yourself that the bristles grow much faster and thicker, and the hair becomes softer and more obedient.

This method of applying burdock oil can be combined with others, for example, with compresses or cosmetic masks. This will enhance the growth effect and keep the skin more healthy.

Cosmetic masks

If you really care about the density of your beard, or her hair is too naughty and brittle, then a mask based on burdock oil will help you. Unlike the same compress, masks do not need to be kept for too long, and by mixing the various components, you can achieve an impressive result.

You will learn how to grow a beard in 3 weeks in the video:

For beard growth

The most popular tool for the growth of a beard using an oil extract of burdock and red pepper. It can be purchased ready-made, or prepared independently:

  • Before applying the mask, the face should be thoroughly washed, cleaned with lotion;
  • Approximately 150 ml. Heat up burdock oil in a water bath;
  • Add half a tablespoon of red pepper to the oil and mix thoroughly;
  • The resulting mixture is applied to the growth areas of the bristles, while it should not be rubbed;
  • The mask should be covered with cling film and slightly insulated, wrapped in a towel or scarf;
  • Withstand the mask for 30-60 minutes;
  • Remove the film and remove the product by washing thoroughly with warm water. The beard should also be washed well with shampoo, and the skin treated with a moisturizer;

The recipe for a beard mask you will see in the video.

In general, reviews of burdock oil as a means to grow a beard are very good. The mask with the addition of red pepper has become very popular, the only drawback of which is the moderate "hotness". Such a tool is not only effective, but also affordable.

Burdock oil extract has long become a popular cosmetic product that helps not only women. With his help, any man can finally grow a really solid thick beard.

The whole truth about burdock oil is in the video.

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