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Facial Massage Oil

The massage procedure is one of the oldest ways to relax the body and tone the muscles. It helps to avoid stress and make the body more attractive and fit.

Most often, massage focuses on the body and neck. But this procedure can positively affect the appearance of your face. A massage course with a good specialist will help you tighten its contours and regain youth. But you can do this at home. And to make the result more visible, use high-quality massage oils.


Cosmetic massage oil should suit you according to individual parameters. There are several types and base and additional oils. The base relaxes and warms the skin, and additional components nourish it and fill it with the necessary vitamins.

Through the use of a combination of several oils, you get the maximum effect when using a massage tool. Let's look at oils that are popular among professionals, which are used to care for different types of skin.


The base of massage oil can be sold both in liquid and in solid form. It all depends on what tool you choose. Keep in mind that using solid oil to massage your face is a little more difficult - you have to additionally warm it in your palms so that it is well absorbed into your skin. But this can not be called a problem, because in warm hands the oils melt quite easily.

Base oils can be bought at any pharmacy or even a supermarket. The most common options are olive and sunflower. Since they are used in cooking, finding them on the shelves is not difficult. Yes, and it is inexpensive. And the residues can always be used on the farm or for the preparation of other care products.

To actively moisturize the skin during massage, you can use peach oil. It nourishes the epidermis well from the inside. At the same time, the extract from peach kernels easily fits on the face and is absorbed without any problems. Of the fruit stems, it is also worth noting apricot. This oil gently cares for any type of skin, saturating it from the inside with useful nutrients.

All these oils are as natural as possible and easy to find. Due to the absence of chemical additives in their composition, you can be sure that the product acts on the dermis in the most gentle way and will not cause you allergies.

Now let's talk about more expensive oils that are used by professional cosmetologists. First of all, it is worth noting shea butter. It is considered one of the most useful and effective. This tool is rich in useful minerals and trace elements. It smoothes and softens the skin. Another popular option is a grape seed extract. It copes with age-related problems on the face and enriches the skin with moisture. As a result, she looks more well-groomed and fit.

Quality almond oil is also able to make the dermis more elastic. It is used to massage the skin of the entire face and especially the skin around the eyes.

Coconut and jojoba oils are considered absolutely universal. They are suitable for all skin types and do not cause an allergic reaction. It is worth choosing the basis for facial massage, taking into account your individual characteristics of the body.


The same applies to the selection of essential oils. Each of them has a certain effect on the body, so they need to be selected wisely:

  • If you have problematic skin prone to rashes and irritations, then you need to choose eucalyptus, peppermint or chamomile leaving oils. Extracts from these plants soothe the epidermis and help fight inflammation. Therefore, after their application, the skin will look more well-groomed.
  • Essential coniferous supplements will help to enhance facial features. Use oils of needles, thuja, cedar or fir during massage, and the contours of your face will become clearer. To achieve maximum effect, you will need a course of several procedures.
  • Oily and glossy skin will help citrus essential oils. Grapefruit, lemon, mandarin or orange can clean the pores and make the skin less glossy. In addition, such oils can narrow pores.
  • An unhealthy complexion can also be removed with the help of beneficial esters. Ginger or cinnamon oils will help make the skin lighter and smoother.
  • For aging skin with fine wrinkles, use a rose or jasmine based product. But here you need to be extremely careful, because it is precisely these oils that most often cause allergies. Test the effect that the oil has on a separate area of ​​the skin to make sure that the reaction to this remedy is normal.

Beneficial features

All massage oils and the components supplementing them are able to give the skin a more healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Choose individual combinations for yourself, focusing on what effect you want to get.

Combine the base with essential supplements as experts advise, and even at home, massage will make your skin noticeably better.

How to choose

When choosing the best oil, you should pay attention not only to its properties, but also to other parameters:

  • For massage, an oily mixture of not too thick consistency is suitable. Fatty oil nourishes the skin. But best suited is one that does not drain from the skin during massage.
  • The product should also be as natural as possible. Buy it at the pharmacy or at trusted cosmetic sites. Read the composition and make sure that no harmful substances and components that can cause you an allergic reaction are mentioned there.

Application Tips

It is necessary to use oil for facial massage at home competently, and taking into account all the features of the selected oily liquid. The selected massage agent is ideally applied to skin that has been warmed up after a sauna or bath. At this time, the pores are enlarged, and the epidermis is able to absorb maximum nutrients.

If the resulting mixture is very liquid, and you are afraid to get it dirty, then before the procedure, change into clothes that you do not mind, or wrap yourself in a towel.

Massage oil needs to be typed only at the fingertips, gently rubbing into the skin. This way you will not waste the product in vain.

The massage procedure itself can be carried out in three ways. The first one is classic. It is best suited for those who are not particularly versed in cosmetology and are going to massage for the first time. This procedure helps to tighten the skin and tone the muscles. It can be used on skin that is already starting to fade. The whole massage process can be clearly seen in the video below.

Classical massage consists of work on separate areas. Start by massaging your cheeks, smoothing your skin with your fingers along the zygomatic arch. Next, go on to warm up the area around your mouth. To do this, stretch your lips and walk with patting movements on the skin near the lips. Then massage your chin, slowly moving to the earlobes.

The forehead area needs to be kneaded with your fingertips, gently moving from one temple to another. Move five times in each direction, and then go with massaging movements down the temples. Next, proceed to massage the most sensitive area - the eyes. Gently pat with your fingertips over the eyelids, moving from the inner corners to the outer ones. Then the same must be repeated with the lower eyelid. This procedure is enough to repeat only five times in each century. Face massage ends with a neck warm-up. Tilt your head to the side and go over the skin with massaging movements from top to bottom. Then repeat the same thing on the other side of the neck. At this moment, when all the muscles are worked out and relaxed as much as possible, the massage can be completed.

In order to get rid of problems such as acne, scars, deep folds or age spots, you can use Jacquet massage. With this procedure, you do not stroke the skin of the face, but pinch it. The process is not the most pleasant, but the results will not be long in coming. The technique of this massage is shown in the video.

However, without consulting a specialist, this procedure is undesirable. If you are not sure that it will benefit you, then it is better to refuse massage. Even small mistakes can lead to negative consequences.

After you have performed the procedure, you do not need to wash off the oil from the skin. During the massage, it should be absorbed. If you want, you can also apply a cream at the end of the massage, which additionally nourishes the skin at night.

Homemade Recipes

For facial massage you will need to prepare a high-quality oily mixture. The simplest and most universal recipe is a combination of ten milliliters of base oil with a drop of ether and the same amount of vitamin E, which is sold in any pharmacy in capsules.

For greater convenience, the mixture must be prepared in advance. Pour the right amount of oil in the right proportions into a glass bottle and mix well. Such a finished product can be stored for one year. But, so that it does not deteriorate, the product must be stored in the refrigerator.

Prepare a mixture of wrinkles or to give facial features expressiveness with your own hands, and massage at home will be easy at any time. But before that, be sure to check if the mixture has deteriorated so that you do not hurt yourself by accident, clogging the pores with a spoiled product.


Self-massage with vegetable oils is an excellent skin care product. Girls who have experienced the effects of this procedure confirm that if you do it regularly, your face will look younger, more beautiful and well-groomed.

This procedure is a great way to make your skin more toned and well-groomed. You can do it for everyone who has no problems with the epidermis. But if you have any kind of inflammation, pimples, acne or dilated vessels, then it is better to refuse massage for a while. Wait until your face is cleansed, and only then experiment with beauty treatments.

Watch the video: Face Massage Oil For Glowing Skin. (February 2020).


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